The best country for high speed rail? | India's High Speed Rail Sy em Expned


High Speed Rail Expned is back! India might still be building its very first high speed rail line, but its network will develop quickly in the next decade, and the country's unique layout means that the network has the pential to be one of the most used in the world! Enjoy.




Light Yagami

The previous Indian Girder Launching machine (machine which helps in building elevated corridors) d 1 and half a girder every week, far slower when compared to the Chinese machine which d 2 girders a day! However recently, L&T has successfully developed the technology putting India into the list of Norway, Italy, China and South Korea who possess such machines. HSR is hel India innovate, these machines are said to be used on metro construction as well, boosting up the already progressive metro sy ems' construction.





Nagendra Mishra

Go nment is trying to reduce air-traffic between cities

Ahmedabad and mumbai has very High amount of air-traffic




Already a lot of progress has been made in the MAHSR line.



Kartik sinha

The go nment here is very focused on building rail based transit sy ems from metros to HSR and slowly upgrading the presencture for higher speeds ( I mean 120-160kmph coz many routes can not even handle 100kmph.)

But the problem is that it is very difficult to upgrade esting track, trains and signalling sy ems.



Nitin Gadkari

This is new India

More than 12 high speed corridor under planning




High-speed aside, india also has developed significant amounts of indigenous train technology that are capable of higher-speed express service (180kph) on their esting rified track infrastructure, but it's been subject to po itical sabotage and cost austerity measures.



Mr Daksh

So happy to finally read a video about high speed rail in india on RMTransit, there are plan to introduce 16 car train on the Mumbai-Ahemdabad with a train every 7.5 mins.



Master Singleton

High Speed rail is zing and Australia should really build an HSR network linking the East Coast from North to South and the East Coast to the West Coast.



Satyaki Sil

I would really love to see broad gauge hsr. A very unique sy em. Sadly, the Ahmedabad-Mumbai sector would not be broad gauge.




If India introduces high speed Sleeper trains at 300kmph, it will become a huge hit




And yet here in Canada, one of the world's richest nations, we're still debating the possibility of considering the option of whether to maybe build a dedicated passenger line



Anton Wong Video

Do the trains remind anyone else of dragon heads of east Asian mythology?

Sorry if that's already a well-know fact; I'm a train noob. Just thought it was cool




Ayush Ghosh

Even though I live in India, I really still haven't go the full idea of what and where the lines are go.



Abhinav Mankotia

I have to say for myself that the extent to which connectivity has improved for the rail network is simply astounding. I recently travelled alone for the first time to my home in Gurgaon after visiting some family in Chandigarh and after boarding the train at the station there, it was a non stop uninterrupted journey to the Huda City Centre metro station drop me off barely 10 minutes from my home. I can't believe how easy it has become to travel such long distances in India. Hopefully it will become even more easier in the future.



Apoorv Chauhan

RRTS project construction site is like 5mins from my home.

Ngl but during pandemic period, Govt has really pushed the infra construction and lot of progress has been made




I really like how India is finally picking up speed with rail developement in recent years. The only thing I dislike about many of these plans is how they opted for standard gauge instead of broad gauge.




Yup India is the best country for HSR but I dont think we can built it as fast as China. It will take 2-3 decades to connect every major city in India.

是的,印度是最适合修建高铁的国家,我们修建高铁的速度不会像中国那样快。需要20 - 30年的时间才能让高铁连接印度的每个大城市。


Renjith Thandapral

I would like to bring to your attention about one more semi high speed rail network coming up soon in India , in the  state of Ker, known as SilverLine , 530 km SHSR, connecting the entire length of the state.(It is currently in the planning stage).




Anyway, exciting to see India get into the high speed rail race!




Florida is the best place for HSR in the USA



Prithvi raj Singh

In de acy it take time to complete a project. Especially in a country like India where land acquisition process is extremely slow and change in go nment leads to constant policy changes . A lot of time projects started by previous go nment doesn’t get prioritised by new go nment and gets shifted to the end of the priority list.




I go to India every year, and although I adore Indian Railways, the service and speed is so abysmal I just vastly perfer flying.




India's High Speed Rail should use to retired E4 Shinkanshin, because it has double-deck



Kevin Love

In spite of what was said at the 0:50 mark, Canada's rail sy em is a lot older than 100 years.



Anindya Acharyya

BrilliantActually a high-speed rail network was planned in India since 2008

But first the railway focused on new railway connections to cities and towns, comfort and service of passengers, rification etc.

And then see the sudden stonks of subscribers




At this rate we’re going to see Indonesian High speed rail before we see US high speed rail



Abhi Muk

Land acquisition is a major problem in India for Rail and Road infrastructure development. As major population still depends on agriculture and given the dense population it delays many project and costs huge losses on the projects


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