India, world’s largest sugar consumer, wants its people to eat more



By Pratik Parija

In a world where sugar has attracted increasing scrutiny for its impact on health and obesity, there are moves afoot in the biggest consuming country to persuade people to eat more of the sweetener.


Mills in India are eyeing increased consumption as a way to cut the nation’s chronic oversupply, which stems partly from the favorable incentives provided to growers in po itically powerful rural areas. High production costs mean the country finds it hard to sell sugar on the global market without subsidies.


To push forward their initiative, the mills have begun an online campaign to boost domestic demand, involving workshops and webinars, where everyone from nutritionists and endocrinologists, to public health experts and medical practitioners will share their expertise and knowledge.


“Sugar is the most preferred source of the body’s fuel for brain power, muscle energy and every natural process that goes into proper functioning of our body cells,” the Indian Sugar Mills Association said, adding that the calories in sugar are the same as calories from any other food, and it’s only when calories are not burnt adequately or too many are consumed, that body weight increases.


Consumption in India has stagnated at 19 kilograms per capita per year compared with a global average of 23 kilograms as social media campaigns saying the cane-based sweetener is unhealthy discourage people from eating it, according to the association. Per capita consumption growth between 2000 and 2016 was among the lowest in the world, it said.


If per capita consumption rises to the global average, domestic demand will climb by 5.2 million tons a year, according to Sudhanshu Pandey, the top bureaucrat at the food ministry. That would slash the surplus, cut overseas sales and save the go nment money by reducing export subsidies.

印度食品部高级Sudhanshu Pandey说,如果人均消费量升至全球平均水平,印度的国内需求每年将增加520万吨。这将大幅削减盈余,减少海外销售,并可减少出口补贴,节省政府资金。

India, also the world’s second-biggest producer, exported a record 5.65 million tons in 2019-20, with the help of these subsidies, which are opposed by Australia, Brazil and Guatem. Mills are aiming to ship 6 million tons in 2020-21 with production expected to rise 13% after good rains boosted planting.

印度也是世界第二大糖生产国,在补贴的推动下,2019- 2020年印度创纪录出口了565万吨糖。这些补贴遭到澳大利亚、巴西和危地马拉的反对。印度糖厂的目标是在2020-21年间出口600万吨,今年降雨充沛,预计产量将增长13%。


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Yash Pal

White sugar is bad for health has been proven. Now if this new drug is encouraged, India will surely beat all countries combined in no of diabetics. (Diabetes is a life style disease and consumption of sugar contributes to it significantly)



R.N. Sharma

Not surprised.Self interest and unethical wise men back up cms on commercial considerations.Remedy lies with individuals ignore this propaganda.



Vinayak Viswanathan

Why not the go nment regulate the acreage under Sugarcane cultivation and instead prome other crops through incentives? What sort of an insane policy would it be to increase domestic consumption in a country that is notoriously known as the diabetes capital of the world. Conversion of excess cane to biofuel has to be attempted which can be exported as well



To So

can we expect sugar company's share to jump in coming days?



Poornima Manjunath

This is a bad step, with this there will be more obesity and more diabetics in the country.



Varadharajan Bsubrnian

with plenty of water available due to good rains and with subsidy by State Go nments Farmers will find it easy to grow this crop for easy money along with rice. However there is another side the sugar cane mills mostly owned by Po iticians will not have sufficient funds to pay to the farmers. Sugar consumption is bound to go down as the number of diabetics are increasing every day.




if people were so health conscious u wont have obesity prevalent in cities .. looks police personel have large tummies are generous consumers of sugar and allied products



Sachin Jawale

Sugar is a colonial leftover in India. British culture also messed up our habits and introduced their worst culture to destroy ours and now these money mongers wants us to compromise our healts just for filling up their pockets.




convert sugar to alcohol and export to pakistan



Sukhbir Puri

Instead of increase in Sugar, more alcohol should be produced to add in petrol to reduce imports.



Pawan Kumar

We must reduce sugarcane cultivation from areas with lower water table particularly from Maharastra.



Girish Karandikar

Absolutely senseless. What is next? Tobacco? And then Marijuana?? Farmers should look at diversifying in to fruits, flowers, etc. as like Tobacco, with increasing health consciousness, sugar consumption is bound to drop.

荒谬。接下去是什么?烟草?然后大麻? ?农民应该考虑种植多样化水果、花卉等,随着健康意识的增强,糖的消费必然会下降,就像烟草一样。


Roushan S

Too mush sugar consumption results in poor performance in every sphere of life.




Make sugar candies, chocolates and cold drinks and export it if it's difficult to export sugar.



Muralidhar M S

Stop growing Sugarcane for a few years, the over supply will vanish. Go nment should announce that they will reduce subsidies for the next few years and farmers will not grow it in the next season.




India is also diabetes capital of the world, fact this article has not high-lighted.



Koushik Paul

Quit sugar and stay healthy. But sugar lobby wants to kill people for profit.




What ? Eat 1kg of sugar everyday and run 10km everyday or become a diabetic ? No way ! Better convert the sugar into ethanol and add it to petrol if there is oversupply. Or better still, look to replace with other cash crops. ... I'm sure our Think Tanks can come up with better solutions.


Yash Pal

The upper t ks of our think t ks are empty.



Prasad Satare

19 kg per capita per year consumption of processed sugar is also high. The world needs to reduce it further.


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