Key trial of 5,000-km ICBM Agni-V in October



NEW DELHI: India will soon conduct another test of its most formidable strategic missile, the over 5,000-km Agni-V, even as work is still in progress to develop multiple-warhead capability for ballistic missiles.


The “user-trial in full operational configuration” of the Agni-V missile, which carries a single 1.5-tonne warhead, will be conducted by the tri-Service Strategic Forces Command (SFC) in October, said sources on Thursday.


The operational deployment of the over 50-tonne Agni-V will enhance the deterrence posture ag inst China, which has missiles like the Dong Feng-41 (12,000-15,000-km) that can hit any Indian city.



Krishan Kumar

Wow India is set to conduct the first user trial of Nuke Capable Inter Continent range Ballistic Missile (ICBM), Agni V. Congrats to scientists for this splendid achievement.But bad News for our two Nasty neighbours.Great to have such a powerful won in our country's arsenal.



Priya Saxena

Kudos to DRDO. Kudos to Modi !!



Mk L

India better and reliable than China either in health, technology or building foreign relations.


amit nehru
Never underestimate your enemy. Every country glorifies its soldiers and capabilities to boost the moral of forces

Here do not compare China to India. China has invested lot in technologies and development, they are very aggressive. See the pace of infrastructure building capabilities of theirs. Do not go by indian media power comparison might.




Indi icbm

India is far behind North Korea in ICBM technology. But India makes louder noise

印度的洲际弹道导弹技术远远落后朝 鲜,鼓噪的声势却很大

Abhishek Upadhyay

Yes u are launching of multiple satellites in space as well as landing rovers on moon and Mars are the prove of India is far behind than NK in the terms of ICBM technologies


把多颗卫星同时送入太空,以及在月球和火星上着陆探测器,证明印度的洲际弹道导弹技术远远落后朝 鲜

Pratik T

How do you know? Just a wild guess?



B Srinivasan

I am looking forward to he day when INDIA has achieved SUB launched MIRV capable longrange ICBM which will make CHINA stop on its tracks


holy cow

China has SUB launched MIRV for decades, but it failed to stop India at the India-China border. How is India going to stop China?



aryan ray

As chief of defense Bi Rawat ly mentioned in a recent , development in technology will be the key element and a major pillar for any nation wants to become powerful. India should focus more on achieving technological superiority by expediting these kinds of defense projects.

The current pace of development is not enough. India cannot compete with China by ground forces, and also with number of misdiles, fighter jets etc. China will always be way ahead in these aspects as they simply have more evonomical power, and they have money to build more number of jets and missiles. India can only create an effective deterence ag inst China by utilizing technology

正如印度国防部长Bi Rawat在最近的一次演讲中提到的那样,技术发展是任何想要强大的国家的关键因素和主要支柱。





B Srinivasan

INDIA is rapidly aquiring the "HARDWARE"production including the semiconductor "CHIPS"to match its awesome SOFTWARE prowess in a decade along with its 5T$ economy.




India has a long road ahead to achieve any meaningful defense capability vis-a-viz ag inst China.



Ming Muyiyang

Frankly speaking, we will always despise India in all aspects



Emancipated Cavalier

First trial was conducted in 2012, followed by another 2 trials in last 7 years. Many ranters here are questioning about only 5000kms, other losers like Holy Cow and Ming Muiyang are showing their hard hate and by questioning technological prowess etc ... Important thing to know is it has more than 5000 kms range, that is it.

2012年进行了第一次试验,7年后又进行了两次试验。这里许多人质疑5000公里的射程,比如Holy Cow和Ming Muiyang等网友质疑印度的技术实力等等。重要的是它的射程超过5000公里,就这样。



I am really surprised at the news. After so long time they are just testing missile with one warhead and with 5000 km range?



Dalbir Singh

What happened to yesterday's user trial, has it failed ?


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