Rahul Gandhi gets 2 years in jail for 2019 Modi remark; his future as MP at stake


SURAT: Congress’s Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi faces possible disqualification from Lok Sabha and a six-year bar on contesting elections after a district court in Gujarat’s Surat on Thursday sentenced him to two years in jail in a 2019 criminal defamation case filed by a BJP MLA over his remark at a poll rally in Karnataka’s Kolar: “How come all thieves have the Modi surname?”

Chief judicial magistrate HH Varma, who held Rahul guilty of criminal defamation under sections 499 and 500 of the IPC, granted him bail against a bond of Rs 15,000 and suspended the sentence for 30 days to allow him to appeal the verdict in a higher court. Sources in Delhi said that at a late-evening huddle, legal experts advised Rahul to appeal against the setback in the sessions court at Surat.


首席法官HH Varma根据IPC第499条和第500条判处拉胡尔犯有刑事诽谤罪,批准他缴纳1.5万卢比的保释金获得保释,并将刑期缓期30天执行,拉胡尔可向更高一级法院提出上诉。德里消息人士称,法律专家建议拉胡尔对苏拉特法院提出上诉。

Many experts said, kicks in as soon as a member of Parliament or a state legislature is convicted of an offence punishable with a sentence of two years or more. This puts Rahul at risk of eviction from the electoral arena if the higher courts don’t overturn CJM Varma’s order.

许多专家表示,一旦议会或邦立法机构的议员被判有罪,将被判处两年或两年以上的监禁。如果高级法院不推番CJM Varma的判决,拉胡尔就将面临被驱逐出选举舞台的风险。

Petitioner Purnesh Modi, who is the MLA of Surat West, had said in his 2019 complaint that Rahul insulted crores of people with his remark.

Rahul’s lawyer Kirit Panwala pleaded for a milder sentence on the ground that his client didn’t intend to insult anyone. “The complainant has not suffered any kind of pain or loss, and the accused has never been found guilty of any crime before.” he told the court.

After his conviction, Rahul told the court that he had delivered the speech at Kolar in line with his duty and in public interest.






Justin• Justin•Las Vegas•4 days ago

Now BJP needs to be worried about 2024 elections, as RG usually gets them the max seats :)




dsv•30256• Justin•3 days ago

Please don't worry RaGa will be released just before the elections, and he will howl louder once he's out. That will automatically give BJP it's biggest ever election win! Inshallah!




Exaltedman•33733• Justin•USA•4 days ago

Per dumb RaGa India has no de ocracy now-a-days, but plenty of Z level free security, free salary, free bungalow, free food and plenty of corrupted money looted from public coffers and stashed at various secret locations around the globe !!!




Smiling Buddha•30008• Justin•Bengaluru•4 days ago

This News it-self shall serve the purpose!! Any ways Pseudo-secular parties have done enough damage to national interest; who all failed to do even simple common civil codes for secular country




Rajeev Kumar• Rajeev Kumar•4 days ago

Italian thugs must be taught lesson for humiliating us Indians




Abraham Jacob•843• Rajeev Kumar•4 days ago

Mr. Rajeev Kumar. May I kindly request you could highlight how italian thugs have humiliated us?

Rajeev Kumar,我恐怕得请你再说说意大利暴徒是如何羞辱我们的?



arun kesavan•5059• Abraham Jacob•Bangalore•4 days ago

By going around the world and insulting India itself is enough for him to be thrown out of country let alone the financial crimes conducted in india




Exaltedman•33733• Rajeev Kumar•USA•4 days ago

In the end if he loses his status as an MOP, then we would request GoI to remove any security provided to him at taxpayers' cost !!!




Jules•530• Rajeev Kumar•4 days ago

what to do with the desi thugs in power




Ravi Sharma•602• Ravi Sharma•4 days ago

No fan of Congress, or the Gandhis... but come on, that's hardly a remark worth sending someone to jail over. I am sure more people (myself included) have called the Gandhi family as thieves....




