Crisis at home, India may still have to rush vaccine to neighbours



NEW DELHI: Despite the overwhelming public oion ag inst India’s vaccine exports, the go nment may have to consider exporting some vaccines in the coming months, especially in the country’s immediate neighbourhood.


The go nment is watching the evolving situation in Nepal, the Maldives and Bangladesh with growing concern. The first two are in the grip of a deadly Covid surge, most likely of the double mutant variant. In the Maldives, the Covid situation has deteriorated sharply, with the positivity rate at almost 60%. Male is under a curfew now.


Nepal is struggling, with over a lakh active cases. The health infrastructure in the Himyan country is on the verge of col pse. The health facilities lack testing and adequate oxygen capacity. The main hospital is not taking any new Covid patients. The spread of the infection this time has covered over 55 of the total 77 districts. An offi al assessment says the situation may worsen in the coming days. The Oli go nment is unlikely to be able to handle the crisis, which would put districts along the India-Nepal border at risk with patients crossing over for medical facilities.

尼泊尔现存确诊超过10万例,情况危急。这个喜马拉雅国家的卫生基础设施正处于崩 溃的边缘,缺乏检测和足够的供氧。大医院不接收新患者。此次疫情的蔓延已经覆盖了77个地区中的55个以上。一份官方评估报告说,未来几天局势可能会恶化。奥利政府不太可能能应对这场危机,这将使印度-尼泊尔边境地区面临危险,因为患者会越境就医。

The key is to speed up vaccination in these countries. The go nment’s decision to send vaccines overseas had received public criticism in view of vaccine shortage in the country. However, the go nment reckons that as the biggest power in the region, India would also have to look after the needs of its neighbours.


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K P Pandey

India should send help to neighbours at this critical time. Hope Modi will do.




If your neighbour's house is on fire, You cannot just sit and watch it, because sooner of later the fire will reach your house also. Hel neighboring countries is important to avoid emergence of now strains there which may harm Indian also later on.



Santosh Mishra

Nepalis don't need your vaccine.



Vjay San

It's smart to help your immediate neighbourhood or risk being subjected to new strains.



Ashray Deolikar

Agreed with hel the neighbouring countries with vaccination, when there is a fear of the people crossing over to India for medical facilities. But for hel, the production of vaccines should be increased manifold and fast.



Sanjoy Pandey

Why can't the production of vaccines be expedited even after a long period ?



SCL Premi

Nothing doing. India first should be the credo. Exports only in 2022 after all india is fully vaccinated.



Ved Ohlan

we should help our neighbors with whatever w




Good decision by Govt.....It should be stopped in neighbouring countries otherwise they will start migrating to India for better medical treatment ...



Tanmoy Kar

Covid-19 scenario in Bangladesh is much better than our West Bengal, however situation in Nepal is critical, we need to rush vaccines there.



Saurabh Das

anyway Nepali people will never be thankfull to India,



Tarunkumar Mishra

No matter send vaccines to them.Otherwise they will be in fire and we will also not be spared.



Asok Datta

First save your own country and only then go for hel others;they will gladly accept the chinese vaccine



Bji Rna

Charity should begin at home




Self obsessed PM. What to expect from him. No foresight, no planning, no execution. Bunch of jokers governing India.



Nagraj Natraj

We must seriously consider and provide all possible assistance to our immidiate neabours despite facing immense difficulties and great lossof life at home. We are not USA and cannot afford to turn a blind eye iin our own back yard. It was our earlier help to all that prompted other countries to come forward and give timely assistance. In these times no country can cm to be self reliant on covid management.



Nitin Mahajan

Save people at home first!! Do we pay tax to serve the neighbourhood? We will help them but for that we should be in a healthy position.






No matter HOW hard it is, India MUST share its vaccines with immediate neighbors in the interest of their friendship, even though they will turn ag inst India at any time.



Isha Harab

situation in rural India is worse than NEPAL, BANGLADESH, PAKISTAN OR SRILANKA

Isha Harab



Ketan Garg

 India is in no position to help or do charities now


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