Covid-19: Experts question vaccine approvals, say key info must be made public



Several experts have raised questions on the approval process of the two Covid-19 vaccines, Covishield of Serum Institute and Covan of Bharat Biotech by the drug controller general of India (DCGI).


Former president of the International Association of Bioethics, Dr Anant Bhan, pointed out that the only other countries to approve vaccines without making the efficacy data public were Russia and China. "It is important to build confidence in the regulatory process. But here, a lot of clinicians are unsure and they are asking which vaccine actually works. There is no confidence in the way the approvals were done and in a language that seems to be more creative writing than based on any law," said Dr Bhan.

国际生物伦理协会前主席Anant Bhan博士指出,其他批准疫苗而没有公开药效数据的国家有俄罗斯和中国。Bhan博士说:“在监管过程中建立信心非常重要。但许多临床医生并不确定哪种疫苗真正有效。人们对审批的方式没有信心。”

Dr Gangandeep Kang, noted vaccine expert and AIDAN have questioned the claim that Covan would work against the UK strain of Covid pointing out that there was no data or scientific basis to back the claim.

著名疫苗专家Gangandeep Kang博士和AIDAN质疑Covan可以抵抗英国新毒株的说法,指出没有数据或科学依据支持这一说法。

"What is the local efficacy data on the basis of which the expert committee recommended approval for the two vaccines? It is shocking that while Bharat Biotech is struggling to complete recruitment of volunteers for phase-3 trial, the approval was given. So what did the SEC base the approval on?" asked Dr Amar Jesani, editor of the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics.

《印度医学伦理学杂志》的编辑Amar Jesani博士问道:“专家委员会建议批准这两种疫苗的本土疗效数据是什么? 令人震惊的是,当巴拉特生物技术公司正在努力完成第三阶段试验的志愿者招募时,疫苗已经获批了,批准的依据是什么?”

"We need to wait for at least the early results from that Bharat Biotech phase-3 trial before approval. Yes, there is a pandemic, and we need vaccines. But it is equally important that the public have absolute trust in a vaccine that is approved," said Dr JN Rao, an independent public health physician, researcher, and visiting professor at Staffordshire University.

独立公共卫生医师、研究员、斯塔福德郡大学客座教授JN Rao博士说:“在批准之前,我们至少需要等待巴拉特生物技术公司第三阶段试验的早期结果。这是一场大流行,我们需要疫苗。同样重要的是,要让公众绝对信任已获批的疫苗。”



Who are these jokers being called experts??



Rishi Acharya

When country is in hands of an arrogant, illiterate person then these things will happen. We r going towards dark ages, that's sure.



Logical view

Modi and his gang is hell bent on taking the credit for vaccine through fake propoganganda from thier godi media channels, though they are no way related to development of these vaccines, they are putting lives of millions on stake for thier ego.



Narayan Acharya

Public do not understand the technicalities.

We don't want the details. We believe in DCGI and IMCR and the PM. The experts who raise the questions already have vested interests.




There is excessive enthusiasm to prove India is leading just like other super powers in vaccine efforts. An apparent nationalistic approach which can put millions at risk.



Be Indian

My dear experts..hitler reborn in india... so don't expect anything



Prakash Velu

Relevant authorities understands everything and they are experts.

TOI should stop suchb articles and should not add confusion to people!



Sanjeev Nandwani

I have full confidence on Indian researchers and technicians, though they might be working when BJP or Congress is in center. doubters can have chinese vaccines or go to Italy to get a shot of it



Anjan Kesh

Govt has said there are no side effects, what more proof we need. The govt has not lied to you before, has it?



Mithilesh Gupta

Those who don't believe the vaccine may opt not to take the vaccine. This will save some tax payer's money and the vaccine will be available to those who want it.



Pranav Kumar Jha

let's politicians first get the vaccine ..




even in crises periods, we ,Indians, cannot come together




Now there will be some wishy-washy answer by go nment!



Rakesh Mitra

Do these idiots understand emergency approval? Why so much fuzz! The vaccine has been approved for emergency use unlike China and Russia where they have released for public administration.




Rahul Jalan

no credentials in these people to call them expert...

Attention seeking behaviour...don't spread rumours


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