US pledges to help India end its dependence on Russian weapons



A senior US diplomat again warned China of sanctions if it offers “material support” for Russian President Putin’s war in Ukraine, while also pledging to help India end its dependence on Russian weapons


Sherman also said the US would work with India to help the country move away from its traditional reliance on Russian weapons, given the impact global sanc- tions are having on Russia’s arms industry. “They understand that their military, which was built on Russian weapons, probably doesn’t have a future with Russian weapons anymore because our sanctions have pulled back the military-industrial complex of Russia — and it’s not coming back anytime soon,” she said.




US or UK or any allies it maybe, never trust them. See what they did u Ukraine and its citizens. Always trust your old allies like Russia.



Indian nationalist

USA is trying to say that USA is looking for a new market for it's weapons.,But will they manufacture them in India and transfer technology?.



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hope it will not become a pledge written on water. on the other hand , Uncle Sam must take steps to strengthen Quad



User Balakrishnan

Did it need the Russian aggression to do this? India had long sought the ability to manufacture its defense needs locally but the US was never willing to allow this and expected India to buy from US and be dependent on it for supplies. With Russia and recently with France India was able to strike a deal to manufacture defense equipment in India itself albeit in a gradual manner and also get items like air craft carrier and submarines which US was unwilling to supply making India more dependent o ...



Jagdish Madan

Only time will prove US' sincerity. Until then, take every promise of the US with a fist full of salt. Afghanistan and Ukraine are live examples of US' pledges dumped in the dust bins!



Anil Kumar

US is not a dependable defense supplier..They have a proven unhelpful track record whenever india was in problem.Their deal comes with strings attached..US armed Pakistan against India...Helped China improve their military might...We don't need US anymore..now they need us more than we need them.




EU cannot live without China. EU needs China so that they can have LED light bulbs in their home, and Apple Phone in everyone's hand!



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Modi should clearly say .Either F22s or nothing.



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Ok..So when are US giving those F22s and Predator drones ?



User galande

US pledge to support India to reduce dependence on Russia for arms will come only if India pledges to support US and it will be with no transfer of technology or joint production or development



K Sridhar

This kind of retorics by the US is only to satisfy their powerful arms lobby and to push all their obsolete armaments to India at triple the cost!!!!! At this juncture the US cannot pressure India to do its biddings. However, if they start exporting armaments to India, they will also have a hold on India. They can then arm twist India to do their biddings. Our govt must very carefully weigh the pros and cons of armament import from the US.






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Putting sanctions and thinkijg it would work is like expecting a fish to climb a tree.



Shasti Brata

Frankly we do not need their help in ending 'dependence' on Russian weapons! We have done well with Russian weapons traditionally, and Russia has never threatened to withhold parts , arms or munitions like the US is known to do with those nations that have the misfortune to place orders with them. This overture by America is nothing but a devious attempt to alienate us with Russia.






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And make India dependent on US now…….Better to become Atma Nirbhar. Great initiatives by Govt in numerous policies on electrificarion, infrastructure, PLI schemes in manufacturing, creating a big defence import ban list and turning corporatising ordnance factories. In next ten years, India is sure to come out of shackles of apathy to emerge as the leading global superpower. Jai hind.



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this war may destroy the dollar more than Russia and Ukraine in the long term. I await the day with anticipated pleasure.



Ashok Bhagat

A promise from USA has no value. Any senator or house member can put a stop to everything and put impossible conditions.



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Russia also needs to realize that it's not wise to continue their aggressive attitude especially after Ukraine agrees to maintain neutrality and even if it wins the war it will be well nigh impossible to hold on such a hostile territory with very hostile population. The sanctions are not likely to go away anytime soon and its position weakened Russia will eventually end up as a junior partner to China. For India also the time has come to reconsider its priorities.



Ashok Bhagat

it takes 3 years to make a battleship, it takes 300 years to make a tradition. USA can never get rid of Chinese influence, so dependent




Can the US match the Russian arms' price?



0 0 Rohit Singh

Usa is so much dependent on china, whole world knows


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