Not all pacts good for India, minister defends RCEP step



NEW DELHI: A day after RCEP was signed by 15 nations — without India — foreign minister S Jaishankar mounted a spirited defence of the go nment’s decision to stay away from trading arrangements that could end up de-industrialising India.


Addressing the Deccan Dialogue at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, Jaishankar said, the external world was not all free and fair trade, but full of “non-tariff barriers and state capi ism”.


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Nilamkumar Buch

China dum goods in India creating unemployment bad for India. Fully justified to keep away from our Enemy no 1 country.



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Very good decision Opt Out of cheap product dum trade agreement which is created by one country



Som Majumdar

I totally agree with hon’ble minister Mr Jayashankar. This RCEP is a sort of back door entry to India’s vast domestic market by China with low cost products whereby the Indian manufacturing sector will face unfair competition. This will entail increased unemployment in India.



Krishnarao Pemmaraju

What is the take of the Congress Party on this subject.Will the secret M.O.U. signed with the Chinese by the Congress Party supports this action?Let the Congress Party spell out its position.





Kishor Tripathy

good decision to opt out




This Gt is capable of taking good bold decisions, unlike past slee gts. We have seen in past how china sells diwali lights in 20 Rs including ship cost, while the cost is far more, thereby destroying our own Industries. We cannot allow India to become a chinese open dum ground in the name of FTA. Good decision by Modi Gt



Re Ma Vannan

The matter is not about India not signing the pact. It is about China signing and making my use of ASEAN as its market for its product dumps. Yes Jaishanker is that the products would end in India indirectly from China, benefiting China more than India.(Is it not happening now?).



Susanta Basu

It is better not to become a of a trade pact proposed and backed by an expansionist re gie. There is a hidden agenda. It is wise not to fall on this trap



Jagdish Madan

The China Virus pandemic will change the world for ever with newer alliances, strategic partnerships based on mutual respect and economic well being occupying center stage! Fortunately, India now has a go nment that can foresee the future and is willing to work hard to make the future better for India!





Good decision. The chinese import is too high to control and it's our fault too for getting used to use and throw cheap products.




It's a decision for India to stay away from signing the RCEP.



Arun Huddar

Glad we did not follow the herd mentality and questioned it on how it would hurt India



Prithviraj Kumar

It is important for India to avoid trade deals that will be lopsided ag inst Indian interest. Else India will for ever remain a dum yard for Chinese goods.



veerni iyer

India has nothing to gain currently from RCEP .



A Dutt

Thus see that instead of isolating China, it is India that is isolated.



Swarit Sharma

grt tht we did noy follow the herd.



Parthasarathy M Annaswamy

Most of the RCEP countries are export-dependent and want to dump their low-quality goods on others. It is not a fair trade deal at all for importing countries like India.


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