China's nuclear arsenal will more than TRIPLE by 2035 to 1,500 warheads, the Pentagon says


China's nuclear arsenal is set to more than triple to 1,500 warheads by 2035, the Pentagon said in a Tuesday report also highlighting the increasing sophistication of the country's air force.

Washington has identified Beig as the most consequential challenge to the United States, and the annual report on China's military emphasized improvements to both its nuclear and conventional forces.

'The Department of Defense estimates that (China's) operational nuclear warheads stockpile has surpassed 400,' the report said. 'If China continues the pace of its nuclear expansion, it will likely field a stockpile of about 1,500 warheads' by 2035.

That figure would still however lag far behind the arsenals of the United States and Russia, which each include several thousand nuclear warheads.





China is also working to modernize its ballistic missiles that could deliver nuclear wons, launching some 135 in testing during 2021 - 'more than the rest of the world combined,' excluding those fired in conflicts, the report said.

And Beig's air force is making strides, 'rapidly catching up to Western air forces,' it said.

The report takes aim at the way in which China is employing its military in the Indo-Pacific region, saying it has 'adopted more coercive and aggressive actions.'




A visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in August infuriated China, which reacted with its largest and most aggressive exercises around the island since the 1990s.

Both sides have since moved to lower the temperature, but the senior defense offi al said that while Chinese military activity around T has decreased, it is still higher than before.

Beig is 'establishing kind of a new normal in terms of the level of military activity around T following the speaker's visit,' the offi al said.






The Holy Spirit, Heaven Abode, United Kingdom, 11 hours ago

Using technology stolen and/or hacked!




The Common, Everyday America, United States, 11 hours ago

Or given by Clinton in exchange for campaign donations.




Jerry Daniel Padgett, Gainesville, United States, 11 hours ago

Their missiles were failing and couldn't have hit anything until Bill Clinton allowed the technology exchange so they could launch satellites and now here we are.




Coach Smith, Seattle, United States, 11 hours ago

Triple by 2035. While my state and California ban sales of gas powered cars come 2035. Seems like China has other priorities...




iluvcrap2000, London, United States, 11 hours ago

Should leverage the trade deals with less nukes, Restrict Food trade, Don't use America's breadbasket for the Benefit of China. Stop Investing in China too.




Lgrey, Fayette lle, United States, 11 hours ago

The West has only their woke selves to blame.




Miss LeHi, City Confidential, United States, 11 hours ago

China will most likely wipe out enemy countries using biological warfare rather than nuclear. They want to get rid of the people, not the property.




Same Old Nonsense, Here, Netherlands, 10 hours ago

Millions? lol. 250k at a push.




Ran Dom Guy, Close Enough, United States, 11 hours ago

Remember when Joe brushed of China being a threat with a chuckle a couple years ago in a failed attempt to dis Trump?




Notamusedok, Melbourne, Australia, 1 hour ago

Australia needs equivalent nuclear deterrent ..




Foolishwit, london, United Kingdom, 2 hours ago

I find it ironic that the US is the only country to use atomic wons but then say everyone else shouldn't have them in case they use them.




YooEssAyy, Anchorage, United States, 2 hours ago

Who cares? Nuclear wons dont kill people, PEOPLE kill people.




Count Waffenschmidt, Aachen, Germany, 4 hours ago

It doesn't matter at this point. Even though the Chicoms will still have far less than the US or Russia even after their increase, they still have more than enough to destroy all the life on the planet.




EugenicsRules, Moonshadow, United States, 5 hours ago

Said the Pentagon LIARS, who have such a stellar reputation of telling the "truth"..




ndt927, Hereandnow, Philipes, 5 hours ago

The literal definition of Overkill.




MarkMaz, Oxford, United Kingdom, 10 hours ago

The U.S is the biggest threat to peace. U.S also committing acts of state t.e rorm.




ArianaAlways, Upstate NY, United States, 9 hours ago

The US owns more nuclear wons than every nation except maybe Russia, and we are the first ones to tell others not to build them. The hypocrisy boggles the mind. How we even have allies is beyond me, the US is the biggest threat to world peace by far.




Uml Uml, VA, United States, 10 hours ago

Russia has about 6000 nuclear wons. Decreasing the US stockpile makes the world safer is beyond me.




so.cal.ny , West Coast, United States, 9 hours ago

Because we ARE the worlds most reliable ally.




Savingrace, Callithome, United States, 9 hours ago

China is not telling us to be like them, but we are telling them to be more like us, so who is a threat to whom?




Lhang, Wisbech, Mysia, 8 hours ago

With threats from US they should build more! Lol




Wayne Hisler , Albuquerque NM, United States, 9 hours ago

New Meco has no problems with China. They need to know that. However, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland...all of these citys have said many bad things about China.




Joshia Carberry, Baltimore, United States, 10 hours ago

Develo country.




JustAnotherVoice, Camp Geiger, United States, 31 minutes ago

Not surprised but even at 1,500 it will still be less that a third of what the US maintains.




CaptainZ, Brisbane, Australia, 41 minutes ago

What a complete waste of money and time a 100 would do .......................




Funbum, Orlando, United States, 12 hours ago

New world order leaders. Why wouldn't they? Let USA worry about pronouns while they take over the world.




Gatecrasher, MAGA tear drinker TEJAS, United States, 12 hours ago

The military industrial complex has to convince everyone to keep working like sl ves and pour hundreds of billions in their direction. The "elite" are laughing while manipulating the masses every day.




diro89, QLD, Australia, 10 hours ago

This is the same China compning about Australia getting Nuclear submarines? Disgusting lying hypocrites as always!




Lhang, Wisbech, Mysia, 10 hours ago

The compnt is deploying them at their front yard! One day they will follow you guys n deploy them around you! When they have sufficient subs! Wouldn't that b great?


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