Ruchir Goyal•17417• Ravi Sharma•Delhi•4 days ago

Calling Gandhi family a thief or Modi a thief is different... But saying everyone with name Modi is a thief is a big offense... We never say that everyone with surname Gandhi is a thief...




cha•11• Ravi Sharma•3 days ago

If one is not held accountable, then theres no end to this nonsense and hes repeatedly doong this which even tue court said. And Gandhi family has criminal cases under trial against them.




Varun Verma•16084• Ravi Sharma•4 days ago

Calling Gandhi family thieves is one thing but calling everyone with surname Gandhi a thief is another thing altogether....




sachin n•17461• Ravi Sharma•Location•4 days ago

Can I try to give another perspective. This is a verdict for Rahul's London speech.




abundantstockp•9100• Rajiv Chadha•4 days ago

They say so many things that are straight-out twisted lies. In-fact that's how all politicians are irrespective of parties. So, putting Rahul in jail for 2 years for a comment like that is nothing but scaring the opposition gimmick. In fact, nothing will come out of this. The higher court will stay this judgment. But for sure BJP will accomplish what they want with it. Creating fear. I think this is just the begng of public outcry.




Rohit Pande Troll Hunter•18984• Utkarsh Jhala•4 days ago

With Rahul out of picture, other options will look significantly better.




Arun Kumar•233•4 days ago

This guy does not know what is right and what is wrong. I think he should be sent to juvenile jail.




User Joshi•14417• Arun Kumar•4 days ago


或者阿格拉精神病院也行。Ranchi & shaadra医院刚好想为一种新疾病起名SWAMEE PAPPOO以示纪念。



User rd•4572• User rd•4 days ago

bjp is sacred of rahul ghandi for 2024 election as main opposition leader SHAME ON AMIT SHAH




Raj•48893• User rd•4 days ago

Yeah, BJP is sacred. That part is agreed boss




tom sawyer•22359• User rd•4 days ago

Yeah bjp is very sacred

If pappu goes to jail who will campaign for Modi





User Balkur•21474• User rd•4 days ago

what nonsense. this verdict is given by a judge in court. now, those who cry about demorasy lost faith in courts ?




aryan ray•58• User rd•US•4 days ago

Ha ha, nice joke! Even Mamta begum, and other party leaders from SP, RJD etc do not accept Rahul Gandhi as opposition leader.




Pratap Rd•63674• User rd•4 days ago

BJP triumph card is Rahul Gandhi. Because of him they have nore chance of wng elections .




arun kesavan•5059• User rd•Bangalore•4 days ago

Scared of pappu ...what a joke... He has been ensuring BJP gets all votes by just opening his mouth for 2 mins as whatever comes out of his mouth is lie




Suddhasatya Samanta•16226• User rd•Kolkata•4 days ago

live in Yr dream world



Medini Rai•13528• Medini Rai•4 days ago

This Italian Catholic and his family are staying in India only to carry out Pope’s mission of converting Indians to Christianity




ASHISH• Medini Rai•Delhi•4 days ago

What has religion got to do with this you M Oron . That's all bhakts think . Since Independence Christian population was 2 percent and still is almost the same. Most prominent people were educated in Christian schools. Do you actually think that this Jumla government would have ever done that?

All they care about are Mandirs, statues and looting and fooling people like you. Grow up!!





Viswanath K•18483• ASHISH•4 days ago

People convert and they don't inform govt. Because they loose the reservation benefits. Actually it's more than 2% now.




mjs514•12430• Medini Rai•4 days ago

Anybody converted, you can take them back. Dare you, no one will come back to Hindu caste. That's why they left Hindu.




Abraham Jacob•843• Medini Rai•4 days ago

There is a fine line between insulting a religion and mixng with politics. Medini Rai, nothing good comes out of a remark like this. Why would some one of your stature, maturity and education need to stoop low.

在侮辱宗教和谈论政治之间有一条微妙的界线。Medini Rai,你发表这样的评论是一点好处都没有的。为什么像你这样有名望、成熟且受过高等教育的人变得如此堕落呢?

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