Farmers will prest till 2024 if needed: Bharatiya Kisan Union leader Rakesh Tikait

印度农民联盟领袖Rakesh Tikait:如有必要,农民会抗议到2024年


GHAZIABAD: After a prolonged lull, the sound of prest returned to UP Gate on Wednesday as farmers marked six months of the agitation ag inst three agriculture laws brought by the Centre as ‘Black Day’ and Bharatiya Kisan Union leader Rakesh Tikait declared the stir would go on till 2024 – the year general ions are due – if needed.

加济阿巴德:经过一段时间的平静,周三北方邦又起抗议之声,农民将把六个月来反对中央提出的三项农业法案的抗议活动称为“黑色日”,印度印度农民联盟(BKU)领袖Rakesh Tikait宣布如有必要,抗议将继续,直到2024年大选。

In a replete with pandemic analogies, Tikait told the modest crowd at the prest site the BKU was ready for the long haul and hit out at the Centre for not responding to the Samyukt Kisan Morcha’s (SKM) letter seeking resumption of talks.

Tikait在一场演讲中对抗议现场的人群说,BKU已做好长期准备,并抨击中央没有回复Samyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM)要求恢复谈判的信。

“By observing ‘Black Day’, we have administered the first dose of vaccine to the go nment. As for the second dose, we will chalk out plans very soon,” said Tikait, who went from a peripheral player to the focal point of the agitation when his tearful appeal renewed the prest after the January 26 violence in Delhi during the tractor parade SKM had planned.



Giving his own interpretation of the medical oxygen crisis in Delhi-NCR during the second Covid wave, he added, “We saw how life-saving medicines and oxygen were locked up in big corporate hospitals. This is what will happen if we allow corporates to take over the farm sectors. Grains and farm produce will be locked up in their godowns due to the new farming laws.”



Viskshi G

You think Congress will come to peer, never, you stay permanently rest in peace



PP India

why only till 2024 why not beyond that?



Sudesh Ahluwalia

He will have to extend it till 2028 for sure




Who is funding this ? Definitely not farmers may be corrupt congress and its allies


肯定不是农民,可能是腐 败的国大党及其盟友



This person has to be arrested and put behind bars. Investigate how he made the crores after retiring as a police constable in Delhi.

必须逮捕这个人,关进监 狱。他之前在德里当警察,退休后是如何赚到几千万卢比的?调查一下


Nag Balkur

you may prest for how so ever long you might want. but you have lost support of ordinary citizens. people are tired of these middle men backed prest



Ganesh Vishvas

Fresh food produce should reach each and every Indian, not just exported to Canada and Arabia for huge profits, Punjab belongs to whole of India, not just Punjabi farmers.



Dinesh Gupta

You can prest up-to 2050




finally the truth that everyone knew came out. This is only driven by the 12-20 opposition parties who want to come to power post 2024 ions . Nothing to do with the laws or farmers. They have not even read the law. Regardless BJP needs to stay strong and work toward improving the economic and health conditions ASAP. the same thing happened in 2019 when 20 parties stood ag inst them but BJP won it in the end






Be ready to stay up 2029. None will come your support. Better to ask support from Imran khan to to le the Modi govt



Hemant Khanna

Best for the go nment to do its job - ignore these fake farmers. If they present a real and imminent threat to the well being of Indians by being super spreaders - in a de ratic way - give shoot at sight orders.



Santhosh Reddy

Since Covid cases are reducing and things start improving , again all opposition and anti national parties started instigated the so called farmers with the dual purpose firstly to Increase the cases of covid and secondly to creat unrest in the country.



Tp Ravindran

The opposition parties thinks they can out smart BJP with the help of Tikkait and continued pandemic situation.So they are encouraging these farmers to violate the covid 19 protocol



Aswini Majumder

Middlemen prest.



Gundchedilaal Parose

he has property in crores all across and still procms himself as poor farmer, he should be set on alive



chetan sharma

yes they will prest till 2024 only because their agenda is po itical not welfare of farmers.




Do indefinitely. No one cares.



Muhi Borah

No, No, continue it till death....



Vikas Sontakay

Prest all you want.



Samik Nandi

Middlemen , not farmers


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