Bengaluru riots: Bent on recovering costs, govt seeks a cms commissioner


BENGALURU: The go nment will soon move the Karnataka high court, seeking permission to appoint a ‘cms commissioner’ to assess and recover dges caused to public and private property during the August 11 violence in east Bengaluru.


A decision to this effect was taken on Monday at a meeting chaired by chief minister BS Yediyurappa with home minister Basavaraj Bommai, Advocate-General Prabhuling Navadagi and senior police officers.

周一,首席部长BS Yediyurappa与部长Basavaraj Bommai、总法律顾问Prabhuling Navadagi和高级警官主持了一次会议,作出了该决定。


“As per a Supreme Court order, appointment of a cms commissioner by the HC is necessary for the purpose of assessing dges caused and recovery from the culprits,” Bommai said, while insisting the go nment will recover dges from the riers. “So, we will approach the HC soon.”

“根据最高法院的命令,高等法院任命索赔专员是必要的,其目的是评估造成的损失,并向罪犯分子追讨赔偿,” Bommai说,同时坚持政府向徒追讨赔偿。“所以,我们很快将向高等法院申请。”

The state also decided to constitute a three-member team of special prosecutors to enable effective and speedy trail of cases pertaining to the riots, Bommai said. He said police will invoke provisions of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act where possible, besides the Goonda Act.


Bommai said legislator Akhanda Srinivasamurthy, whose house was gutted in the riots, has not named anyone in his compnt. “But we have enough evidence to conduct an inquiry into the house-burning in dent,” Bommai said, while appealing to Srinivasamurthy to cooperate with the police.

Bommai说,议员Akhanda Srinivasamurthy的房子在暴乱中被炸毁,他没有在投诉中提及罪犯的名字。“但我们有足够的证据来调查这起房屋失火事件,”Bommai说到,同时呼吁Srinivasamurthy与警方合作。

Rejecting the demand for a CBI or NIA investigation, Bommai said: “The state go nment has already ordered a magisterial inquiry. Besides, police are also investigating the case.” He said a special team led by senior IPS officer Sandeep Patil has been formed for the purpose.


On banning SDPI and PFI, the minister said the home department is currently collecting information on the involvement of these organisations in such in dents in the past. “The matter will be placed before the cabinet which will take a final call,” he said.


Beleaguered Congress MLA Akhanda Srinivasamurthy met chief minister BS Yediyurappa on Monday and sought a CBI probe into August 11 riots besides prection for himself.

遭到围攻的国大党议员Akhanda Srinivasamurthy周一会见了首席部长BS Yediyurappa,寻求中央调查局调查8月11日的骚乱,以及保护其人身安全。

“The go nment has provided security for my house, but not for me,” Srinivasamurthy said. “I asked the CM to provide personal security and to also order a CBI inquiry into the riots.” He also requested the go nment to provide compensation to his neighbours, whose vehicles were burnt by riers.


Incidentally, Srinivasamurthy was accompanied by BJP MLA and former minister Aravind Limbavali when he met the CM, triggering speculation that he might join BJP, but Srinivasamurthy said, “There is no question of me leaving Congress. My father was in Congress and I will also remain in Congress forever. Congress is in my blood.”

Srinivasamurthy会见首席部长时,随行的还有人民党议员兼前部长Aravind Limbavali,引发了他可能加入人民党的猜测,但Srinivasamurthy说,“我不可能离开国大党,我父亲是国大党议员,我也将永远留在国大党。国大党已经融入了我的血液。”


译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/p/50634.html   译者:Jessica.Wu

Trumpendra dondodi

Brilliant Step By Govt, get money from these congress funded goons and teach em a lesson




Jail those culprits and burn their properties... They think only they can do such ch things... 3rd grade people...


Roopesh Gaddam

Why burn if go nment can confiscate the property.



Anil Sukhavasi

Right direction. Hooligans needs to pay

做得对。要让这些流 氓付出代价


Aizaz Chaudhury

Good that BJP govt is in power so they are boldly taking steps to punish the mus m riers... Had it been congressi they would have stooped so low to lick the mus m $hitt...



Tanmay Chakrabarti

Good move by them.



Somessh Bahuguna

I support this move.



Astrology vidya

Should be top most priority. All are eagerly waiting. Public property is the money of Honest Tax payer. Hooligans destroying public property should be taught perfect lesson.

这是当务之急,大家都在焦急地等待。公共财产是用诚实纳税人的钱置办的,破坏公共财产的流 氓应该受到严惩。



why same rules where not implemented on Delhi and Gujarat riots



Da Da

Good move ! There must be law in all states to recover amount from such criminals who dges public/Private properties.

干得好! 所有邦都必须制定法律,向这些破坏公共和私人财产的罪犯追讨赔偿。


Pr K Singh

Such an action will have salutary effect and should be taken with speed. Not only for this kind of in dents but in all cases of arson and dge to public property.



chandra sekhar vihari

Very good. They should be held accountable for the dge



Chandrasekaran Krishnamurthy

Every state should follow this.



Dr Mohammad Khan

Riers are poor people who are instigated by po iticians to riot for 500 or 1000 rupees. If anyone should be looked up for compensation, it should be these dirty po iticians who are initiating these riots to disturb the communal peace in India.




Eshwar Prasad

Good idea and I wish similarly recover the amount from corrupt go nment offi als

好主意,我也希望从腐 败的印度官员那里追讨赃款



The one who can't pay should be sent to LOC/LAC for building roads or other activities. Give the soldiers some help.



Srikumar Hariharan

Arrest all the criminals involved with the riots, confiscate their entire assets & use them to compensate the extreme dges they inflicted on the nation & citizens!



Uday Gohil

Te rorm is subject of gun down on the spot.




Why do you need permission of HC. The state go nment is fully empowered to recover dges.



Ashok Kth

At least hundred residences of riers must be burnt so that they understand the sufferings of those innocent people who lost their residence and vehicles...


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