Making India a $10 Trillion Economy | Mohandas Pai

Mohandas Pai:让印度成为10万亿美元的经济体

P.M. Modi gave India a vision of becoming a $5tr economy by 2025. Many deep reforms and large-scale cleansing of economic abuses has been done. A huge social program is underway to ensure basic necessities to every Indian, and of a total transformation of India. COVID-19 has set us back but India will recover. We discuss what is needed to make India a $10Tr economy.


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renjan pai

Let us work together to make India a 10- trillion dollar economy



Parantap Yadav

in 1960 India's GDP in trillion was just 37.03 billion and in 1991 it was 270.105 billion. What this so called socialist of Nehru less to our country the licence RAJ and all different taxes and RED tape has done to our economy. And it is pretty much clear that after 1991 our economy boosted and then we have close to 3 trillion dollars economy. Capi ism is the only way to boost our economy an open market has shown it's effect in our economy.




For indian economy to achieve 10 trillion + economy our Startups need to play a pivotal role




This makes me somewhat understand how india works, or why things are the way they are. This is very useful as a foreigner, since no one here talks about india this deeply!




Asit Debnath

We always curse the po iticians. In fact, the real people who actually pull down the country are the bureaucrats.



Cheval Laoma

at 8% annual increase rate of GDP, that would require 15 years.



praba rau

Definitely India's target to achieve 5 trillion dollars economy will be achieved. mot just 5 trillion dollars economy, but more than that. cz India is being ruled by the best go nment BJP. BJP must & will rule INDIA forever



Sibabrata Kakati

more savings lead to less consumption.how do you reconcile



Samuel Sequeira

Why not surpass China and achieve 20 Trillion? As it is, everything these days happens only in words just as Modi's 100 lakh crore promise.




Nishi Prasad

It is still very difficult to establish business for young entrepreneurs Huge amount of bribe is asked for .
How to cope up with that



Dattatraya Lohar

This is quite hope rising.



Kuna Sagaran

Mr Pai, you should become the next Prime Minister of India



sanatana dharm
only made in India,ban Chinese mobiles and products



RaviKumar Mariserla

You are a great economic analyst describing India in a way.



Saroi Naranasamy

Sport can unite coz when you win medals everyone one celebrate



Xavier Darwin

Please also add how Modi has made a mess
In the last 7 years while talking of 5 trillion economy, where has he landed us? Why can’t you speak about that darpoke?



shok-kumar bharadwaj

We need a total equal footing for girls. Girls need same footing as their brothers.



Stephen Hawking

It's easy... Inflation will do the job.



Katyar Khukri

Software is not enough. Exports are there of auto parts, automotive sy ems. Lot depends on the state go nment.



France tamizhponnou

India can start creating more cities .The construction business will create a lot of jobs.
Also India could develop the tourism industry targeting the rich european market



rajkumar bagri

Indian Economy can become 10 Trillion within a decade if and if Cor ion and Judiciary starts delivery of Justice forcefully, which is pipe dream as corrupt and injustice is increasing every year.



Shriniwas Limaye

We need to increase internal consumption.



Emran Caan

India's economy is no way near 5 Trillion $ let alone 10 Trillion $ he simply puffing out HOT air from his arse which is stink.
An exaggerated cm.



tean tan

India can chieve a $10Trillion Economy but it confronts MANY obstacles along the way and at the same time be able to solve some of its esting problems. The problems and obstacles are too numerous to expn here. I wish India all the best in a sincere manner.


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