India tops Asia in bribery, use of personal connections to access public services: Survey report



47% percent people surveyed in India, believe that co ption has increased over the past 12 months while 63% believe that the go nment is doing a good job is tackling co ption. Perhaps, the ‘feel good’ factor ends here.


India has emerged as having the highest bribery rate of 39% in the Asian region and the highest rate of people (46%) who used personal connections to access public services, according to a recent survey-report released by Transparency International, a global civil society. Nearly 50% of those who paid bribes were asked to, while 32% of those who used personal connections said they would not receive the service otherwise.


In an earlier report, issued by Transparency International, which was released in January at Davos at the World Economic Forum, India had been ranked at 80th position among 180 countries in the Cor ion Perception Index.

根据“透明国际”1月份在达沃斯世界经济论坛上发布的一份报告,在清廉指数(Cor ion perceptions Index)方面,印度在180个国家中排名第80位。

For the survey-report titled ‘Global Cor ion Barometer – Asia,’ Transparency International surveyed 20,000 people across 17 Asian countries – largely between June-September this year, seeking their perception of and experiences with co ption in the past twelve months. Six key public services are covered in the report, viz: police, courts, public hospitals, procurement of identity documents and utilities.


Of the people surveyed in India, who came into contact with the police, 42% had paid bribes. Use of bribes was also rampant (41%) to obtain offi al documents such as identity papers. Use of personal connections was also largely made in dealings with the police (39%), procurement of identity documents (42%) and in relation to courts (38%).



Machaan T

Who is not corrupted in India. Report is hardly surprising



naufal rizwan

another masterstroke by Modiji... India tops the list, dats what all blind bhakts need...aatmanirbhaar...rofl



Rakesh Prajapati

Cor ion is such a deep roed problem that it is still prevalent even if the go nment is making efforts.



Atin Kumar Das

In the mid-fifties, when Lt Gen J S Bawa wre to the then PM Nehru lamenting the co ption in Gt projects, he got a reply "when you are trying to do big things, you have to turn a blind eye to such small things ". Mme Gandhi during her heydays said " co ption is a worldwide phenomenon. I don't know why opposition is making such a fuss about it?".,I Don't think any Modi bhakt has ever cmed that Modi has roed out co ption from India. Even God can't do it, Modi is just a human bei ..

在50年代中期,当J S Bawa中将写信给时任总理尼赫鲁,哀叹政府项目的问题时,他得到的回复是“当你试图做大事时,必须对这些小事视而不见”。



Lone Warrior

Even Gods are bribed in India



Satish t b

This menace is so deep-roed in India, that even the best of the best cannot remove it. It's like cancer, treat one organ, it rpears elsewhere. Even God cannot do anything



Ranjan Thimpu

At Congress Time We have been topper



Chaitanya Agarwal

India has emerged as having the highest bribery rate of 39% in the Asian region.Red-tapism, bureaucratic and po itical interference led to an increase in the co ption level. Most of the pubilc dealing departments are the worst affected by this problem



Krishnan Ganesh

Very shameful.



Sambappa Kalv

Telugu states contribution for the rank should be appreciated



Anand Mirle

At the central level Modi has being making consistent effort to eliminate co ption by direct payments and other changes to streamline go nment services via online delivery. Deep seated petty co ption in the country instituted by Scumgees for generations cannot be eliminated that easily...But it is urgent that, for out own good, we eliminated this e l addiction to bribery..



Pais Hilary

No wonder. In Karnataka the BJP purchased members of legislative assembly, like potatoes in a market.



Shaun Singh

This is the teachings of the Congress Go nment for the last 72 years. Will take some time to eradicate this.




Great Modiji Great. You have made India better. Keep up the good work




Blame Nehru !




Bribe is something all society is responsible for it. Giver and taker.


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