Social media companies to shut fake a/cs within 24 hours of compnt



NEW DELHI: In a major decision that is likely to end the menace of impersonation on social media in India, the go nment has mandated that top companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have to remove accounts with fake profile pictures of known personalities and businesses, and even the general subscriber, within 24 hours of being notified of the same by the user or someone on his/her behalf.


The go nment has said this mandate comes in as part of the new IT rules and thus social media giants will need to act immediately after receiving a compnt to this effect.


"For example, if a known film actor, or a cricketer, or a po itician, or any other user, objects to another person using his or her image/picture to gain followers or to make their messaging more visible, or to carry out any illegal act, then they are within their to ask the companies to take down the account. Provisions to this effect have been included in the new IT Rules for social media companies, and they have to take remedial action within a day after being notified by a user," offi al sources told TOI.


Impersonators are a major sore point for popular personalities, influencers, activists and even corporates/businesses as they mimic a legitimate account for various reasons. These may range from pure-play parody accounts, to those created for doing mischief or a crime, or to carry out a financial fraud. Some such accounts are also created by fans of popular personalities, and some are also run through bots. Apart from using an image of a popular personality as their profile picture, some fake account holders may also add their own image to a celebrity/po itician’s picture by morphing the original content in order to cm promity, and get favours.



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Great decision by Indian Go nment.

Frauds and Scammers are worst in India and much needed to have open society but still trust worthy and responsible society.




drsbafna S. Bafna

these type of accounts makers should be traced penalized if needed and law need to be there for punishment...



Shiva Holla

enough of "free" ..ppl need to own up responsibility for their blabbering




Lov the way Modi is clip the wings of Twit and other social media platforms. They hav enjoyed ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY untile now. Good job Modiji !!!!



K Mohan

This is good move to keep vulgar and filthy posts on social media either too not having control




all this is to quash any dissent of Modi. shame on this govt



Faiyaz Ansari

All fake ac are bjp itcell



Asok Datta

The gestapos are back in India



J Shetty

it's shame Twitter, Facebook making money using fake accounts



R Venkatesh Govind

Only BJP fake accounts should be treated as genuine. All other accounts must be blocked



Niranjan Solanki

Twitter is the worst where Pappu spews his venom ag inst Modi everyday. He must be committed to an asylum.



Varadarajan Sitarn

50% postings will vanish


Rohit Kumar

Many of these accounts are run by PR agencies to propagate their agenda stories...



NV Santoshkumar

Good Decision, we don't need any fake accounts, Sure this will lead to transparency and accountability in social media platform



Fekuendra Drdas Modi

Feku account will be closed as he always fakes



Mohandas MT

A move in the direction.



debashis mallick

That means BJP IT Cell will disappear in 24 hrs !



Response to

Social media is doing more harm than good.


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