中印合资企业被取消“致敬印度号” 列车项目的竞标资格

 JV with Chinese player disqualified for Vande Bharat trainsets project

中印合资企业被取消“致敬印度号” 列车项目的竞标资格


NEW DELHI: The Indian Railways has disqualified the bid of a consortium of a Chinese company and an Indian firm for the manufacturing of 44 Vande Bharat trainsets costing nearly Rs 1,800 crore. Now there are only two valid bids of BHEL and Medha Servo Drives. Medha, which had got the contract for the manufacturing for the first two such trains, has qued the lowest bid, sources said.

新德里:印度铁路公司取消了由一家中国公司和印度公司组成的合资企业竞标44列“致敬印度号”列车机组项目的资格,该项目金额近180亿卢比。目前只有BHEL和MedhaMedha Servo Drives两个有效投标。消息人士称,Medha的报价最低,获得了前两列的合同。

Only three players had bid for this big contract including the CRRC-Pioneer Electric India, a joint venture between Beig based CRRC Yongji Electric Ltd and India’s Pioneer Fil-Med Ltd, which has its plant in Haryana. It took almost four weeks for the railways to evaluate the tenders and take the final call. Railway offi als had earlier told TOI that the tender committee would take the decision on the validity of bids.

只有三家公司参与了这份大合同的竞标,包括中车先锋(印度)电气有限公司,这是北京中车永记电气有限公司和印度Pioneer Fili- Med有限公司组成的合资企业,后者在哈里亚纳邦设有工厂。铁路公司花了将近4周的时间来评估标书并做出最后决定。印度铁路官 员早些时候告诉《印度时报》,投标委员会将对投标的有效性做出决定。

Before applying for the train set procurement tender, the CRRC-Pioneer Electric India had applied for registration here after it was made mandatory for companies with beneficial ownership in countries sharing land borders with India to get registered for participating in public procurement contracts.


Exact reasons for disqualification of this JV’s bid was not available till Tuesday evening. The JV had also put its bid when the railways had invited bids for procurement of these trains early this year. It had become a major issue in the light of India-China face off on the Ladakh border. The tender was cancelled and the ministry had claimed that the decision was taken on technical ground.


Later the ministry had tweaked the tender conditions to make it an indigenous tender with stipulation of minimum local content of 75%.



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India must throw out all the Chinese companies from India



thoughtful indian

time to show the Chinese their place.



Times Subscriber

Good Decisions. No business with China .



aaaa bbbb

Our Gt should bring in a rule - no chinese JV participation in any contract bidding. Even foreign companies with chinese JV should not be allowed to participate in any tender or contract process



Ash B

The worrying part is that if not for this Ladakh stanoff, how much business was being taken away by China? Even after Ladakh issue is resolved, this outsourcing to China has to stop




Amit Ghosh

Good. Kick put chinese companies from entering india. Chinese companies manipulate media and buy top offi als and get business and destroy local industries.

做得好。禁止中国公司进入印度。中国公司操纵媒体,收买印度官 员,获得合同,击垮了印度本土工业。


Dilip Agarwal

excellent work by Gt .

shame on Indian company that still tries to.tie up with our enemy virus spreader rogue China.such begerat Indian companies should be socially boycotted too !




Good decision, we need to boast local employment and local business of India



Simon Roger

Boycott everything from china



Sib S

Hurt economically as much as possible. Indian companies should take full advantage of it and Gt. should come with plan to move this ahead to be self reliant. It will take some time , but we need to be patient.



Av In

Also- as an individual we all need to boycott chineese products including those cheap china mobile phones



Baskar J

If we remove co ption from India - We will be the super power.



Praveen Kishore

All Chinese companies are getting bankrupt. Even Chinese banks have failed. This is because Chinese Companies were over listing their shares by posting false statistics. New US audit reports have exposed the Chinese mfide.







Rajesh Shastri

Avoid any China made goods if possible. Although this is a bit tricky with mobiles.



Asok Datta

Good and expected decision- China must not be allowed any business here in India; better invite all investments leaving China to India



Rjv Koj

Avoid Chinese products.



Been Human

Well done



Rjv Koj

Support local.businesses.




India must be self reliant...


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