Indian husband chops off his wife's head after accusing her of having an affair - then walks with her severed head to a police station



An Indian husband walked to a police station in India carrying the decapitated head of his wife who he beheaded after accusing her of having an affair.


Chinnar Yadav attacked his wife Vimla with a sharp weapon after a heated argument in which he accused her of being unfaithful with their neighbour, according to police.


After killing and beheading his wife, Yadav was then filmed carrying her severed head to their local police station in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.


The shocking video clip shows him walking down the street holding a weapon and his wife's bloodied head by the hair in the Neta Nagar area of Banda district on 9 October.

这段令人震惊的录像片段显示,10月9日在班达区Neta Nagar地区,他拿着凶器走在街上,抓着头发拎着血淋淋的头。

It is thought that Yadav also injured his neighbour in the attack after accusing the pair of infidelity.


The video clip ends as Yadav is about to enter Baberu Police Station to surrender. On arrival, police arrested him and recovered the murder weapon.


Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Mahendra Pratap Chauhan said: 'After a heated argument, the accused attacked his wife with a sharp weapon, killing her and then beheading her.

副警长Mahendra Pratap Chauhan说:“经过激烈的争吵后,被告用锋利的武器袭击了他的妻子”

'After which he carried his wife's severed head to Baberu Police Station where he surrendered.


'The accused was arrested and the weapon was also recovered from him by the cops.'


Similar scenes were captured in Uttar Pradesh in February when another man decapitated his wife and walked through the streets singing the Indian national anthem.



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Texas Otter, Escape From This Madhouse, United States,

Primitive monster. Even if she cheated, she didn't deserve death.



syb, Anywhere and everywhere, United Kingdom

Death Penalty.



JoyceMT5720, Big Sky Country, United States

What the hell is wrong with this country allowing this to go on and on?



Justaplainnobody, From nowhere, United Kingdom

He went to the police station knowing the law will protect him, because this culture treats women so badly



Red Devil is king., London, United Kingdom

Whats wrong with people.



The wise guy, Zagora, United Kingdom

Absolute monster.



Soft nation, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

#indianwiveslivesmatter Too many Indian/Pakistani wives suffer in silence.



conatang, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

All in the name of honour



Alraat, Ottringham, United Kingdom

Women are only a man's property in India and Pakistan. Love and respect doesn't enter into it. It equates to the slavery in America in the 1800s, where slave owners wouldn't be held accountable if they raped, beat or killed their 'property', and it will persist until those countries have a civil war between women and men.

the Atlantic slave trade.



MellyMelly, Kent, United Kingdom

He'll get a slap on the wrist and sent home with a chicken.



Swish, Over the Ord, United Kingdom

That is just heartbreaking, poor woman. He's failed not just as a man but a human being.



DigitalFootprint, somewhere over the rainbow, United Kingdom

I pray her spirit haunts him



Bruno718, Belfast, United Kingdom

OMG !! Horrifying !! That poor woman, what a gruesome way to die. Hope he is dealt with severely !!!!

天啊! !恐怖! !那个可怜的女人,死得多惨啊。希望男的受到严惩!!


Salfordshire, Salfordshire, United Kingdom

No ones shocked anymore


SusanR., Santa Clarita, United States

I am.



NoSheeple, Shangri-La, Andorra

I hope they have the death penalty in India



My-6d-worth, London, United Kingdom

Too horrific and evil to contemplate.



Meredith1976, East Texas, United States

What's up with taking their heads to the police station?



Perri12345, London, United Kingdom

Barbaric beyond belief. RIP



ghtblsk, Paris, France

And nothing will be done. They might have laws, but they're not enforced.



Fedup, London

This country has me continually in disbelief.



desthat, Orlando, United States

And what did he gain from this?


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