Try and to le my gt if you have the courage, Uddhav Thackeray dares BJP


MUMBAI: Chief minister Uddhav Thackeray on Sunday launched a blistering attack on the BJP, questioning the Hindutva of “clanging bells and utensils”, and daring the Modi re gie to to le his go nment.


“Since the day I became the CM, I have been hearing different dates on the toppling of my go nment. So far it hasn’t happened… if you have the courage… then go ahead and do it,” said Thackeray who heads a Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress alliance in the state. He will complete a year in office on November 28.




Thackeray was addressing the ’s annual Dussehra rally from the Veer Savarkar auditorium in Shivaji Park with limited attendance. The rally was shifted indoors kee the Covid safety protocol in mind.

萨克雷在Shivaji公园的Veer Savarkar礼堂发表了该党每年一次的十胜节集会演讲,出席人数有限。为遵循防疫规定,集会转至室内。

In a no-holds-barred attack on the BJP in his Dussehra rally , chief minister Uddhav Thackeray said at a time when the country was in the grips of a pandemic, “a peculiar thing is happening”, the Centre’s focus is on toppling go nments in non-BJP ruled states. The nation is on the verge of chaos because of the BJPs unbridled greed for power, he said, “They (the BJP) have been deceiving their partners. The NDA is finished. They talk of friendship and later stab their friends in the back. They will treat Nitish Kumar in a similar fashion after the assembly polls in Bihar.”


Thackeray also s mmed the BJP over its free vaccine promise to people of Bihar if it retained power. “You are talking about giving free vaccines in Bihar. Is the rest of the country a part of Pakistan or Bangladesh?” Thackeray asked.


The CM said the Modi go nment hasn’t helped the state financially despite several natural disasters since June, and has also not paid Rs 38,000 crore worth of GST dues to the state. He urged CMs of all states to sink differences and exert pressure on the Centre to undertake a comprehensive review of GST.



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Sudip Dutta

such a disgrace to Babasaheb legacy....sold years of hardwork by his father for the sake of power... now bowing infront of the same people who were once sworn enemies.... people of Maharashtra and also bihar are not fools they will ensure that the sonia sena is defeated at very next opportunity




It shows the level of insecurity of Uddhav Thackeray.. His days are numbered and he will be forgotten soon my Maharashtrians




Its not your go nment. It is congress’ go nment, you fool. They found a MahaHijda puppet like you who would do or say anything to please his master, half-dead Sharad Pawar.



Anil Hans

Udhhav Thakrey, no one need to do anything, u will fall on ur own... People in Maharashtra will throw u out...



Arun Kumar

Why someone needs to le your gt? Penguin kaa paapaaji..The day when you stop nodding your head for pappu batch, drug mafia, DAwood gang mafia, fraudsters etc, your gt will be gone to dustbin without someone's intention..

I am pretty sure, you will seek help from BJP that time like innocent..just wait and watch..




Jai Rajan

Haha..prime time laughter challenge



Birju Laal

Shivsena you won beacuse you had alliance with bjp otherwise if you faught independently no one would have ved for you,uddha you are a corrupt disgusting pathetic human being




Sadakchap CM, he does not know anything except accusing opposition . Satta ka lobi, he gets nightmare that someone will to le his Mahapichwada gt.



Santhosh Reddy

He who fears threatens.



Amit Prasad

Don't worry citizen will to le you ..



Andy Parlap

Mr thackery u need to come to senses immediately becoz it is Congress who is toppling go nments and ur one of the victim.



Pankaj Rana

Idiot he is such a disgrace on B Saheb's legacy.



Pradeep Kawatra

Only insecure people fee threatend!!



Pankaj Rana

Idiot comparing rest of the country to Pakistan & Bangladesh



Ajit Asthana

a shameless guy like him can do anything to please his masters.



Rakesh Khanna

tiger without theeth and nails roaring




It is your master's Gt not yours. You are sl ve only and enjoying the facilities given to a sl ve. Enjoy your sl very.



Surinder Nagi

A puppet or tamed tiger.



Hiren Modi

What a Pest !



Praveen Kumar

Do you need BJP to to le ?..I think goverment it self is in self destruction mode...



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