UP police cites forensic report to declare Hathras girl was not raped


LUCKNOW: The Uttar Pradesh Police on Thursday cited conclusions of an Aligarh hospital medical report, postmortem report of the Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi and FSL, Agra, report to declare that the Dalit girl brutalised in Hathras was not raped.


ADG (law and order) Prashant Kumar said the Special Investigating Team (SIT) has already begun a probe into the in dent and further details will emerge once the investigations are completed within the next seven days.



On the opposition uproar, police said investigations so far suggest a conspiracy to push the state into a caste turmoil by twisting facts presented by responsible and senior police officers. He said such mischief mongers will be identified and brought to book.


The ADG said that police action was prompt to prevent untoward in dents. Through an intensive probe into the matter, the SIT is sure to unveil e l design behind the whole in dent. He said the chief minister has already ordered strict exemplary action ag inst the guilty.


"The Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) report on the vaginal sample of the 19-year old girl of Hathras has revealed that she was not raped. This is the conclusive confirmatory report after the preliminary medical report and post mortem report both have concluded that no rape was committed," the ADG (LO) said.


“The FSL report has clearly said that no sperm or ova were found in the samples collected from the vaginal swab. Along with the FSL report, the postmortem report has suggested that the cause of death of the deceased was due trauma following injury in the neck,” Prashant Kumar told reporters in Lucknow.


The girl was assaulted on September 14 outside her village and was admitted to AMU hospital in Aligarh. The FIR lodged by the family immeditely after the in dent mentioned assault by a youth, but didn't mention rape. However, in her statement to the police on September 22, the girl said that she was raped by four youths. All of them named by her were arrested and her samples were sent to FSL for forensic test on September 25.


When her condition deteriorated, the girl was shifted to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi on September 28 where she passed away a day later. The postmortem report of the hospital revealed that she was strangulated and had also suffered fracture in her se.


About allegations of rape, the ADG (LO) said the chief minister has already ordered strict exemplary action ag inst the guilty. “Police will now probe as to who was responsible for this m fide campaign and twist the facts despite the statements of the responsible officers otherwise. The state administration and the police - both are very sensitive about the cause of women and children,” he said.



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Vijay Sharma

Next news would be that she did not die or died natural death or die of covid-19.


Nallamuthu Naa

No, the person is not even a girl. It is boy LOL.




Looks like the rapists r friends of yogi. Trying hard to prect them



Vivekananda Real Indian

Because in UP, caste is more important than Humanity.



Apsalom Deva Prasad

Only in India, the Go nment is in favour of the culprits.



Nallamuthu Naa

RAPING is new norm in BJP ruling states, LOL.




This was in the original plan to declare that she had not been raped after the body is cremated. Police have become worse than goons.




police need to prect the poor uppercast boys. they did not rape, they just played a ra game and killing game. so they are only innocents.



Piya Solank

And the lies to cover the lies to cover the lies



Yes, and GDP did not fall 23%



Anjula Saksena

Already started manipulating facts. That is how they can later get acquitted from courts. Upper caste u see



Curious onlooker

Police should leave the autopsy findings and conclusions to those who are qualified at interpreting it. Any hasty judgment would only raise suspicion of a cover-up.



Sandeep Mandal

The very reason for hurried clandestine cremation was only to shower h of lies and mislead the nation.



Melman const

Incredible UP.




let the daughters of our po itical leaders and police get married to these four accused ...as they are innocent



Mohamed Siddiq

no such in dent happened. All are safe and happy.



Sameer S

She committed suicide


Vivekananda Real Indian

No she died of corona. You did not get that news? Godddd


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