Walking the walk: Fleet of 30 F-35 stealth fighters and F-16s take part in 'elephant walk' show of strength in Alaska as Russians flex their muscles in the area



A fleet of 30 fighter jets and two refueling aircraft lined the runway at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska, close to the Arctic Circle, in a display of air power and American military might.


A group from the 354th Fighter Wing and the 168th Wing Air National Guard were pictured on Friday in what is known as an 'Elephant Walk'.


The drill involves a procession of military aircraft taing close in formation before a minimum interval takeoff - essentially a readiness exercise in testing how quickly fighter jets can take to the skies.


It came after Russian and bombers flew a joint patrol mission over the Western Pacific on Tuesday in a show of increasingly close military ties between Moscow and .


The formation was captured in a series of photographs as the planes sat on the runway.


Every aircraft at Eielson AFB, located just 110 miles south of the Arctic Circle, taed into position displaying the full airpower of the 354th FW and the 168th Wing together.


18 F-35A Lightning II's, 12 F-16 Fighting Falcons, and two KC-135 Stratot kers were all pictured on the tarmac ready for takeoff.

18架F-35A“闪电”II, 12架F-16“猎鹰”,两架KC-135同温层加油机在停机坪上准备起飞。

'The Elephant Walk isn't only to practice our abilities to respond quickly,' said U.S. Air Force Col. David Skalicky, 354th Operations Group commander, 'This is to show our Airmen who work behind the scenes what Eielson AFB is about, it's about showing our strength in the arctic arena.'


'We are executing this despite Coronavir s, despite the extreme weather conditions, and despite that it's one of the shortest days of the year.'


'Every Airman across the Fighter Wing contributed to today's event, and we proved what our team is capable of…supporting, defending, or delivering 5th generation airpower and advanced training. Stay tuned, because our combat capability will continue to grow, and I'm incredibly proud of the disciplined, professional, combat-focused approach our team displayed,' said Col. David Berkland, the 354th FW commander.



Yvonne001, Los Angeles, United States

I thank god I was born American we have so much to be proud of especially our Military.



Dlblueiv, Wilmington, United States

Russia and have nothing that compares to the military might of the U. S.A. And Great Britain



RockVegas, Las Vegas, United States

Let's just turn off Russia's Internet.



Bigskyguy76, Bozeman, United States

The dirty little decree of Russia has the GDP equal to the state of Illinois. And that's only when oil prices are high.



Alan Porridge, Christchurch, United Kingdom

If you unite the armies of Russia, and North Korea they still won't come even close to USA might.



Hillbilly Tea, West Virginia, United States

Our great military is in decline



CristyBonita, Dallas, United States

Wow! Beautiful airplanes!



murphysmomma, Clarksville Tennessee, United States

I was stationed up there from 1991-1995, and LOVED it. We had F-16's and A-10's back then.



My Name Is Bob, New York, United States

The F-16 is still one of the best looking fighter plane ever built. Fast and deadly.



PenduIum, Mariana Trench, Guam

Russian fighter jets and ships have been bullying US planes/ships for a while, and all the US could come up with was "unprofessional conduct" cms. Shoot a couple of them down and the world will line up behind America again.



pw161803, Dublin, Ireland

The Art of War: Strike when your enemy is at it's weakest point...



Woke Leviathan , La Jolla CA, South Korea

Russia will forever be jealous of the USA. They can never ever be considered a rival with their tiny backward economy. If I was Russia I'd be worried about 's arctic and Siberia ambitions. After Putin dies (soon) good luck you will need it lol





Pattis42, W-S usa, United States

Bring it on, Russia. Whatever you got, we got better.



DAZ, Los Angeles, United States

All super powers have the ability to wipe each other out with nuclear wons. Military combat is pointless. Neither side would surrender without using their nuclear resources as a last resort to survive.



GOZER, Sumeria, United States

The F35 is the biggest waste of taxpayer money ever.



Blastman, Kane, United States

Presi nt trump could have been a fighter pilot But he was too tall.



CTHD, Sanity, United States

That is impressive. Hopefully, Trump doesn't give Putin control of them.



Imda_Princess, Denmark and, Norway

Yawn... Bullies both of you.


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