India Lacks Sufficient Understanding Of China And Its Intentions'


NEW DELHI: It seems there's something wrong with India's understanding of China, even among top diplomats. That's the view of Hemant Adlakha, professor of Chinese at JNU who answered questions on the The Gist programme. Prof. Adlakha argues that India needs to carefully track whatever China says and what it does. While both may seem at variance with each other, they in fact go together. He suggests that India must carefully study China's claims to Indian territory, gently hinting that India's claims in Ladakh and other places may not rest on very sound foundations. He believes that clashes like the one at Yangtse in Tawang late last year, actually help China. Tune in for more in this conversation with Prof Hemant Adlakha.






Anup Kumar Nanda

Whatever this professor says needs to be verified and analysed from a military perspective by Indian Army and our strategic thinkers.There is absolutely no rational that Our Media which is an independent media ,unlike that of China ,should discuss about what China's Media ,which is obviously controlled by their state,who refused to give even the covid numbers recently after spurt in covid cases,says about Tawang or Galwan or the entire border dispute with India.



TV Mohini

Surya Gangadharan is an absolute professional. Even with a highly biased guest like Prof Hemant Adlakha. Surya is an asset for Strat News.

Surya Gangadharan是绝对的专业人士,即使是面对赫曼特·阿德拉卡教授这样有偏见的嘉宾。Surya是Strat News的宝藏。


Pulak Sinha

Chinese amassing of such large troops during GALWAN clash is not possible ,without getting approval from very . So its not some local issue , that JNU professor is saying.



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RK Singh

The problem is that india has many shades of adhlakhas as warped, biased and anti govt of the day for whatever reasons! We respect that. But the inaccuracies and biases reinforcing a narrative since one is bought over cannot escape a common sensical observer. Pl convey this to him.



Anil Popli

One of the finest , intense and deeply exploring discussion between Surya Gangadharan ji and Professor Adlakha. The good thing is that Prof Hemant Adlakha has been able to put his perspective and / or understanding of the China's way of looking at the border disputes with India. Yes, perhaps, we need to have better understanding and debate about China's broader vision. We have to have better understanding of how Chinese like the world to see them in 21st century. However, it is unfortunate if the starting point of China's understanding is that India is an "apple in the American eyes ". How are China's interpretations of Indian stand on Russo- Ukraine war/ conflict, Kosovo / Serbia .. !!?? During Mao's time Chinese had had a sense of ideological underpng of the world events; that way of looking at the world events is missing now !!?? Have the Chinese become more nationalistic now

这是Surya Gangadharan ji和阿德拉卡教授之间最精彩、激烈和深入探索的讨论之一。









Dr Ganguli

I don’t think there is any problem in understanding China. The fact is that they have grown in wealth and power and so their attitude has changed.




JNU prof is actually trying to threaten India on Cheen's behalf...




A rare sight to see Surya gangadharan ji gets impulsive and emotional when" he said we lost a colonel and 20 odd soldier " when professor was praising China's point of view

当教授称赞中国时,Surya gangadharan有点冲动和情绪化,“他说我们失去了一名上校和20多名士兵”,这是罕见的一幕


Clouds & Mountains

JNU professor - "I DON"T KNOW" It is pathetic to say Chinese are not opaque. JNU should be disbanded at the earliest.



Jvs 27730

The JNU professor is a true admirer of China and he had no business to draft a headline that China was victorious without any basis. His explanation now given is very weak. His questioning by Surya is very telling.




India's reading of Cheen is accurate, precise and very much actionable.



Big Texan

Totally incoherent analysis - if this is the quality of “research” at JNY, one can see why the university is viewed with contempt from the wider community.



Dr Rajeev Kumar Bhatt

This professor is from JNU, that is enough to understand his loyalty



Troll Face

The professor narrated the Chinese prospective towards India .. now let's wrap up one china policy so war is inevitable




The professor appears to be a stooge for the Chinese. He's only obfuscating deflecting & avoiding the issue . We need an anchor more confrontational than Surya Gangadharan to tackle such charlatans masquerading as Chinese experts .

这位教授似乎是中国人的傀儡。他只是在混淆、转移和回避这个问题。我们需要一个比Surya Gangadharan更有对抗性的主播来对付这些伪装成中国专家的骗子。


Unconditional Nationalist

India lacks everything...



CMA Susanta Kumar Saha

Does the learned guest of the show expect China to welcome a stronger India? Does he expect progressive building of excellent infrastructure at Indian side to marginalise their (Chinease) infra advantage will be welcomed with open hands? Aren't China famous for information warfare and their so called scollar are only a part of it? Is it wise to believe China who even disown their solders who laid down their lives during Galwan? Okay, he has his de ocratic right to opine and so do we have our right to reject his version.



Raghuram Pillarisetty

Completely vague this guest speaker. Like 1+1=11.

这位嘉宾的说辞完全含糊不清,像1 + 1 = 11。


Sourabh Gupta

He shifts his eyes from the camera - can’t even look at himself when lying



Raghuraj Tipre

Largely a dissatisfying discussion - it was not very clear what the Prof was getting at apart from his unhappiness with Indian newspaper correspondents in China :) His Chinese scholarship seems to have affected his ability to speak straight & to the point. Dissenting & heterogenous views are most welcome but his awkward commentary was quite confusing. The Prof seemed to be rather conscious of appearing to have sympathies & admiration for the Chinese. He need not be - after all there are many admirers like him all over the world.




Knowing Chinese position and thinking is important but Professor Adlakha seems naive to a certain extent. If his point is to do research then that is valid. His point on the poor levels of Indian reporting is correct. There is no analysis in the media of any substance and intellect, just sensationalism at best and at worst regurgitating what is known. I also agree that the border issue is seen by the Chinese as a local issue. That said there just should be no debate in India - it is aggression against India - and Indian politicians have been meek in the past. Strengthen your armed forces to keep your territory and regain that lost in time.







johnratnam nethala

Thank you Surya garu for putting such very wise and intelligent questions,Chinese policy is to hide the truth and there is no transparency in it and it widely known fact

谢谢Surya garu提出如此明智的问题,他们中国的政策是隐瞒真相,没有透明度,这是众所周知的事实


Sudakar S

A JNU professor amplifying Chinese propoganda. Not unexpected.




The professor seems to be a nefarious troll



Prashant Mishra

They are 'better organised'...so, multiple border disputes of past were 'local incidents'? If they were, are their local commanders so bold as to take such actions without consent of politial leadership? Both seems contradictory to be honest. Either they can be better organised or these incidents were never just 'local'. Another confusing statement: We have fallen into Chinese traps...okay, trap for what? Make India hate them? Push India into USA's arm? How can making a semi-neutral country your full blown enemy can be a strategic move? I'm sorry but I'll have to accept my inability to take his assertions at face value.








Muniyellappa Andappa

Throughout discussion I heard only ,perhaps.....I don't know ...that's what they are saying



Balraj seth

It's an eye opener. Totally different perception of the border issue from Chinese side. Our media knows nothing.




What is there to understand? Did we not learn their intentions from 1962? Are we so naive not to understand their end objective and intentions even after hundreds of LAC violations each year? Enhance Military Strength so that we don't have to bother and waste too much time in "Understanding" their Next Salami Slicing move and Conduct "Over Analysis" in Studios and react everytime. Or Else When the Time comes to take ACTION OR Fight, we'll b left doing all the "UNDERSTANDINGS" in the Studio..



Sanjiv Kumar

A Chinese agent


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