Chhattisgarh: Gang-raped by 7, minor girl kills self; father’s suicide bid finally leads to FIR


RAIPUR: Two months after a minor girl killed herself after being gang-raped by seven men at a wedding in Kondagaon district of Chhattisgarh, her father tried to kill himself on Tuesday, allegedly because he couldn’t get an FIR registered to seek justice for her.


He survived, and it spurred police into taking action in the case. The girl’s body has been exhumed for autopsy, Bastar range IG P Sundarraj told TOI.

该男子自杀未遂,此举促使警方对此案采取了行动。Bastar range警司Sundarraj告诉《印度时报》,女孩的尸体已经被挖出来进行尸检。

National Commission for Prection of Child Rights chairperson Yashwant Jain has written to the Kondagaon SP, seeking action ag inst the local police inspector for not registering an FIR earlier. The commission has asked for a detailed investigation report within 10 days.

国家保护儿童权利委员会主席Yashwant Jain已致信Kondagaon警察局长,要求对当地警察采取行动,因为他没有及时立案。委员会要求在10天内提交一份详细的调查报告。


While police say they were not informed about the gangrape earlier, sources in Kondagaon say local police had promised her father that they would take action, but did nothing.


The tragic chain of circumstances reveals how little people know of police procedures and how the legal sy em works. The father attempted suicide because he believed a case couldn’t be registered since two months have passed and his child is dead, say sources.


Police have registered a case and are looking for the seven accused, who live in villages adjoining the girl’s, some 190km from Raipur.


The girl was about 16-17 years old. “As per the preliminary information,the girl had gone to attend a relative’s wedding at a neighbouring village with family and friends and was enjoying a dance when two drunken youths spotted her. The duo dragged her to a nearby forest where five others joined them and she was raped for several hours,” Sundarraj told TOI.


According to police, she had later confided in a friend that the rapists threatened to kill her if she spoke about it to anyone. “She stayed quiet when the rapists brought her back to the wedding venue. She returned to her village early, without telling anything to her parents, who had stayed back. The friend she spoke to said she was extremely traumatized and in pain, and believed that news of the gangrape had got out,” said the IG.


On July 20, when her uncle and aunt went off to the fields, leaving her to take care of their kids, she hanged herself. Her parents, who had still not returned, were shattered.


The IG said local police did investigate her suicide and asked family members to contact them in case they come to know what triggered it.


“Several days later, the girl’s friend told the family about the gangrape. They were shocked, but didn’t know if a case could still be pursued as she was already dead. In their ignorance of the law, the family didn’t get back to police. After two months, her father also attempted suicide by consuming pesticide, but was saved by doctors,” IG Sundarraj said.


Kondagaon SP Siddharth Tewari suggested that the girl’s father was mentally unwell. “The father’s suicide bid has nothing to do with girl’s suicide as he was not in the best of his mental health. It’s his brother who takes care of everything. He had told police about the girl’s rape and that is when the matter properly unfolded,” the SP told TOI.

Kondagaon SP Siddharth Tewari称女孩的父亲精神状态不佳。“其自杀企图与女孩的自杀毫无关系,因为他当时的心理状况并不好,报案的是他的哥哥。他向警方报告了女孩被强奸的事。

However, sources in Kondagaon said that after her suicide, the local police station inspector had assured that an FIR would be registered and asked the family to be prepared to record their statements. But police allegedly took no action on the promise.



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Rampock Remo

Mill modi ji ever open his mouth once ? Face media atleast once ? Will he Do something to prevent such rapes ?





Santosh Deshmukh

The victim may be from UPPER caste, that's why no mention of her as Dalit, Min ity etc.



Avin Khoval

Biggest culprit is police in all th states of India. They don't register FIRs, they don't take actions agaist the criminals. Actually they don't take any rape case in India seriously, that is why they keep of happening everyday across all states in India.



Lone Warrior

Why suspension and not dismissed from the JOB



Umesh Singh

Only Poor are not safe ... irrespective of caste , state ..



Murugan Achari

if found guilty first hang the police who refused to take action and then the culprits.



Sachin Rane

why is it only rapes in BJP ruled states are being highlighted and opposition rule states are never brought to notice????



Munna Bhai

Rapes on women, acid attacks on women are on rise in India and All state in India are equally dangerous. As per the stats average 35000 rape cases are registered across India every year and more than 12000 are rape and murder. 60% victims are minors



prabhundevan prabhundevan

What's happening to our country. Where are the morals gone..

Action should be taken ag inst all the culprits..




Sharad Gupta

India is the Rape capital of the World. Shame on us



Sibram Nisonko

It is high time that citizens rise to stop immediately crimes ag inst women.




Rapists are same in every state under every rulers.




There is no point in having fa th in the legal sy em . Father, if he is sure that the crime has been committed by those culprits, should finish them off and not commit suicide. Let us take arms and take revenge . Eye for eye and tooth for tooth .




Girls should veil themselves to prect themselves from the eyes of wicked people.



Dhivya Gad Pulcorner

This country is not worth living



D Deb

The concerned Police Inspector should be dismissed from the service immediately.



Vivek Rajput

there is a strong Law is required very much in India, go nment should do as soon as possible.



Krisna das

When the girl committed suicide...... Why the police didn't file FIR ?



Arpit Kumar Goel

What the hell happening in this country ?


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