Woman strangled for ‘not giving Fortuner car in dowry’; husband, in-laws arrested in Noida


A newly married woman was allegedly strangled to death by her husband and in-laws with a cable wire in Noida’s Surajpur, police said, adding that the accused had demanded a Fortuner car as dowry from her family. Police arrested the three accused on Saturday.

The accused were identified as Nandkishore (52), his wife Seema (48) and their son Prince (23), residents of Biraundi village. The victim has been identified as Anju (22). The couple got married on February 27.

The incident took place on the night of March 23. After her death, the accused allegedly informed the woman’s family that she had died under suspicious circumstances, said police. However, the post-mortem report revealed that she was strangled, police added.




An officer said, “They were demanding a Fortuner car and Rs 10 lakh in dowry. The woman’s family gave them a Swift car but they were not happy with it and murdered the woman together. They were arrested from LG roundabout. All three have been sent to custody.”

Police said they have recovered the wire allegedly used in the crime.

Anju’s father, Chandrapal, a farmer, said Prince’s family did not raise any demands at the time of the wedding.






“It was only after two weeks that they made demands. Their land was acquired for the Jewar airport and they came into some money. They felt they were now rich and accused us of cheating them by not providing money according to their status. They tortured my daughter for this. I had asked them to wait to resolve the issue, but they did not listen,” he alleged.

He further alleged, “A day before they murdered my daughter, they took her to a mall and took photos to make us believe that everything was fine. At that time, she made a video call to me to show us that she was there with the family. Suddenly, the next morning, they called and said Anju had a heart attack. When I asked her husband where he was, he said he was studying in another room. He is pursuing BTech from a private institute.”


他进一步声称, “在他们谋杀我女儿的前一天,他们带她去了一家商场,拍了照片,让我们相信一切都很好。当时,她给我打了一个视频电话,告诉我们,她和家人在一起。突然,第二天早上,他们打电话说Anju心脏病发作了。我问他在哪里时,他说他在另一个房间学习。”

Chandrapal said Anju was his only daughter and was pursuing B.Ed. “Anju was my eldest child. I have four sons, one of them is physically challenged. Anju wanted to become a teacher… I gave her in-laws a Swift car, which cost around Rs 9 lakh. I spent around Rs 30 lakh on the wedding, but it did not satisfy them,” alleged the woman’s father.

A case has been registered against Anju’s husband and his parents under IPC sections 498A (husband or his relative subjecting a woman to cruelty) and 304B (dowry death) and sections 3 and 4 of the Dowry Prohibition Act.





Sanjoy Pandey

So sad for Indian Hindu women.In order to get married you have to pay dowry to your groom's family

My heart aches for this women.




Ancient Thinker

They are not human. in fact calling them human is insult to humanity. same treatment should be given all of them who were involved in this heinous crime..



Jignesh Gaur

Can't imagine what she must be going through each day, befor things reached this stage.




Dear parents, a divorced daughter is far better than a dead daughter.



Jignesh Gaur

All of the criminals who committed this heinous crime must be punished with DEATH. There must be no other punishment other than death.



Ankur Bhardwaj

It is very heartning issue



Mango Peepal

In China, the groom's family has to pay the bride's price, which is demanded by the bride's family.



User Jivani

Very sad news, parents are equally responsible for this situations. Stop giving any gifts in marriages.



R P Sinha

Dear parents Stop giving gifts as dowry, a living single daughter is better than a married death daughter



Rahul Barnwal

anyone else want to say that every culture deserves respect?



Sunil Bhatia

Tears came in my eyes



Ajit Grewal

Her parents are equally responsible . Poor girl she didn't deserve this



Gopal M

There should be zero tolerance to such type of heinous crimes.



Abdul Baqi

Problem is once girl is married, parents think they have rid of their burden, don't want girl to come back no matter what.



Jagan Reddy

Nothing has changed from previous generation to this generation,it will never change in future too




This is shame to us as a nation.Families who feel proud to give dowry or take they are criminals.STOP this filthy system.


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