India clears decks for long-pending mega project to build six new-gen stealth submarines



NEW DELHI: India on Friday formally cleared the decks for the long-pending Rs 50,000 crore (almost $7 billion) project to construct six new-generation stealth submarines with foreign collaboration


The Rajnath Singh-led defence acquisitions council (DAC) approved the tender or RFP (request for proposal) to be issued to defence shipyard Mazagon Docks (MDL) and private ship-builder L&T for the mega `Make in India’ conventional submarine-building programme called `Project-75 India (P-75I)’.

拉杰纳特·辛格领导的国防采购委员会(DAC)批准了向国防造船厂Mazagon Docks (MDL)和私人造船公司L&T发出的招标或投标书(需求建议书),以进行名为“Project-75 India (P-75I)”的大型“印度制造”常规潜艇建造计划。

The two, in turn, will tie-up with one of the five shortlisted foreign shipyards, under the `strategic partnership’ model to submit techno-commercial bids in the race to bag this “mother of all underwater combat deals”.


The foreign firm finally sed out of Rosoboronexport/Rubin Design Bureau (Russia), Naval Group-DCNS (France), ThyssenKrupp Marine Sy ems (Germany), Navantia (Spain) and Daewoo (South Korea) will have to undertake comprehensive transfer of technology to its Indian partner.


It will take around a decade from now for the roll-out of the first of the six diesel-ric submarines, with a capacity to carry a total of 18 land-attack cruise missiles and heavyweight torpedoes as well as air-independent propulsion (AIP) for greater underwater endurance.


“The sion of the wng bid and the actual contract will take well over a year. Thereafter, the first submarine will be built in another seven years, with one following every subsequent year. So, in effect, the cash outflow will be spread over 10-15 years,” said an offi al.



Rashmi Prakash

If such types of things are there then I am quite happy as a tax payer.



Sandipan Dutta

One more chance for our foolish PAPPU and Oppositions, they will now attack MODI for wasting money when millions of people are suffering and dying.



Ajit V

previous defence min did zero work. The current govt is working overtime to fill the gaps. If during any war if india looses then Modi will b blamed & crucified not the previous govt.



Hemant P

India has been put at a big disadvantage vis-a-vis china by the unethical methods of the previous go nments. good to know that finally the new sourcing of warfare equipment is seeing a dawn finally thanks to a very proactive govt at the helm.



Pavan Gupta

Should Modi get the third term, our defense forces would be able to deter China in all spheres.



Ashok Banakar

We Indians are lack of basic health and education infrastructure and we have this tugalq PM who has no practical vision for a common man and always busy in day dreaming.




Millions of people in India still stand in queues to get free food. In COVID second wave Lacs died due to lack of medical facilities.



R Venkatesh Govind

Anil Ambanijee should be made in charge of submarines too.



Ashish Kumar

feels very proud to read this article. this is the difference between Modi govt and congress. this itself shows that how idle were congress for india during their re gie



Juan carlos

Let us be wary of the Russians. Admiral Gorshkov the aircraft carrier was contracted for 700 Million USD. India ended paying over 2 Billion USD.The French will be more honest to deal with.



Preity Aishvarya Zinta Rai

These submarines will join Indian navy in 2100 .



Hemant P

Who is saying economy is in ruins. GsT colls are at their peaks, direct taxes are also peaking to new levels.

谁说印度经济已经崩 溃了。消费税达到了顶峰,直接税也达到了新水平。


Ravindra Munvar

I am happy the go nment is spending its way out of the Covid induced recession.



Sumit Nair

Very Good

We need to prect our Land at .any cost




Ram Prasad Panigrahy

India is emerging as a big powerful country.Lets me all together and serve our Mother Nation INDIA.. Vande Mataram..Jai Hind !!




I hope doesn't turn out another scam like Bofors and Rafale



Bandame Lyngdoh

Chaiw Plz give to your friend anul Ambany coz he is broke now




Economy is in ruins and they still think have enough funds. Such a zero logic govt. Or just a Jumla like smart cities. We never know



Vikash Holla

Diverting attention from growth?




Another white elephant project. Use the money for vaccines and Medical infrastructure and supply the vaccines FREE to all.


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