Prevailing situation in India like during British rule: Sonia



NEW DELHI: In a sharp attack on the Modi go nment, Congress presi nt Sonia Gandhi Monday said that the prevailing situation in the country was akin to the one during the British rule, as she urged workers to unite and fight ag inst “dic ship”.

新德里:周一,国大党主席索尼娅·甘地猛烈抨击了莫迪政府,她说印度目前的情况就像英国统治时期一样,她敦促党内工作人员团结起来反对莫迪“独 裁”。

Recalling that Congress was born out of a people’s movement and made sacrifices in fighting the British empire, Sonia Gandhi, in a video message on the ’s 136th Foundation day, said, “Today, once again, the circumstances are similar to those esting before independence. The s of people are being crushed, there is dic ship everywhere, de ratic and constitutional institutions are being finished. Unemployment is at its peak, farms and fields are being attacked and black laws are being imposed on the country’s ‘annadata’.”


“We will have to unite to save the pride and honour of the tricolour, under which we achieved our nation's fre m. We have to win over the hearts of people,” she said.

她说:“我们必须团结起来挽回三色旗的骄傲和荣誉,正是在三色旗的帮助下,我们国家获得了自 由。我们必须赢得民心。”

Congress Monday celebrated its 136th Foundation Day, holding online campaign “selfie with Tiranga” and events at state and district level across the country. Sonia Gandhi, who has been avoiding public appearances owing to health issues, skipped the function while Rahul Gandhi is on a personal trip abroad.


Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “The Congress has been committed from the begng to raise its voice in national interest. Today, on the foundation day of the Congress, we reiterate our pledge of truth and equality. Jai Hind!”

拉胡尔·甘地在推特上写道:“ 国大党从一开始就承诺要为国家利益发声。今天,在国大党成立日,我们重申我们对真理和平等的承诺。印度必胜!”


Ullatt Subhas

The most aatic PrimeMinister India had since 1947 was a man named Jawaharlal Nehru who had a daughter Indira whose sons were Rajiv and Sanjay Gandhi.



Vasant Thorat

Sonia just commenting on the era of British rule with which she had nothing to do. She is not born Indian and need not show she is an authority on Indian history. Now rather than focussing on Modi, she and her son should take care of their fast disappearing .



Narendra Kumar

It is very very unfortunate for a senior leader of INC to compare present situation in Bharatvarsh like during the period of British Rule in India. It seems that she is totally ignorant how horrible and barbaric period of British Rule in India was and cruelity inflicted by British go nment on citizens of India during their rule was unparalleled.

People like me think that present Bharat is doing thousands times better under Shri Narendra Modi ji, PM of India.



Ash G

We need not hear this BS.




High time for congress men to revolt ag inst sonia family , who has made the a " sonia private Limited company " .



Hridoy Baruah

Antonia de mino, a Italian lady telling Indians about India and its fre m movement ! What a joke !!!

一位意大利女士向印度人讲述印度历史及其自 由运动!



Sreeprasad shetty

What does she know about indias colonial past?..boot out gandhis to save congress from total destruction




avijit hi

The situation in Punjab & Maharashtra is WORST than British Rule also because there's now Italy Rule.




No Sonia Maino madam the general public doesn't feel so

Please feel free to go back to Italy with your family and chamchas so that India can prosper without you'll




You Sonia get out of India as it is not your country ,your country is where you danced in bar.



Unbreakable Indian

This wily fox should stop making posionous remarks and repeant for her sins of looting, diving and selling India and it's interests to Pakistani ISI and  .



Ravindra Konanur

things have improved drastically in the last 7 years compared to the previous decade of Italian dominance



Siva K

People of India know the truth .They enjoy ultimate fre m. By spreading lies and rumours you can not change them.



bodh ramdeo

The farmers are not smart enough to see they're being lied-to and used by the self-serving netas to further their own po itical agendas.




Keep dreaming Sonia.



Santosh Menon

Yes you are Ma'am, we are all United as during the British rule, to throw the outsider out of India. We don't need an Italians services to rule our great country



vijay bhatt

She should be arrested and put in jail for propogating wrong in media



R Varma

The foundation day of the foreign looks like gathering at mourning day


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