Centre unveils new foreign trade policy, targets $2 trillion exports by 2030


NEW DELHI: The government on Friday released the foreign trade policy (FTP) 2023 with the aim of boosting India's exports to $2 trillion by 2030.

Commerce and industry minister Piyush Goyal unveiled the policy, which will come into effect on April 1, 2023. “We have to meet our exports targets going forward,” Piyush Goyal said in a briefing Friday. “We will achieve $2 trillion in exports by 2030, but we should ensure merchandise exports don’t fall behind services exports.”

This comes as India chairs the Group of 20 countries this year and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has been touting the potential of the nation, which is set to become the world’s fastest growing large economy in the next three years.


印度工商部长皮尤什·戈亚尔公布了这项政策,将于2023年4月1日生效。皮尤什·戈亚尔在星期五的新闻发布会上说:“ 我们必须实现这个出口目标,到2030年实现2万亿美元的出口额,但应该确保商品出口额不低于服务出口额。”



The new policy designates four new Towns of Export Excellence (TEE) – Faridabad, Moradabad, Mirzapur, and Varanasi – in addition to the exsting 39 TEEs.

E-commerce exports, which are estimated to grow to $200-300 billion by 2030, will now benefit from the FTP. The value limit for exports through courier service is being raised from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh per consignment. Additionally, the new policy aims to make the Indian rupee a global currency and permit international trade settlement in the domestic currency.


据估计,到2030年电子商务出口额将增长到2000 - 3000亿美元。通过快递出口的货值上限将从每批货物50万卢比提高到100万卢比。此外,新政策希望印度卢比成为全球货币,并允许用本国货币进行国际贸易结算。

Commerce secretary Sunil Barthwal on Friday said India is ready to trade in Indian rupee with countries which are facing currency failure or have dollar shortage.

Speaking after the unveiling of Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2023, the secretary also said the government is focusing on strengthening the rupee payment system.

Changes have been made in the FTP to allow international trade settlement in Indian rupee with a view to making INR a global currency.





Guest • Unknown • 1 day ago

Good work by Modi Sarkar




Yoga N Mani • Kumbakonam • 1 day ago

Piyush Goyal smiles as he holds the FTP like Munna holding up his Progress Report. While he announces “ We WILL achieve $ 2 trn in exports by 2030” the small print in the FTP says “ Unlike 5 years policies FTP 2023 has no end date and will be MODIfied as per need” Clever isn’t it.  




• 1 day ago

In the last 9 years of BJP misrule, exports have fallen drastically. Only after Modijee reminded them now, are they talking about enhancing exports. Vote only Modijee as MP, but none of the other BJP fat cats.




• R Venkatesh Govind • 1 day ago

Why you all talk in the air like pappu. Have all of you caught the pappu virus ?,Do you even know the statistics of past 9 years? In 2013 the total exports were USD 472 billion. In 2022 it was 680 billion.,In 2013 India was 10th biggest economy in the world.,In 2022 it became 5th biggest economy.

为什么你们都要学拉胡尔那样开空头支票呢。难道你们都感染了拉胡尔病毒吗?你知不知道过去9年的统计数据? 2013年印度的出口总额为4720亿美元,2022年是6800亿美元。2013年,印度是世界第十大经济体。2022年,印度已成为第五大经济体。



R Venkatesh Govind • HJ • Gurgaon • 1 day ago

In just 1 month, India's trade deficit has increased from USD 14 billion to 18 billion, Jan22 to Jan23. And even this helped only by importing Russian crude & reexporting.




Tommy Gun • Unknown • 1 day ago

Too late, too little. Very little has been done for business community. They were original BJP voters since 2014.




• 1 day ago

One thing is for sure, there will be changes for GOOD, where Piyushji is there.




• 1 day ago

So many innovations. Policy should have mechanism for faster and effective coordination with Foreign Ministry and our embass staff in foreign countries




Suvle Seeker • Haiti • 1 day ago

Music to my ears. I would advocate meeting this goal by 2027 ( instead of 2030). Every Indian, irrespective of political affiliation must understand that with 1.35 billion population, Indians have no chance of better life and standard of living without a massive export economy. India is not a country like say Denmark with a few million population. Indians simply don't have an option unless they want to make 90% of the population disappear.




