Modi calls for ram up defence, security ties with Maldives for peace


NEW DELHI: As PM Narendra Modi hosted Maldivian President Ibrahim Solih Tuesday, the two countries reiterated their assurance to be mindful of each other’s security concerns and, according to a joint statement, to not allow their respective territories to be used for any activity inimical to the other. This is important in the context of efforts by China to increase its footprints in the region despite recent setbacks, most notably in the neighbouring Sri Lanka with the departure of the Rajapaksas.




Identifying trans-national crime, terrorism and drug trafficking in the Indian Ocean as serious threats, Modi called for close contact and coordination between India and Maldives in defence and security for ``the peace and stability of the entire region’’. The PM announced that India will provide 24 vehicles, second Landing Craft Assault (LCA) and another naval boat to the Maldives security forces and that India will also cooperate in building police facilities in 61 islands of the Maldives.

莫迪认为印度洋上的跨国犯罪、恐 怖主义和毒品走私是严重威胁,为了“整个地区的和平与稳定”,呼吁印度和马尔代夫在国防和安全方面密切联系和协调。莫迪总理宣布,印度将向马尔代夫安全部队提供24辆军车、第二艘登陆艇突击艇(LCA)和一艘海军舰艇,印度还将合作在马尔代夫61个岛屿建设警察设施。

India and the Maldives also signed 6 agreements, with the former announcing another $ 100 million LoC for financing projects in the archipelago, as Solih reaffirmed Maldives’ commitment to India First policy and Modi said India will continue to act as the first responder in any crisis faced by the country.


The 2 leaders also formally inaugurated work on the $ 500 million Greater Male connectivity project, the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken in the country, which is being financed by India under grant and concessional loan support.


As expected, they condemned terrorism in all its forms and called for enhanced coordination between the security agencies of the two countries to thwart radicalisation, violent extremism, terrorism and narco-trafficking, according to the joint statement. ``While acknowledging progress since the First Meeting of the Joint Working Group on Counter-Terrorism held in April 2021, the two leaders directed the officials to further strengthen cooperation in various areas, including cyber- security,’’ said the statement.

正如预期的那样,双方谴责了一切形式的恐 怖主义,并呼吁加强两国安全机构之间的协调,以挫败激进主义、暴力极端主义、恐 怖主义和贩毒活动。声明称,“两位领导人承认自2021年4月举行反恐联合工作组第一次会议以来取得的进展,并指示官员们进一步加强包括网络安全在内的各个领域的合作。”



jamie todd

So much help for the thankless Srilankans and they are letting in a Chinese spy ship close to our waters in south India! so much for prop up these failing countries who are always backstabbing India!

印度给忘恩负义的斯里兰卡人提供了这么多帮助,他们居然让中国间 谍船靠近我们印度南方的水域。



Smiling Buddha

Brave Modi-ji must Gift Surprise Visit to Taiwan, Right Now!!




Aid policy is weakest anx font bring sny result at diplomatic level. Look Lanka to which India gave millions and now allowed Chinese spy ship close to South India. Policy makers should be aware of current scenarios.



Krishnamurthi Narrainen




Balhans Jayaswal

China's belligerence is becoming a boon for these small countries.,They can blackmail "Give us lavish aid or else we'll fall into the debt-trap of China and lose our sovereignty to it., and that will make you cry !!!"

中国的好战正成为这些小国的福音。他们可以趁机敲诈:“给我们慷慨的援助,否则我们将陷入中国的债 务陷阱,失去主权。这会让你们哭起来的”


Smiling Buddha

Hon. PM Modi-ji may Dare Do Visit Taiwan RIght Now!! Just As A Quick surprise visit!!




Perception of aid is to ensure that the countries do no over re-act in case of any problems betweenPLA and India. These countries will be helpless in hel India in case of emergency but at least provide moral help. It is similar to distributing Revadi in International Bazaar except our own people are deprived of freebies.




shah nillesh

India has best I. Form since 2014 under modiji.,Our strength n super power increase internationally. Remember we got uranium only due to modiji.



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Don't trust them. they are like snake. time will tell truth.




We have to. china is e il, see already have killed Sri Lanka, pakistan is their slave. We need to keep china away from us.



Aditya Bhuyan

It seems the Maldivian Head could see what is coming with Chinese freindship.



Faiyaz Ansari

India is no even 1% of china china can deceat india any time


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like Russia is defeating Ukraine?


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But can surely make China pay heavily...


Rinku Singh

Haha what a joke. Ask your masters to try. We are waiting.



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Better to capture Maldives and make she as Indian state.



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We must be careful and enough vigilant about misuses of Maldives soil by enemies of India.


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Moron can't fix issues of his own country & he wants to be an international power broker now?



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And China is “ eyeing” Taiwan with Nancy Pelosi visit there. Is Maldives such a great power to help in defense ram.



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Still after 75 years of independence we are not enough self dependent .,Modiji must addressed to only our internal issues first .


Rinku Singh

Modhiji is correcting all wrong done in last 75 years.


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