Indian Army mulling dual-task fighting formations to deal with both China, Pakistan



NEW DELHI: Amid an ongoing conflict in Eastern Ladakh, the Indian Army is mulling converting some of its fighting formations into dual-tasked ones which would allow them to fight against both China and Pakistan.


Till recently, the focus of the fighting formations was mainly towards the Pakistan border as the Line of Actual Control was not that active.


The balance of the operational preparedness is heavily tilted towards the Western border can be seen from the fact that there are three Strike Corps deployed for offensive there while only one offensive Mountain Strike Corps has been created for the Northern borders.


"There will be no need to raise any additional forces or a new strike corps in view of the ongoing conflict. The esting fighting formations can be given dual-tasking to look after both fronts," go nment sources told ANI.


Different proposals in this regard are being considered by Army headquarters and suggestions have also been sought from the different Army commanders as a need has been felt to further enhance preparedness on the LAC, they said.


The reorientation of the fighting formations of the 1.3 million force would be a major exercise and is expected to prepare the defence forces for a two-front war in real senses, the sources said.


In the ongoing border conflict with China also, the Army has done some balancing and brought in a large number of the armoured element from Central and western India.



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Prabhakar Naidu

Economic growth alone can help India get strong, China lagged behind India in the 1960s now they are many times bigger.



Srinivas Injeti

We should also be prepared for surprise attacks from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Iran etc. because you can never predict about these nations which have understanding with China. We must be prepared on all fronts and not just China and Pakistan.



its impossible



Abhijit Sharma

The day china captured Indian territory, there is daily news Indian Army planning this and that. What was modi doing for the last 7 years. Statue,love jihad. Waiting for china to capture.





what about the enemy within?



Yes feku is the one who has destroyed India internally



ashish ahuja

China a so called super power now needs help of Pakistan to counter Indian Army.



vinood Kandi

indian army is waste and cowards.before Chineese army they will sooo sooo



Abhijit Sharma

China has brought soil from moon, launched 6g satellite, building dam on Brahmaputra, operationalized rcep. And india is busy with love jihad, cows, statues. Welcome to banana republic of india under Modiji.




Sushant Thorat

Worst prime minister India ever have..zero knowledge.. only bol bacchan




Good gesture by this writer in warning China and Pakistan in advance that India will adopt a new tactic in fighting them. They will design a counter tactic. Modi has been signing Treaties with all Governments to exchange information on important matters. This writer has done his part in exchange of information!




Probhat Raha

Not only economic growth. A strong Military presence is necessary with hi-tech weapons to teach the yellows a lesson if they start their imperialism on Indian territories of Ladakh and Arunachal.



Dipak Sengupta

Time has come to start war both against the enemy countries.



Rinku Singh

We need a leader like Indiraji to teach both these countries a lesdon like 1971 to Pakistan and like 1978 to China.



Hridoy Baruah

All systems have their own advantages and drawbacks. In Democracy too there are many drawbacks. Because of these drawbacks India is unable make progress as China because the opposition political parties due to their vested interests always pull back Govt. in taking right decisions thus pulling back development.



V Krishna

If China attacks India's western border through Pakistan, India should have a plan to attack China's eastern border from South China Sea.



Altaf Hyder

China is fast growing economy today because of it's people united and focused on their work unlike India which is polarised in many ways. India can never catch up to China.



vinood Kandi

indian army for many decades fighting with Pakistan but can't defeat it.

China many times defeated india and conquered many geopgraphical area from india.

recently China killed 20 indian army soldiers by hand.

vinood Kandi



Charlie Harper

While fighting with china put on pak flags

While fighting with pak put on china flags

Joker tactics!


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