Jammu Air Force Station attack: Army chief says fight ag inst drones will be a see-saw battle



NEW DELHI: Indian armed forces are develo capabilities to deal with the ever-increasing threat from drones, with some counter-measures already being put in place, even as they also acquire “offensive capabilities” in the field, General M M Naravane said on Thursday.


“Drones will increasingly be used in all sorts of combat in the future by both state and non-state actors. We are catering to both the offensive use of drones, while also focusing on defensive measures through anti-drone technologies to prevent any attack on our critical facilities,” the Army chief said at a virtual seminar here.


Gen Naravane’s comments come after the first-ever drone terror strike in the country at the Jammu Air Force Station on June 27, which exposed operational gaps in tackling small commercially-available drones that can escape detection by military radars with missile sy ems geared towards larger unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), aircraft and helicopters.


The armed forces need specialized radars to detect and track small drones, which can range from just 30 cm to one-meter in width, while differentiating them from birds. Then, jammers to disrupt or spoof the satellite or video links of the drones as well as directed energy wons like lasers to shoot them down.


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R Venkatesh Govind

As Modijee says, clouds can hide radar vision. Modijee should make farmers to burn stubble, and let the smoke thwart drones. Meanwhile, his pet Rafales can safely rest in their hangars




Offence is the best form defense as far as dealing with Pak and their te rorts.

Let our Indian Air force do the carpet bombing through out Pak to eradicate that infection on India once for all.

India can capture Pakistan in one day battle.





B Srinivasan

Instead of exagerating the difficulties of countering the "DRONE MENACE"it should increase its capabilities to destroy them



Umesh Kumar

Why such in dents happen ,when there are important ions due.



rajiv kumar

India should also hit Pakistan installations with Drones



Hari Sud

Why….. so late. Was the Army chief asleep when after drone attacks in Saudi Arabia, Syria and Armenia were unfolding in front of them. It was well known that these chly constructed drone attacks are going to happen sooner than later.




Rajesh Ganesh

all these gimmicks are seen only when there is an upcomming ion



Satyendra Chaitanya

Probably no animal on earth is as wretched and blood thirsty as humans.U won't hear mass killings of animals by animals.




Want to stop such attacks? Simply attack on forward Pakistani bases and kill atleast 20-25 BAT soldiers. Once their dead bodies wrapped in green flag start getting received in their villages, te rort attacks will definitely decrease.





Sajob Rg

Its high time that Indian Govt creates a iron dome style automated security sy em for cross border infiltration and boost up tech survelilence inside our territory to counter the te rorm menace and anti nationals by taking a strict zero tolerance approach.

印度政府是时候建立一个“铁穹”式的自动化安全系统,用于防御跨境渗透,并加强国内的技术监视,采取严格的零容忍态度来对抗恐 怖主义威胁和反国家分子。


Nandkishor Kothari

Immediate reply with thousands drones, learn from Israel, don't speak, just act..



Amit Kumar

Desh khatre main hai as UP ion is near.



Sandipan Dutta

It's time to HIT PAKISTAN where it hurts most. MODIJI, your biggest gift to the people would be POK.




Why before every ion India is in danger and Hindu community is in Danger? How long you will fool the nation?




Aj Jey

Jumlababa..chatur chorgujjus at play as always.. staged managed before polls..



Swapnil Rao

How long can Hindustan have defensive strategy. Time for all out War with Te rort country Pakistan

印度的防御战略还能维持多久。是时候与恐 怖主义国家巴基斯坦全面开战了


Nutz Nutz

army chief and cos said so much about being prepared for 2 front war. but they are not even prepared for drone attacks on their own installations.



rader sharma

No need to use any anti drones etc just nuke Pakistan And any other country who don't understand Peace.



Isaac Nile

so now what to do


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