We should have been allowed to capture Pakistan territory: General VP Malik



General V P Malik, who was Indian Army chief when the Kargil conflict broke out in the summer of 1999, tells TOI how the conflict changed the rules of combat and India’s relationship with Pakistan


It’s been 22 years since the war. As you look back, what has been the biggest learning from it?


Operation Vijay was a blend of determined po itical, military and diplomatic action, which enabled us to transform an adverse situation into an emphatic military and diplomatic victory. Pakistan failed in its aims with considerable po itical and military costs. The Indian military, on account of poor intelligence and inadequate surveillance, took some time to reorganise and take appropriate counter action. But with military successes on the battlefield and a successful po itico-military strategy, India was able to achieve its po itical aim and enhance its international image as a responsible, de ratic nation, determined and capable of defending its territorial integrity.

It was a lesson to see that an irregular or proxy war could escte into a limited conventional war. Although possession of nuclear wons has made an all-out war on the subcontinent less likely, so long as we have border and territorial disputes, Kargil-type military conflicts cannot be ruled out.

The Kargil war also highlighted several weaknesses in the Higher Defence Control Organisation (HDCO), our state of intelligence and surveillance, wons and equipment. These were ned by the Kargil Review Committee and the Group of Ministers report.




How did Kargil change India's outlook towards Pakistan?

It was a major turning point in Indo-Pak security relations. There was near total breakdown of trust and a realisation in India that Pakistan can easily resile from any agreement, like the Lahore Declaration which it had signed only two months earlier. It was a big shock to Prime Minister Vajpayee (and the cabinet) who took quite some time to believe that the intruders were not Pakistani irregulars but Pakistan regular army personnel. Vajpayee told Nawaz Sharif: ‘Aapne pith men chhura ghonp diya’ (You have stabbed me in the back).




Basabjit Chowdhury

Why did you not take at least a part of POK?



Gurunatan Rajni

MY HEART BLEEDS WHEN I READ THAT THERE WAS NOT EVEN PROPER CLOTHING FOR OUR SOLDIERS TO DEAL WITH SUCH EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS. OUR po iticians who miss no opportunity to fill their coffers become stingy when it comes to the welfare of our braveheart soldiers who risk their lives to keep us safe from enemies



B Srinivasan

When will INDIA have the CONVICTION that Pakistani civilian FEUDAL,MILITARY ISLAMIC will never be at PEACE or peaceful CO_ESTANCE with INDIA.



trulylogical mind

"conviction " is there , no " capability"



Bhoomaiah alishetti

 We need to develop the border infra all along the border. Don't buy or do business with China in the interest of India.



Avinash Rangra

The people of India should be prepared 24/7 to be able to switch from peace loving to the fiercest warriors to destroy the enemy, any enemy in a nanosecond.



Gautam Khanna

Cut pakistan into PIECES like the usa did to USSR..

像美国对苏 联那样肢 解巴基斯坦


K Mohan Twincities

There should be po itical will to go that extent and India was not prepared for war



Tan Shakla

Lucky for India that Modi is there a strong leader, otherwise India will be still fighting Pakistan te rortsand Covid, do you think of any opposition leader to lead the country?? think HONESTLY, peagsus doesnt impact the general public it only effects the gaddars of the country, so why such a big deal...Only strong leader can lead India to world challenges....




Gagan A

Congress means insult and they will make sure China/Pak make us feel that we are scared and can't fight.



Santhana Kumar

in 1971, we failed to capitalise on War victory and cm Kashmir. we failed again in 1999.

po itical mistake




Swatantrate Bhagawati

In short...he wishes that someone like Modi would have been the PM during his tenure.



Asok Datta

Said correctly as the dream of peaceful co-estence with Pakistan will never be a reality as Pakistan can never shred off te rorm as its nucleus

与巴基斯坦和平共存的梦想永远不会成为现实,巴基斯坦永远不会放弃将恐 怖主义作为其核心


Abhijit Sharma

Vajpayee was a man of principles.




Sir Sorry, You are no so lucky to have Modi like leader at that time. Thanks God Now we have fearless leader who understand the feeling of the person like you.




Why was Kargil intrusion unexpected? Until that point, Pakistan was regularly sending te rorts across Jammu, Western Kashmir and Punjab LOC area. It is unbelievable that senior general is making such a statement.



Jacs Geo

Why would the armed forces listen to dirty po iticians always? They should do what is for the country!




Manoranjan Dutta

Hope the country has learnt enough lessons from the past mistakes not to repeat the same.



Jayant Kumar Ghosh

Yes, we will RETALIATE.... ag inst the Enemy Across and WITHIN.

This is INDIA 2021....



Ganesh Shetty

Vajpayee was a very weak PM.....initially he refused to take any military action , when he was informed of military intrusion at Kargil. Only after the then Army General threatened to go ahead without his permission that he relented. We need bold leaders like Indira Gandhi.


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