Girl, three, is raped and murdered in India 'as part of feud between rival families'


A three-year-old girl has been raped and strangled in India as part of an on-going feud between rival families, the victim’s father claims.


This is the third such similar incident in the Lakhimpur Kher district, of Uttar Pradesh, of India, in the last 20 days.

这是印度北方邦 Lakhimpur Kher区过去20天里发生的第三起奸杀未成年案。

In the latest incident the child, who had been missing since Wednesday, was found near to her village in the Lakhimpur Kher district, of Uttar Pradesh.



A man from the child's village has since been arrested based upon her father's complaint.


The child's father alleges that the arrested man kidnapped and killed his daughter due to an old rivalry.


The suspect was arrested after the police formed four teams to search for him.


She was found in a field on Thursday just 1,600ft from her home and the police said that she had been raped and strangled.


This is the third rape-murder of a minor in the district in the last 20 days.


The Lakhimpur Kheri district had recently been in the news due to two other similar incidents.

 Lakhimpur Kher区最近还因为另外两起类似事件而上新闻。

A 17-year-old, who had left home in order to complete a scholarship application, was found dead near to her village.


She failed to return after going to her fields and her body was found by her family who were looking for the teenager.Her body was found in a sugarcane field.


The attacks have led to public anger and both Congress and the Samajwadi Party have attacked the BJP go nment of Yogi Adityanath citing the worsening law and order situation.


Congress chief Ajay Kumar Lalu Tweeted: 'Even after so many incidents our 'tough' Chief Minister has not fixed responsibility. A dying system and a helpless Chief Minister.'


The Women and Child Safety Organization was recently created by the state go nment following a spurt of crimes against women, especially children.


It is headed by a senior police officer to handle these cases and to try to ensure the safety of women and children.



frankhassense, Beechworth , Australia

This is a daily event there! There is obviously no real law against it , as there is never enough outrage and certainly never any repercussions or change.



anozi, cairns, Australia

Tears I can't fathom this .. poor child



Meaney83, Cheshire, United Kingdom




Mimoza, Chicago, United States

Omg why did I read this ....I am speechless



Milkdudtree, Here, United States

What monsters take it out on pure innocent children when they're angry with adults?! There is nothing that would rehabilitate the perverted, the death penalty is the only answer.



Juanita1980, Melbourne, Australia

How does something so horrific happen to a vulnerable child? RIP dear little one, I hope you're at peace now xx



I am God, Life of Riley, United Kingdom

My God what is wrong with these men? RIP litttle one x



AFairPoint, Town, United Kingdom

You can't even fathom how inhuman a person must be to do something this evil.



Sonja Lees-Smith, Dorset, United Kingdom

This is truly sickening. This poor child must have been petrified.



Happygolucky99, England, United Kingdom

My god what have I just read. There is evenly in the world that is beyond comprehension. That poor baby.



Mustafa Leak, Sin City, United Kingdom

nothing will ever change, the politicians are not interested



Tabitha 100, Bungay, United Kingdom

This is so horrendous things like this seem to be horribly normal there!



kimba, brisbane

This is now a disgusting common occurrence there, these men are vile sex maniacs and a child's life only is only seen as sexual gratification for them. Only immediate death by firing squad will stop them



efembe, Brighton, United Kingdom

My youngest grandchild is just 3, it is unimaginable of a fully grown man doing this to something so small.



tocatta78, CA, United States

Enforce a strict death penalty that is immediate. If the morals of these people cannot be fixed then I'm sure harsh justice will at least minimize the number of these murders. All suspects deserve to die.



debyo, Austin Texas, United States

My heart is broken. The horror this precious baby had to endure is unimaginable. This is pure evil!



Hols01, Exeter, United Kingdom

Jesus christ, how does the thought of raping a child even enter your mind, absolute sickos



tcdb123, Any City USA, United States

This kind of thing has gone on in India for years perpetrated by males, women and children aren't safe there. Why doesn't the gov. do anything about it?



Yewsers, Manchester, United Kingdom

A truly sick society.



Kunderki, Houston, United States

Heinous and disgusting.



stevietf, London, United Kingdom

There are no words for this. India is a terrible place for women and children and the go nment needs zero tolerance policy for this.



pdab09, Wales, United Kingdom

If God existed he should help India.



illbjammin, Gotham city, United States

Why do we always hear stories like this from India?



Peter, York, United States,

Truly Appalling.


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