Domestic air travel costlier by 12.5%



NEW DELHI: Flying within the country will cost more from Friday the 13th. The aviation ministry late on Thursday night increased both the minimum and mamum domestic airfare levels by 12.5%. The move came along with the go nment allowing airlines to operate 7.5% more domestic flights, raising their capacity deployment from 65% to 72.5%.


The go nment had on June 1, 2021, hiked domestic airfares by 15% while slashing flights within the country from 80% of pre-Covid level to 50% at the height of the deadly second wave. During the pandemic, the aviation ministry has been regulating both domestic fares and capacity. With that the second wave ebbing, the domestic capacity was first increased to 65% on July 5. Now capacity domestic deployment and airfares have been hiked by 7.5% and 12.5%, respectively.


As a result, for instance, Delhi-Mumbai one-way minimum fare will rise from Rs 4,700 to Rs 5287.5 and the mamum fare will rise from Rs 13,000 to Rs 14,625 (taxes extra). This is the fourth hike in airfares this year due to spiralling jet fuel prices, the biggest cost item for airlines — with a majority of Indian carriers struggling to survive in the absence of any fiscal support from the go nment during the pandemic. The range is for economy one-way fares and does not include user development fee of airports, passenger security fees (Rs 150 for domestic) and GST.


When schedule domestic flights resumed after a two-month break on May 25, 2020, the go nment had asked airlines to start with one-third of pre-Covid time flights and also fixed fare bands to ensure two things — passengers are not fleeced and financially strong airlines do not resort to predatory (below cost) fares to hasten the bankruptcy of weaker ones. Based on flying time, there are seven categories: starting at flights below 40 minutes and going upto 3-3.5 hours.



Soumyajit Mishra

Modi ll make sure we all ll start begging very soon..



R Venkatesh Govind

Frequent price increases are a sign of great Mistry Strokes by Modi Durbar!



Mukesh Bhogta

No impact for bhakts. They can't afford air tickets anyway.




finally airlines becoming out of reach of common man.



Dutta Pawle

what else can you expect from an illiterate chaiwallah?



Walia Devinder

almost everything going beyond reach of common man



Genius Singh

Another reason for me to not travel and another reason for hels and airline to shutdown - if you cant bail out airlines, atleast allow them to fix fares



Anil Kumar

Worst & uneducated Go nment



The only one

This shows how incompetent our go nment is..



les shotton

Mr modi should consider postponing central vista and $3 billion on submarines Petrol should be 50 rs a litre and aviation fuel susidised



Ponraj Abraham

This master plan is to sidetrack all flight operators with the sole aim to welcome Ambani Adani groups into aviation industry.



Chella Nsivayam

Even though I support Modi and his go nment, his care for the middle class is attrocious. Right from fuel to grocery to travel, everything is expensive. Goevernment is interested in giving money either to poor through free ration or to rich to make them more rich. There is no tax concession for middle class and there is no money available or left with middle class family.




Bijoy Kumar Sinha

Fuel price is rising over the roof . Still remember that December 2000

air to& fro Delhi to Patna was around 8000 INR by Indian Air lines .

Now it around 9000 INR .Considering 21 years apart the

increase is marginal . considering inflation there is hardly increase .

The policy adopted by present go nment is paying dividend to the citizens.




Madan Mohan Siddhanthi

It is day light Robbery



Rajesh Ganesh

Thz Modi govt has nothing to do,just keep on increasing Tax and Ticket Prices. People are suffering in thz Feku Govt.



K Mohan

Go nment has the compulsion to facilitate hiking of rates as fuel prices increased



Rinku Singh

Friendly Govt for corporates will always compensate them.




inflation under control.



Sushil Srivastava

Govt.motives are confusing




Thr out this goverment prices will come down


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