China buys Indian rice for first time in decades as supplies tighten: Trade offi als



MUMBAI: China has started importing Indian rice for the first time in at least three decades due to tightening supplies and an offer from India of sharply discounted prices, Indian industry offi als told Reuters.


India is the world's biggest exporter of rice and China is the biggest importer. Beig imports around 4 million tonnes of rice annually but has avoided purchases from India, citing quality issues.


The breakthrough comes at a time when political tensions between the two countries are high because of a border dispute in the Himyas.


"For the first time China has made rice purchases. They may increase buying next year after seeing the quality of Indian crop," said B V Krishna Rao, president of the Rice Exporters Association.

大米出口商协会主席B V Krishna Rao说:“这是中国第一次从印度购买大米。看到印度大米的质量后,他们明年可能会增加购买量。”

Indian traders have contracted to export 100,000 tonnes of broken rice for Dec-February shipments at around $300 per tonne, industry offi als said.


China's traditional suppliers, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Pakistan, have limited surplus supplies for export and were quoting at least $30 per tonne more compared with Indian prices, according to Indian rice trade offi als.



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Bharat Expansion

There is no farmer problem. Real farmers are trading their crops



Prashant Nimje

we should not export to china




Dont reduce prices.....we must make profit also.



Ashok Kth

Chinese agriculture produce is dwindling shows how bad their country is.. Even manufacturing sector is also showing deceleration.



Parthasarathy M Annaswamy

Indian rice is of the best quality in the world. I have tried Thailand rice and Vietnam rice, but none of them come close to Indian rice in terms of flavour, texture or taste. It is a joke that the Chinese who are selling low quality goods and even poisonous plastic rice called Indian rice is low quality.



Harish Iyer

Feeding enemy.? Chinese are very self centred , deceptive and cunning. So beware.





Eat Indian rice to kill Indian soldiers in Ladakh.What a tragedy.



Leon Fernandes

good news for farmers.



Son of soil Kissan

Put a ban on Rice cultivation in Punjab, haryana and start procurement of lentils in stead to encourage farmers to diversify



LS rawat

Great news, recent BJP farmers bill be helpful in near future to enhance farmers income.



suresh rn

It's good that we export and they import but they should not turn ag inst us after eating our rice in the border. They should have a courtesy for eating our rice.



Subrni Sundar Raj

The Chinese are famished due to massive flooding/super cool weather this year and importing whatever they get from others, if we dont send our rice - fine quality or otherwise - millions of Chinkies will starve to death and will face the music.



Tiger Of Punjab

very good sign between India and China , war is not the answer for anything , open the borders with Pakistan ,china , bangladesh , Nepal etc. like USA , Canada and Meco , only business no war




India never asked for war. It is China who started the border dispute. Same goes with Pakistan.


God Is Listening

We don't want peace. War is the only solution



muralidharan vppil

Be Careful about China,they are stocking food in case of any war time, they can increase stock and at the same time reduce I ndian Stock



Chandrasekaran Krishnamurthy

Export is always welcome, be it any country.



Shantanu Chakrabarti

So now we will feed the Chinese soldiers to attack our Country.



Muralidhar M S

$300 per tonne is 22 thousand Rupees per tonne. This means its about 2 Rs per KG. If i need to buy broken rice in the market, i pay at least 45 Rupees. Why do you want to please China?



Narendra Mertia

Indian companies should stop import from China and search out vendors from other countries. IT is necessary to break the back bone of Chinese economy.




China has the nerve to talk about quality issues? India should never export to such crooks.

中国竟敢提质量问题? 印度永远不应向这些骗子出口。

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