10,000 more to join, Delhi on edge over mega farmers prest



NEW DELHI: The Singhu border in Delhi is bracing for the biggest logjam of the farm agitation so far on Monday, with 10,000 more presters expected to join those already at the prest site amid signals from Rajasthan that hordes of farmers there are straining at the leash to proceed to the capital.


Around 1.45pm on Sunday, traffic on the Delhi-Jaipur national highway stalled at Jaisingh Khera as hundreds of farmers from Rajasthan were stopped by police from going further.


The tail of vehicles stuck on the highway stretched up to 10km. The border was opened for vehicles coming from Delhi after 3.5 hours, according to offi als.

被困在高速公路上的车辆队伍长达10公里。官 员称,经过3.5小时后,边界才对从德里来的车辆开放。

“We have not blocked the highway. It’s a consequence of the fact that the police have blocked us placing barriers. We are simply trying to go to Delhi to get the go nment listen to us,” said Amra Ram, a farmer activist from Rajasthan.

来自拉贾斯坦邦的农民活动人士Amra Ram说:“我们没有堵住高速公路。是警察设置障碍阻挡我们才导致交通阻塞。我们只是想去德里,让政府听听我们的意见。”

At Singhu, the refrain was that everyone was there for the long haul. “We will stay here for as many months as required. If the go nment feels we will starve and die here, they are wrong. Each of us is a warrior and will fight like one,” said Gurnam Singh, a Moga resi nt who has called his entire family to camp there.

在Singhu现场,人们反复强调的是每个人都要在那里长期坚持下去。Moga的居民Gurnam Singh把全家人都叫来,他说:“我们将在这里待上几个月,视情况而定。如果政府觉得我们会饿死在这里,他们就错了。我们每个人都是勇士,会像勇士一样战斗到底。”

Another prester who has been there since the first day said 2,000 tractor trolleys carrying at least four people each were on their way to Singhu. Gaganpreet Singh, a resi nt of Delhi who has been serving food to the presters, said he had asked his friends to join him on Monday.

另一名从第一天起就在那里的者说,2000辆拖拉机在前往Singhu的路上,每辆车上至少有四人。一直在为者提供食物的德里居民Gaganpreet Singh说,他已要求朋友加入他的行列。

“I come from a family of farmers and will always stand for their s,” he said. Fellow prester Mannat Singh said the plan was to block every entry point to the capital.

他说:“我来自一个农民家庭,将永远维护他们的权利。”另一名者Mannat Singh表示,他们的计划将封锁通往首都的每个入口。


PriceSeries .

Looks like new money has been plowed by Turkey, Pakistan, Chian, and the US & Canada based Sikhs.




If size matters then the number of farmers supporting or not opposing the farm bills far outweigh those presting for no genuine reason

Now it looks like those not opposing the acts also need to start presting ag inst these presters so that they can enjoy the farm bill reforms?



Born Nationalist

10000 is not a big deal for a popular gt.




Kudos to farmers from all over India.

Way to Go !!!



Deepak Advani

You are also an idiot like the stupid farmers.



Tiger Of Punjab

Kisan Zindabad , i am from Toronto Canada and strongly support the farmers as i am from Kisan family



Sandeep Garg

Time to deploy Army and deal with firm Hands.



mahesh swaroopan

i am disappointed that supreme court, Delhi gt, central gt. all are allowing this nuisance.



Deepak Advani

The farmers are stupid and manipulated.




It took BJP only 6 years to go back from 2014 to 1947. They have made a mess of economy, banking, farming, mining, exports and foreign relationship.




Modi completely ruined India in all manners. He has no to continue in chair as PM. He must resign and go to himlayas till.




Looks like farmers are going to become next opposition .



Inderjeet Dhawan

This prest has already failed to convince majority of farmers in India. Except punjab no other state has joined the prest.



Vijay Kumar

Just shut the water supply down.




If these farmers are not making a profit doing farming then they should sell their farm land and look for another job. ~

The rich Arab gulf countries like Qatar and UAE are always hiring ch manual laborers from poor/overpopulated Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal.




Rahul Singh

If prests have widespread support, there is no need to come to Delhi




Deploy Army, the only solution to stop this harassment by farmers, inconveniencing the common men on the streets


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