Eye on China, govt plans a 1,700-km 'frontier highway'


NEW DELHI: The government, in the next five years, will build a new highway in Arunachal Pradesh that will run close to the India-Tib-China-Myanmar border. At some locations, the 'frontier highway' will be as close as 20km from the international border.

The 1,748-km long two-lane road, which has huge strategic significance and aims to stop migration of people from border areas, will be built by the road transport ministry. This is the longest NH that the Centre has notified in one go in recent times.

The road, designated as NH-913, will come as a big boost for seamless movement of defence forces and equipment to the border which has been seeing repeated incursion attempts by China. China reportedly has been building infrastructure on its side of the LAC.

The highway will start from Bomdila and pass through Nafra, Huri and Monigong, which is the closest point on the India-Tib border. The road will also pass through Jido and Chenquenty, which are closest to the China border, and will terminate at Vijaynagar, near India-Myanmar border.

新德里:未来5年,政府计划在“阿鲁 纳恰尔邦修建一条靠近印藏中缅边境的新高速公路。在某些地区,这条“边境高速公路”距离国际边界仅有20公里。




The entire stretch has been divided into nine packages. Though road transport minister Nitin Gadkari had said the project would cost around Rs 27,000 crore, now the government is looking into options to reduce the cost.

"We have chalked out the plan to complete the sanctioning of all works in 2024-25 and usually it takes around two years to complete construction. The entire project is expected for completion by 2026-27," said a government official.

整条公路被分为九个路段。道路交通部长Nitin Gadkari曾表示,该项目将耗资约2700亿卢比,但现在政府正在寻找降低成本的选择。







Tanmay Chakrabarti • Unknown • 3 hours ago

A pragmatic move by the government.




• 3 hours ago

the biggest mistake was the slogan given before 1971 was ,Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai. due to this we are still loosing today ...




• 3 hours ago

Eye on China, Modii sardar to produce pharma products in India instead of importing from China Mr Mukesh Ambani Mr Adani or pharma giants to be asked to produce vital drugs so that we can get in time and foreign exchange.




• 3 hours ago

Alas! this fact could have been understood by Congress & AAP leaders who always doubt the Armed forces of this country. Pappu with his chamchas keeps on crying on daily basis rebuking the central government forgetting that this mess was created by the GG PAA of Pappu.




• 3 hours ago

Whether this highway would facilitate the Chinese PLA as per ex Defence Minister, A K Antony of UPA who wanted no birder roads? Shame on those compromised politicians and their oartues who cannot protect our national boundary from the enemy rather facilitate them in their job.

这条高速公路会不会像前国防部长A K安东尼所说的那样,为中国人民解放军提供了便利?为那些妥协让步的政客和他们的支持者感到羞耻,他们无力保护国家免受敌人的侵犯,反而为他们的工作提供便利。



• 3 hours ago

Sad news for congress!




User right • 3 hours ago

The present third-rate roads round the LAC can act as a deterrent to Chinese invasion. Seeing the bad state of roads, Chinese troops will go back to Tib.




• 3 hours ago

The corrupt dynastic previous congress regime had a blind eye of infrastructure development in the china border afraid of china.




• 3 hours ago

Government is building infrastructure to protect our region while Rahul Hussain is trying to build fear amongst people against misadventures of China.




Rahul K • Delhi • 3 hours ago

It's a plan. There have been many a plans over the years. Let's see




Strategic Speaking • 3 hours ago

Govt. should immediately stop all imports from China... They should walk the talk.. Dont ask people to boycott Chinese goods. Just stop the import..




• Strategic Speaking • 3 hours ago

Almost all Indian companies are dependent on China since we have a non exstent manufacturing sector. It's all talk only in India.




• 3 hours ago

good move by government of India




• 3 hours ago

Road infrastructure is very important for the movement of troops and reinforcement during war time.




User Shee • 3 hours ago

No need to built infrastructure. We have future PM who will stop enemies by his comedy.




Jaise Ko Taisa • 3 hours ago

Modi sarkar's only talk execution is zero can anyone in India narrate a single project worth talking about Modi sarkar in the last 8 years?Most unproductive years of the development of the country?




P Chandra • Kolkata • 3 hours ago

So , will you ever fight China if you receive donations from them?




• 3 hours ago

Good step BJP Modi Govt




• 3 hours ago

India is facing the consequences of 70 years of negligence in military buildups, particularly border roads, under successive govts till 2014.




• Bijay • 3 hours ago

@ramesh proof that Nehru wanted to disband armed forces? How are you making such a claim?




• Bijay • 3 hours ago

Nehru wanted to disband the armed forces after independence. Modi is making military strong, which is the need of the day.




• Suraj Tambe • 3 hours ago

who will do it?




Droid • Unknown • 3 hours ago

As long as they aren't building some useless statues, anything is good.




• Droid • 3 hours ago

that I agree with. I'm all for infrastructure building. But unfortunately government gears into action after some major incident. We aren't proactive.




• 4 hours ago

only modi can lead india no other party or neta has the ability to do so




Satya Prasad • Hyderabad • 4 hours ago

Very good move




• 4 hours ago

India only plans. China does it without annoucement.




• Kaiser soza Junior • 4 hours ago

this guy is paki coz his comment and knowledge show a lack of education.




• 2 hours ago

the problem with china is that they think that every one with a flat nose is a Chinese and the area in which he/she lives is Chinese territory


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