MHA coordinating lifting of high-capacity oxygen tankers from Singapore, UAE by IAF transport aircraft



NEW DELHI: The home ministry on Friday said it was coordinating lifting of high-capacity oxygen tankers from countries like Singapore and UAE by Indian Air Force (IAF) transport planes, in order to augment availability of tankers for the movement of oxygen. It has also asked all the states and Union Territories to ensure adequate security of lorries transporting medical oxygen and make provisions for exclusive corridors for such transportation, treating the lorries on par with ambulances.


The steps were in line with decisions taken at a meeting chaired by home minister Amit Shah on Friday to review the Covid situation in the country with particular focus on ensuring uninterrupted supply of medical oxygen in the affected states/UTs. As part of measures outlined by Shah, the home ministry on Friday wre to all the states/UTs to direct district collectors/deputy commissioners to list all the plants situated in their district, in which different types of oxygen is generated, along with their installed capacity. They were also asked to take action to revive those plants which are lying closed. “These efforts will ensure ready availability of oxygen at the district level, besides supply of medical oxygen from usual channels,” the home ministry said in a press release.




As per MHA, an expert group is optimising and rationalising the allocation of oxygen to various states/UTs kee in view the active cases and to reduce time for movement of medical oxygen. While the supply of oxygen for industrial purposes was prohibited on April 18, barring for a few essential sectors, the ministry on Friday said steps were now being taken to further reduce consumption of industrial oxygen by industries.



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The Entire Govt. Machinery were busy in Bengal




We are buying oxygen from U.A.E a Mus m country. What an irony.




Bhakts please dont use the oxygen from uae, instead grow plants like your madam kangana said, after it grows you can breathe from it. Tell your family the same thing.



Akbar Noorani

Seriosuly I worried for my nation now



Akbar Noorani

Presi nt rule should be imposed immediately as govt has failed to save ppl life. Now we are in deep problem.




When go nment making its all efforts we as fellow Indian still are not obeying Covid protocols and expecting govt should mask up every one of us. We need to take challenge collectively.



Akbar Noorani

Next 15-20 days will be very critical for entire nation.. I beg to go nment for rapid action Plan for basic requirements to be fulfilled. STOP ELECTION CAMPAIGN n FOCUS ON PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE..



Akbar Noorani

I request govt to take this situation is NATIONAL EMERGENCY.. only army can take control now.



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Why are they importing frim chinese


Lobster Attack

The fact is no single country can cm to be self sufficient. That's how trade came into estence.




Good step. Production is not an issue it's transportation. We haven't anticipated it well in advance.



Abhi Wadekar

Center, Home ministry, airforce at its best.. even all the states are doing good. But population is a prob and manny people are not wearimg masks, chewing , spiting on roads, no manners, roming for no reason and spreading covid..



Sanjoy Pandey

This is a good and positive step to ensure rapid transportation of O2.



Abhi Wadekar

Evry one has to undertand .. center and state is doing best.. we indians have to wear mask .. wash hands.. self hygine .. please dont blame any state or center .





Maharashtra govt should be blamed to give second wave to India.



Akbar Noorani

Let's prayer India fights with corona and survive this difficult time. Now govt can realise importance of building new hospital and invest on health care..



Need More Land

Build raw materials for vaccines on war footing



Amitosh Kumar

With We Indians having least regards to observe Covid appropriate behaviour at all times, this time bomb which was ticking all the time has already exploded with a big bang.



Akbar Noorani

This step was needed before few months back. Its too late now. Ppl will pay the price.. life of Indian people is chest thing in the world.. Only god save our country..




Singapore... Did you mean China?


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