Rajesh Rao • 1 day ago

Election coming. Jumla pitara is getting ready and it work now day & night to make strategy how to make jumla as. MA in Jumla!




Yoga N Mani • Kumbakonam • 1 day ago

The following questions beg themselves (1) If $ 2 trn worth of Export would be possible in 2030, why did Leader Ji personally offer “ Indian Cuisine” and “Indian Culture” as India’s Export items in the Davos conference in 2016?

以下问题请他们扪心自问一下:(1) 如果2030年有可能实现2万亿美元的出口,为什么我们的领导需要亲力亲为,在2016年达沃斯会议上为印度菜,印度文化和印度出口商品做宣传?



• 1 day ago

feko feko feko aur feko elections are coming!!




Ponraj Abraham • Mumbai • 1 day ago

If you join hands with Russia, it does mean that you join hands with China and Pakistan. Should we need any other proof than this?




• 1 day ago

just look at the mindset of west when they look towards india: food, low wages labour, selling arms and tech machinery and this completes the list




SBSU • SBSU • 1 day ago

This is all Modi balltalk. They love to throw the word trillion around. In the last 10 years have to seen anything worth a trillion around where you live and work?? Has your quality of life improved? Do you have nice footpaths to walk on? Do you have nice roads? uninterrupted electricity and clean water? Do the majority have a minimum wage and standard of living? Do the majority have health and pension cover for all the taxes they paid through their working lives?? What you see is tons of empty...




User Prabhu • 1 day ago

Ports are not connected with mainland with highways and trains in karnataka.First improve infrastructure in the country to promote exports




Ponraj Abraham • Mumbai • 1 day ago

to throw few words in the air, should one have to pay any paise?




• 1 day ago

however , country must have matching policy for population control and monitoring in order to bring same to manageable level , otherwise all gains will be negated in no time. all the best for new FTP and hope everybody will contribute to achieve target as well as make Indian rupee as an acceptable currency by maxmum countries





• 1 day ago

india has place on the world economic,tables only bcz of our farmers..if india doesn't produce food we are as good as iraq or africa for the western countries ..so this competition of exports is just a marketing gimmicks of modi ji




• 1 day ago

india 130 crores public and gdp is 3 trillion, UK is 6 crore public and gdp is 3 trillion, west is producing quality tech stuff and india is producing millets




• 1 day ago

Stress on domestic consumption too. Exports oriented businesses would collapse when there are no foreign orders. Domestic should have higher share




• 1 day ago

Many comments are on coming election, which I won’t agree. 99% voters don’t read such policies. 90% voters don’t understand. Rests ignore.,So it may not have any impact on voters.




• Lion • 1 day ago

Voter may not understand these things but this will improve financial condition of the country that may reflect on diminishing or eradicating poverty to some extent, that voter will notice .




Indian • 1 day ago

These long term reforms are a big achievement that only Modi Govt can do. Else in any de ocracy the govt think of only max 5 years and sometimes only for 1-2 years to fill their own coffers. No strong country in the worlld is a de ocracyRussia is one man. US is presidential form where no small individual or party has a say. All other Nato are puppets of US, every thing there is decided by US only.




• Indian • 1 day ago

Well understood and explained aptly




Indian • GUEST • 1 day ago

Very few people are able to understand sir. Most of them are whatsapp graduates




• 1 day ago

I as an exporter can answer this, our PM has great vision and inspite of passing through very challenging phase of Covid days when production and consumption was at low ebb throughout world we still acheived better than expected as we had full cooperation of Govt and acheiving this target is possible with visionary Govt at our helm and we found all around world now with acceptance of Indian products and we are happy.




• 1 day ago

I hope India will become a developed and happy country one day.




• 1 day ago

Nothing wrong in speculating. We have to produce quality products better than China and cost competitive. Bring strict policy on adulteration first.




• 1 day ago

like feku guaranteed house to every indian citizen by 2022


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