Father s ms 'farcical' Christmas dinner at Indian restaurant after his children were served chicken and chips instead of a traditional feast - but is told HE is in the wrong for expecting turkey and trimmings at a curry house



A father-of-four has s mmed a restaurant he visited on Christmas day after his children were served chicken and chips instead of a traditional turkey meal.


Rick Aro, who visited the Ruposhi Indian Bar & Restaurant in Bury on Saturday  with his partner and their four children, has posted scathing reviews on Facebook and TripAdvisor.


He expned that he ordered two Indian dinners for the adults and traditional Christmas dinners for the children ahead of the day, however on arrival they were served chicken, chips and half a fried tomato.


After expning he was left 'thoroughly disappointed' with the meal, he compned: 'What an absolute farce of a restaurant - Christmas Dinner ruined for our children on the whim of this establishment.'


However other social media users were quick to criticise Rick as they suggested he was in the wrong for expecting a traditional meal at a curry house.


Furious after his dng experience, Rick wre online: 'My partner and our four children visited today for a Christmas meal and were thoroughly disappointed with what occurred.


'I confirmed the booking over the phone - two Indian dinners for the adults and trad Christmas for the children.


Since the compnt was published, hundreds of people have s mmed Rick over his comments, with one writing: 'I think Christmas dinner was ruined the second you decided to go for an Indian for a Christmas dinner!'


Another said: 'Ruposhi is a fabulous Indian restaurant serving wonderful Indian food, we love it there.


A third cmed she went to Ruposhi on Christmas Day and had been told they weren't doing Christmas dinner when she booked.


She said: 'We went yesterday - couldn't fault it we all had the curry zing. After all it is a Indian curry house.



The English man, manchester, United Kingdom

Chicken and chips is not a 'christmas dinner' but who on earth goes to a curry house for one in the first place?



Annie Keith, Luton

 kids left disappointed after parents - too bone idle to make Christmas dinner for themselves



snicktop, WOODBRIDGE

What a loser taking his family to an Indian for Christmas dinner



soapbubblequeen, Soho, United Kingdom

What an idiot!! Why didn't you stay at home and cook your wife and children a traditional Xmas Dinner then?! Slob.





Footqueen, North Walsham, United Kingdom

What an idiot - why go to a curry house for trad Xmas dinner. Too lazy to cook it yourself I suspect





Poxyroxy, Cardiff, United Kingdom

It's an Indian restaurant for gods sake what does the idiot expect



Cokiecoke, London, United Kingdom

Why would u go to an Indian restaurant to eat a roast dinner let alone Christmas turkey




If it was advertised as Christmas Dinner then that's what they should have got, regardless of what type of restaurant it was.



suegoldie, thetford, United Kingdom

Simply,stay at home and cook what you and your family would like. like



Libby25, Bristol

No you ruined Christmas by taking your kids to a curry house when they don't even like curry.



Jonno27, Norwich, United Kingdom

Next year, fella, it might be worth involving your children, shop for the ingredients and prepare a Christmas dinner together. Make Christmas a family affair and I guarantee your kids will look back on it more fondly than going to a curry house.



Lellipom465, Skipton, United Kingdom

Who in their mind, goes to an Indian, "cafe," in Bury, an expects a traditional Christmas Dinner? The guys a total idiot.



mart1964, Stoke, United Kingdom

What a mean hearted man, leaving such a review, surely you don't go to an Indian restaurant for authentic English dinner



Dr Evil, Evil Towers, United Kingdom

If I took my family to an 'Indian' restaurant on Christmas day I would expect a feast of Indian dishes not a Turkey roast.



Sunrae74, Bath, United Kingdom

Maybe the family should've cooked their own dinner at home. That way, they would have known exactly what food they were getting.



RamboJohnJ, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Why would you go to an Indian restaurant for your Christmas dinner in the first place??



that_man, London, United Kingdom

I know how he feels. Went to a Ford dealership and was most put out when they couldn't supply me with a Mercedes.



Olderbutnonethewiser, Halifax, United Kingdom

Who in their mind would go to an Indian restaurant for a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings?



BarnacleBill, Country., United Kingdom

WHO in their mind would take children to an Indian restaurant for their Christmas dinner?!?? Self-centered parents.



Coffecup, London, United Kingdom

Go to a British restaurant if you want British food.


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