What is your view on doing MBBS in China for an Indian girl?



Chetan Shrivastava

Is it worth studying MBBS in China?


I have been studying MBBS from Jilin University in China which hails from the province that has the same name as of this city, which is Jilin province.


There are many speculations revolving around the idea of doing MBBS abroad and even I cannot comment on the general idea of an MBBS from abroad. But I duly support pursuing MBBS from China and you as an Indian student will be encouraged to study an MBBS here by going through my experience.


So far as I have pursued my MBBS from Jilin University in China, I am quite satisfied with the quality of education since it is a world ranked University. The administration in association with faculties here cater to the needs of the student especially those having come from foreign lands. As a result, the mode of instruction for us here is English so language is not a barrier here. Only that you must learn a bit of a mandarin in order to interact better with the patients during the hospital postings. As a matter of fact, an internship here in China is also valid in India.


China being the home to the largest population in the world proffers good practical exposure which is the best thing about pursuing MBBS from China.

Other things like lifestyle in China is quite good like you can have a look at my hostel room




Yes we keep it quite tidy, ‘we’ as in me and my roommate. Also we have a TV here but seldom use it. We love to see Jackie Chan with English subtitles.

And here’s the food cafeteria at my University




There’s availability of Indian mess here so no need to go through Indian food nostalgia.

All in all, you feel like home while staying in China. I have also got to talk to some Indian students in other Chinese Universities like Nang University, Jiangsu University, etc. and they too have the same oion as mine, i.e. they are content with their decision of choosing China for doing MBBS.





Hi there. Honestly speaking, CHINA is just a waste of time, effort and money. The education Standards are poor. No proper practicals. Very few colleges in China are recognized by MCI. Most Students from China find it difficult to clear FMGE and end up wasting another year or two. Till you clear your FMGE you're not allowed to practice anywhere. It's better attempting NEET here rather than studying in China. Medicine is not the only option..you can explore other options also which eventually will pay you well in the future.








Midhun V Areeckal

It’s pretty clear that education in china is being recognized internationally and especially for MBBS, china is a hot spot. People in India are more of a conservative ideologists and women's today, in the mere parts on every states are facing inequality.

But, as of now, many friends of mine who were keen for MBBS but, who weren’t able to crack the difficult NEET exam, preferred China rather than most of the western nations. First of all, around 45 medical universities are being recognized by Medical council of India (MCI). Secondly, the cost that they infer here in india and most of the western countries are tremendous considering china’s educational expenses.




In light of everything that they share with me, china is ideal for women's and it’s quite a good place for everyone.



Dipanita Bose

No harm in it if you get fail to admission here and if you have money then it will be a better option



Priya Sharma

How is the Zhejiang Chinese medical university MBBS course for Indian students?



Zhejiang University lays great emphasis on scientific research over anything else. It has important national and municipal disciplines laboratories and exchange stations for postdoctoral research. The highly qualified staff always welcome students to ask any queries that might come to their mind.


Mbbs here

The MBBS course is approved by Medical Council of India. The undergraduate course of MBBS at this university is of 6 years -1 year for pre med, 2 years for pre Clinic and three years for clinical subjects. Language of instruction is English. Every academic year is divided into two semesters


Admission process

In order to get admission in this university a student must have qualified the Neet exam. There is no need to appear for any additional entrance exam for taking admission at this university. Also the student should have scored at least 70% in physics, chemistry biology and English to get admission.


Salient features

The cost of studying MBBS in China is very less in comparison to private medical colleges in India

this university is recognised by the Medical Council of India

the admission process is hassle-free

There are separate dormitories for the comfortable accommodation of students

it organises various student exchange programs

healthy environment for interaction among students of all nationalities which leads to exposure to various cultures

Hope you found the answer satisfactory.








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