US dodges a 9/11 poke in the eye by Taliban



WASHINGTON: The United States on Friday dodged the ignominy of having Taliban install its go nment on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 after Russia reportedly rained on the extremists' by declining to attend the inauguration in Kabul.

华盛顿:据报道,俄罗斯拒绝参加塔利班政府在喀布尔举行的就职典礼,打击了该极端分子的政党,周五美国避免了塔利班在9/11 事件20周年之际上台执政的耻辱。

Reports that the Taliban was all set to embark on a provocative gesture seen as poking America in the eye were contested by a spokesman for the te rort outfit who called it rumors, even as the US prepared to mourn the nearly 3,000 people who were killed on 9/11 by te rorts who found safe haven in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan in the 1990s.

有报道称塔利班准备采取挑衅姿态羞辱美国,该组织的发言人对此进行了反驳,称这是谣言。美国准备悼念被分子杀害的近3000人,上世纪90年代这些恐 怖分子在塔利班统治下的阿富汗找到了安全的避难所。

The idea that the same Taliban is back in power in Kabul is grating for many Americans, who see unrepentant te rorts impose the same brand of fundamentalist Is m as they did in the 1990s.

塔利班再次在喀布尔,令许多美国人感到恼火,他们看到顽固不化的恐 怖分子像上世纪90年代那样,推行原教旨主义。

"The humiliation of having the Taliban inaugurate a go nment on 9/11, twenty years later to the day, full of the FBI’s most wanted list is hard to overestimate," tweeted Bruno Macaes, author of Geopo itics for the End Time, shortly before it was announced that there wouldn't be any inauguration on 9/11.


Taliban principals are still reported to be squabbling for the spoils of war despite naming caretaker administrators some of whom are proscribed te rorts.

据报道,尽管任命了一些被列为恐 怖分子的临时行政人员,塔利班的主要负责人仍在为战争的战利品争吵不休。

US Presi nt Joe Biden also reached out to China to discuss bilateral issues, including differences that he acknowledged candidly.

a White House statement said the outreach "was part of the United States’ ongoing effort to responsibly manage the competition between the United States and the PRC."




P Narasiman

By initial announcement by them has already humiliated not only USA, entire world. This is just an trick to show the world that they have changed, but they have not changed or they will never change in future also. Just a dr enacted to humiliate.



Santanu Ghosh

never thought USA need to live on grace of Taliban.. what a joke.. and shame on Biden and his poor administration







Austin Almeida

Destroy Taliban before it destroys the world



Ganesh Jain

US is declining super power now, just Britain was a declining after 1920s. Excessive illegal immigration, too much liberalism, leads to weak countries.



Hridoy Baruah

US deserves to be humiliated.



Unbreakable Indian

Taliban will bite dust soon ...later they will throw away Taliban. American walking skeleton , corrupt presi nt Biden has turned US into a luaghing stock of the world.



Dungaji Daruw

Pakistan is feeding milk to a snake. Wait and watch, this cobra will strike back soon.



Muralidhar M S

Americans have long funded Pakistan forces and ISI since the time of the Cold War. Now, there is no need for it as Pakistan is  anti US. But still some people in US Govt want this relationship to continue as they get kickbacks in return.



Hridoy Baruah

American vers are fools to have sed a duffer like Joe Biden as their Presi nt. He is scar in US po itical history.



Irfanuddin Syed

Does it matter which day they inaugrate? They have started forcefull marriages, they are hitting and threatening journalist, they are trying to silence women by violence, they have humiliated education sy em by announcing phd, masters is of no use, they think women are only to give birth to children.






Rakesh Garg

 it would hv been good for poor leadership of Biden, who didn't manage Afghanistan evacuation well.. ending up not only raising taliban but also provided all sorts of wons n aircraft..




useless this biden and that harris



Thankappan Pil Rajasekharan

Pakistan will also come under te rort control soon! A big country led by Taliban, Al Qaida etc.

巴基斯坦很快也会被恐 怖分子控制



Manu Kaushal

India has to stop expecting from America.




US is surely humiliated.



Krishna Kumar

Already humiliated and stamped under the earth surface.

US has no face now to save. However it is not a loss just for the US. it is for UN and hence entire world. This is not going to be over once Taliban assumes power.

At an appropriate time, Taliban and its supporters are going to pay the price!!!





Joe Biden is a Stupid Presi nt




It is foolish to expect that the herd of te rorts named Taliban would become law abiding citizens of Afghanistan overnight and will gain the fa th and confidence of the masses for getting ed in a de ratic way. These so called representatives want to take over the reins of power only through force which is why women are forbidden from Po itical scene under the garb of Is mic principles.

希望被称为塔利班的分子在一夜之间成为守法的阿富汗公民,并通过民 主选举获得民众的信任和信心,这是愚蠢的。这些所谓的代表想要通过武力来掌握权力,所以在ysl原则的外衣下,妇女被禁止进入政坛。


Ulhas Kulkarni

Incidentally, WHO would be the FATHER of the Nation? Os bin Laden or Baghdadi?


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