Ukraine Vs Russia: Comparing the Military capabilities


How do Russia & Ukraine compare militarily? Which side are the odds stacked against? Who will have the edge in case of a war?


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Freddie Nerkury

The other issue is that an attacking force generally has greater challenges in invading as opposed to a defending force.



Jasnoor Arora(Noor)

Thanks for letting the world know something huge is brewing.



Attay Muatkang

Modern battle is not about the quantity of soldiers but it is about the best technology, brilliant strategies and intelligence together with quantity of ammunitions.




Ukrainians are one of toughest people I know. They show no fear and are content   On fighting for their freedom despite the massacre army they face. I’m falling in love with Ukrainians.

乌克兰人是我所知的最坚强的民族之一。他们没有表现出恐惧,他们为自 由而战,尽管他们面对的是凶残的军队。我爱乌克兰人。


Laze Dimovski

One small detail you've forgot to mention, how modern are those weapons Ukraine has... Most of them are probably in Russia's museums for years already.



ferdinand foch

In case of war, if they fight on Ukraine soil, the Ukraine will have more casualties irregardless of their military capabilities and support they are offered by the west



Mutimba Ahmed

Don't be taken for a fool, you can't compare Russia to Ukraine, it's ridiculous that out of context completely



Chibyke Collins

Common now ,stop it already don't disrespect russia




In 1314 a small Scottish army of farmers defeated the English army's heavily armored knights with nothing but wooden spikes and the will to kill.

Wng a war is all about strategy, not about who has the most equipment.




not really apples to apples comparison. I doubt Russia will deploy 100% of it's forces to engage Ukraine. It has other borders to defend in a vast country it cannot leave totally undefended.

并不是真正的同等级比较。我觉得俄罗斯不会部署 全部军队去对付乌克兰。俄罗斯是一个幅员辽阔的国家,还有其他的边界需要保卫。



US is deploying 3000 troops not 300000.



V K Gupta

This particular crisis is a game of chicken between Russia and the West. The numbers do not matter. The longer this standoff continues the less is the likelihood of a shooting war for two reasons: (1) Russia has lost the initiative, and (2) the West has longer lead time to beef up their military preparations and fine tune the sanctions regime. So, it will be a diplomatic exercise to offer Russia a face saving opportunity to stand down.



(1) 俄罗斯失去了主动权,

(2) 西方有更长的时间来加强军事准备,调整制裁制度。



Nwoudochi Obinna

it's not even close...

Ukraine can stand up the 2nd most powerful nation on earth... Ukraine can maybe fight a defensive war, but it won't carry on for very long beacuse of the surprisingly high amount of Russians in parts of Ukraine



Gary sabiya

In military conflict; it is always difficult to make a prediction because of the unknown factors.



Dom M

Air Superiority is key to a successful offensive, while not having it makes a successful attack almost impossible. Take for instance the Battle of Ardennes in 1944, German offensive. The allied have had total air supremacy, and the German failed miserably. Tanks have no mobility if they are prey to constant air attacks and cannot do quick maneuvers anymore. Another example is the Battle of Britain in 1941. The Germans cancelled the invasion of Great Britain, because they failed to achieve air superiority. Not good enough to do an amphibious landing on foreign soil.






Paras Naradiya

If they want war then,

Russia would be almost impossible to invade ( geography and AA defences etc)




If Russia defeats Ukraine militarily, it will lose them politically. As well, it will pay the price in occupation, foreign relations, economic ramifications and much more. It is in Russia's best interests to not invade. There is far more to lose than gain.



Hola Mexco!!!

I think you forgot that RUSSIA has 6500+ nuclear weapons.



Paul Keable

Defence mainly has the upper hand in a battle.

Ukraine seems equip enough to counter any Russian ground attack




steven johnstone

Not that simple. Would Russia deploy all its forces to Ukraine. If it is afraid of NAT and others it would have to proportionately deploy elsewhere also otherwise it would leave a large proportion of its landmass and borderlines  vulnerable to attack, especially if it considers its attack on Ukraine would start WW3.




Hands and Paws

isn`t it obvious? without any help from allies Russia would definitely be ahead by a wide margin.



Agu Nwereobi

America has never lost to any nation on earth and its military capability is highly classified until you fall into their trap that's how you learn.

I strongly suggest diplomacy!



Green Gregs

Question is how much is Russia staging on Ukraine's border?




i understand Putin concerns, but Ukrainians have a right to think for themselves and what they want without having Russians to invade.



Jamie Lake-Boyd

They both crazy.



Tom Goddard

So ask yourself 'why would Ukraine ever ask for a conflict' ...Who is the aggressor in all conceivable logic .



Paul Shearer

Quantity and quality are both determining factors when concluding military strength.  Unfortunately Russia is in front on both quantity and quality in most areas.



Sir Enrico

oppressor vs the oppressed..this situation should be a wake up call to smaller countries

压迫者 VS 被压迫者,这种情况给小国敲响了警钟。


Randall Price

Outcome of war is determined largely by the combatants will to fight. The Russians proved that in ww2.




Xeev Laug

Base on percentage of population, Russia have less power than Ukraine. Ukraine have more friends than Russia too!


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