US secretary of state in India; will meet PM, Jaishankar today



NEW DELHI: US secretary of state Anthony Blinken on his first visit to India will meet foreign minister S Jaishankar for discussions on Wednesday at a time when the US withdrawal from Afghanistan may be plunging the country into civil war


This will be the fourth meeting between the two leaders. Blinken is the third senior US offi al to visit India this year, having been preceded by the defence secretary Lloyd Austin and special envoy for climate, John Kerry. Biden and Modi have met virtually on three occasions thus far — at the virtual Quad summit, the climate leaders’ meet and the G-7 summit.


Blinken’s first meeting of the morning will be with NSA Ajit Doval. He will call on the Prime Minister late afternoon before leaving India.


Afghanistan and the Quad will take up a lot of the discussions on Wednesday. The fallout of the US withdrawal is having an impact on all countries surrounding Afghanistan, while India believes it is providing Pakistan with another opportunity to continue its support to terror groups targeting India and Afghanistan. This was affirmed by the US side, which said the US and India were “closely coordinating” on Afghanistan.


Since the foreign and defence ministers are scheduled to meet in the US this autumn for the 2+2 ministerial, sources in the Indian go nment said, defence trade and technologies as well as exercises will be part of the discussions.



Modis Mirror

It should be ned that a reputed and credible organization recently has termed Indian Govt as an "Electoral Aacy". This is not a badge if honor but a shame



Jagdish Madan

That's great news for the Congress thieves, leftist hoodlums, Pakis



Modis Mirror

It is...great news...glad mature older de acy has taken ne and should pull up this Gujratee coward



Asok Datta

The US will definitely touch on the indian sour point of human violations in India- India must face this question with some solid evidence




U.S.A. will tell India Modi and Jaishankar that Quad nation is all about talk but no action on China



Modis Mirror

India does NOT from any angle appear to have any bargaining chip wrt the US. The Economy is already in shambles and militarily we still have a loooooooong way to go before we become truly as Mody likes to give these fancy names - Atmanribhar



Parajay Shah

Biden knows feku said Abki baar trump Sarkar. He will not meet him easily.



Agastya M

the future does not belong to a country which has a large military - future belongs to countries which have adopted hi-tech economy, and a population which is well nourished, and uses its brains, cares about the environment (most important) and Climate change and Soil Erosion and species extinction.



Harsh Aggarwal

Its purely a sales visit and nothing more…rest of the agenda is a formality. US doesnt care if India is gravitating towards aacy, all it wants that India keep buying expensive won sy ems and thats why it has approved USD 20B sales of military hardware to India.




Mizo-Assam border clashes ---- precisely at the time of rare US top dignitary visit to our nation.......



V For Vendetta

Modi and Shah are attempting to avoid any investigation into the Pegasus snoo row,since it will lead to the dismissal of the Govt



Ramesh Mandayam

Blinken will just blink and get back empty handed. Who the hell is he question CAA n h an ri hts? America is the worst country as far as h an ri hts n race relations go.




Ganesh Raj

This is a sales visit to sell more wons.



Ganesh Raj

Maybe he will gift shaving kit to daadhiw



Agastya M

It is just lack of education and any knowledge of history, that Indians bend over when they see WHITE !



V For Vendetta

French Presi nt Macron calls Israel PM over alleged use of Pegasus spyware by Morocco

French Presi nt telephoned Bennett Thursday and asked him to ensure that 'the issue was being taken seriously' after reports about Pegasus spyware misuse in France emerged.. Macron had called an urgent national security meeting on Thursday to discuss the Pegasus spyware after reports about its misuse in France emerged




V For Vendetta

The Biden adminstration will ask for a brief on how India contributes to the Quad...despite US of A being at the far end, tbey still yield greater Influence in the South China Sea compared to any Asian nation incl India. This may not be discussed in depth as Blinken is not the Defence Secretary

拜登政府会询问印度对四方的贡献,尽管美国在远端,但与包括印度在内的亚洲国家相比,印度在南 海仍有更大的影响力。由于布林肯不是国防部长,所以可能不会深入讨论这个问题


Gurunathan Rajni

INDO-US RELATIONS HAVE COME A LONG WAY since the days of MMS and thanks to Modiji we have been able to discuss international issues on equal footing. US wants an honourable et from Afghanistan where they met their Waterloo in Talibans. Regarding h an ri hts India is in a better position and needs no lecture from US


Mudi Magix

Wow what a dream world you live in lol.



Ming Muyiyang

It turned out to be business. Congratulations to the United States for making another $20billion bill.



K Mohan Twincities

United State must be very cautious in dealing with Pakistan and China and take India as the major player



K Mohan Twincities

In the growing International situation India has to be consulted on many issues by United States


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