By next June, drive Delhi-Jaipur in 3 hours



SOHNA/NEW DELHI: Come June next year, you will be able to travel non-stop from Dhu Kuan to Jaipur in nearly three hours taking the Delhi-Guragon and Sohna-Mumbai expressways. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has set March 31 deadline for the Sohna elevated road, which takes off from Rajiv Chowk in Gurgaon, and Sohna-Dausa stretch of Delhi-Mumbai expressway for signal-free travel. But sources said there could be a time overrun of a couple of months.

索赫纳/新德里:明年6月,走德里-古拉贡,索赫纳-孟买高速公路,车程3小时内可从Dhu Kuan直达斋浦尔。印度国家公路局(NHAI)已将3月31日定为索赫纳高架公路的最后期限。索赫纳高架公路从古尔冈的拉吉夫广场开始,从德里-孟买高速公路的索赫纳- 达乌萨路段开始无信号行驶。但有消息称可能需要几个月的时间

Earlier, the NHAI had set November 2021 as the deadline, but this had to be extended due to Covid second wave. Road transport minister Nitin Gadkari on Thursday reviewed the projects and carried out an aerial survey across Haryana, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. He directed NHAI to expedite work and meet deadlines to bring relief to commuters and cargo carriers.


The under-construction Delhi-Mumbai expressway passes through Dausa, which is 60km from Jaipur. The NH-21 connects Dausa with Jaipur. “The total distance from Dhaula Kuan to Jaipur via Sohna and Dausa is around 270km and the distance is almost same if one travels by NH-8 (the current Delhi-Jaipur highway). But since the expressway is meant for only high-speed vehicles and one can travel at a mamum permitted speed of 120kmph, the travel time to Jaipur will reduce to three hours. So, commuters can save more than an hour using the expressway,” said an NHAI offi al.

正在建设中的德里-孟买高速公路经过距离斋浦尔60公里的道萨。NH-21连接道萨和斋浦尔。NHAI的一名官员说:“从Dhaula Kuan经由索赫纳和达乌萨到斋浦尔的总距离大约是270公里,如果你走NH-8(现在的德里-斋浦尔高速公路),距离几乎相同。但是,车辆可以在这条高速公路上以120公里每小时的最高速度行驶,到斋浦尔的旅行时间将减少到3小时。因此,通勤者使用这条高速公路可以节省一个多小时。”

On Thursday, Gadkari rode a car, which carried out a test drive at 120km on the Mumbai expressway in Ratlam stretch. “He checked the riding quality,” said an offi al accompanying the minister on the two-day review of the project.


The new expressway is expected to generate annual fuel savings of more than 320 million litres as well as reduce CO2 emissions by 850 million kg, according to the NHAI.




Congress is history



G Ke Papa

Nice work sir. Working towards ease of commin people is commendable . Ling live modi ji and his choice of ministers




Mr minister please ensure that slow moving trucks don't drive in the centre or side of highways, we motorists are forced to drive zigzag on the highways, sometimes overtaking these from or left which is very risky......



Paramjit Singh

Praise worthy Minister with consistent work.



Priya Saxena

Salute to Gadkari n his commitment n dedication towards his work. He's made sure India stands out in the World in the field of road infra development, even far ahead of fully developed nations. Brain dead trollers and anti Modi dumbos will keep crying that y spend so much on roads when there's Covid n poverty n unemployment all around.



User Spa people

I am not supporter of BJP, but Gadkari stands out when performance comes. Excellent minister.




This alone will transform India in next 5 years. Gadkari is one of the best performing ministers.



Jagat Ram

Excellent work by GADKARI & BJP leadership



Ravi Saraogi

Great work during BJP re gie. I wonder what the hell Congress was doing all these years except looting the nation?



Hemant P

Kudos to all Indians for having ved this great Man to power, Mr. Modi and his team of hardworking soldiers of the country. Economic prosperity is about to begin. Jaihind,




12hrs in road to reach Mumbai from Delhi. It is like a dream. BJP infrastructure push really commendable. Mostly this will boost export as such logistics improve will reduce transport time.



Dilip Kumar

Excellent... Gadkari expertise with Modi Go nment speeding up projects



Ashis Biswal

Under the BJP re gie, we can see some work is happening. Under congress re gie, we assumed that this will not happen in our lifetime. BJP is doing great job.



Ramesh Kumar

Please make it a rule that the heavy vehicles don’t go on the fast lane like in other countries otherwise these highways are of no use it will just be an accident prone highways



Dean Mishra

bjp govt. is really doing good work



Sunit Mandal

He is really a great hardworking efficient minister. Hats off to you sir



DrSathishankar Kth

Now Congress will say its all we created we planned and BJP just inaugurated.



Ravi V Ingle

A Marathi man is changing the fate of whole country....



Ravi V Ingle

Replace Gadkari as PM of India with current PM Narendra Modi in 2024 ion




is disel ,petrol price will come down


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