Is China countryside worth visiting?



Henry Vaughan

Hell yes!

No matter what country you visit, you must visit the countryside. No major city succeeds without a wealth of rural land around to keep it fed and functioning. Moreover, you should also realize that so many of those now living in the cities grew up on farms or in poorer areas. If you want to understand their work ethic, to understand what drives them, you should go and see where they came from.

If either of those reasons aren’t enough for you, I’d say just go so that you can enjoy the view! Much of the countryside is quite literally a breath of fresh air after being in the cities.

China is a huge, beautiful country. Don’t spend all of your time there cooped up in the cities!

From Western Sichuan:














Unless you speak Chinese and you have no problem with extremely bad infrastructure and you have a trusted Chinese friend to accompany you, then don’t go there.

Chinese countryside is huge and beautiful, but don’t expect anyone to speak English. In many cases, people don’t even speak the standard Chinese (they only speak their regional dialect). Also, China’s infrastructure in the countryside is extremely bad. The subways in Beig and Shanghai might be better than what New York has, but the roads in rural China are still decades behind the roads in rural America.




Bill Tael

Not all are worth visiting. There are some very scenic countryside that are breathtaking. They tend to be either highly touristy or extremely reme. You’ll need a guide for the latter. As for the former these can be found in any tour packages and are very much worth the effort, especially for foreigners who don’t speak Chinese.



Alex From njiang

Well, in my view, there are countless rural places worth to visit in China, yet I believe it also depends on what attracts you. Anyway, I'm going to introduce you a few rural places worth to visit in terms of the beauty of nature and history value. I personally been to all of these places, so I'm glad to share them with you.

1.Kjun Prairies (喀拉峻大草原), njiang

2.Lucun village (卢村), Anhui




2.卢村, 安徽



Profile photo for Greg Blandino

For a day or two, maybe. A week at most. But hell no I would not live there. Have you been to the Chinese countryside? Dirty, trash everywhere, boring, transportation is a pain in the ass, and the general “quality” of people and things is lower. No thank you, I have experienced life in the countryside in China in bits and pieces, and that was enough. On top of that, one of the pluses of living in a tier-1 city is I don’t have to deal with ignorant peasants screaming “HALLLO” or “LAOWAI” or stop and staring like an alien has descended from space to walk amongst us on a daily basis.






David Barry

Guang Province; Karst Peaks. Very beautiful and breath taking. Hunan Zhangjiajie National Park, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia (Gobi desert and steppe land), njiang, Jiangsu, Jiang and basically all countryside areas can be beautiful.

广西:喀斯特地貌,非常漂亮,令人惊叹。湖南张家界国家公园,四川,内蒙古(戈壁沙漠和草原),新 疆,江苏,江西,基本所有农村地区都很美。


Carl Johnson

If you have the opportunity to go then I would highly recommend it! With all the nonsense being spoken about the Chinese it will wake you up to the truth about this country and it’s people! Because China is nothing like what you are led to believe. So it is a great opportunity.

Although the big cities like Beig and Shanghai are wonderful, do try to get out to the smaller areas like villages. It will be a fantastic experience!

I hope you make the trip!!






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