Amid jockeying for Indian-American ve, Trump boasts he has more desis on his side


WASHINGTON: US Presi nt Donald Trump on Friday cmed he had greater support among the Indian-American community than Democratic vice-presi ntial nominee Kla Harris amid jockeying for their ves in the November 3 ion.

华盛顿:在争取印裔美国人的选票之际,周五,美国总统唐纳德·特朗普声称,在印度裔美国人社区中,他的支持者超过了民 主党副总统候选人卡玛拉·哈里斯。大选将在11月3日举行。

"If Joe Biden would become the Presi nt, he will immediately pass legislation to gut every single police department in America and probably Kla (Harris) is a step worse. She is of Indian heritage. I have more Indians than she has," Trump said while speaking to members of the City of New York Police Benevolent Association on Friday, even as his campaign galvanized its outreach to Indian-American Hindus, Sikhs, Mus ms and other South Asian communities following Biden’s choice of the California Senator of Black and Indian heritage as a running mate.

周五,特朗普对纽约市警察慈善协会的成员表示:“如果乔·拜登成为总统,他将立即通过立法,取缔美国所有的警察局,而卡玛拉(哈里斯)可能更糟,她有印度血统。我的印度裔支持者比她的多。”尽管在拜登选择加州非洲裔和印度裔参议员作为竞选伙伴后,特朗普的竞选活动扩大到印裔美国人印度教徒、锡克教徒、穆 斯林和其他南亚社区。


The Biden campaign has scheduled a virtual event with the Indian-American community on Saturday evening, the first time a mainstream po itical has conducted such an outreach on Independence Day. The Presi ntial nominee is expected to deliver remarks at the super PAC event that will feature several prominent Indian-Americans who served in the Ob-Biden administration, including Richard Verma, who was the US ambassador to India, and Nisha Desai Biswal, who was the Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia.


"The Ob-Biden administration called the US-India relationship 'a defining partnership of the 21st century.' As Presi nt, Joe Biden will continue that legacy and work everyday to build upon this partnership," the campaign said ahead of the event.


The Trump campaign also upped its game on Friday, launching four new coalitions, including addressing specific re gious groups such as Hindus, Sikhs, and Mus ms. "Indian-Americans are thriving under Presi nt Trump’s commitment to honor the comprehensive global partnership with India… the choice for Presi nt is clear for Indian-American vers: Four more years of a Trump Presidency will further build on our US-India partnership and secure a prosperous future for all India-American families," the Trump campaign said.


Indian-Americans constitute only around one per cent of the 153 million American vers, but in key battleground states, they have the numbers to make a difference to the final outcome, particularly since Trump won three key states (Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania) by combined 80,000 ves to take the White House. Without those ves and states, Hillary Clinton would have won comfortably, having won 2.5 million more popular ves than Trump in the 2016 ions.


Karthick Rkrishnan, a po itical science professor at the University of California, Davis who mon ors Asian American po itical attitudes, estimates that there are toss-up states with significant enough Asian-American populations that they could make a difference to the final outcome. They include Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina. Democrats believe even Texas and Georgia, which have seen huge growth in Asian population, are in play.

加州大学戴维斯分校政治学教授卡Karthick Rkrishnan一直在关注亚裔美国人的政治态度。他估计,在一些有足够多亚裔美国人的摇摆州,可能会对最终结果产生影响。这些州包括密歇根州、宾夕法尼亚州、佛罗里达州、亚利桑那州和北卡罗来纳州。党人认为,就连亚洲人口大幅增长的德克萨斯州和乔治亚州也在发挥作用。

In fact, some analysts are seeing the upcoming ion as a fight between Trump and Kla Harris, rather than between Trump and Biden, and that Biden’s choice of Harris was a calculated gambit to show that minorities not only have a seat at the table in a Democratic administration, but they also represent the future of a diverse and plural America.




Mitch Roy

Yes. Trump is . American Indians love Trump. Kla Harris has never cmed her Indian heritage



D Caa

In last ion also large number of Indians had ved for Uncle Don.




I fully agree with Mr Trump. There are definitely two ves for him from my family. Now I am trying to make those two ves to 50, when I persuade all my friends and people I know. When Trump comes India wins, and when Biden comes America goes down while he tries to harm India.



Indradeb Pal

Yes Trump is . Kla Harris is a shameless supporter of Pak and - both of which are dangerous for the future of US as well.



Rakesh Gupta

and he is . Kla Harris is not at all have any emotions towards India and should not be believed merely due to her first name


Nirmal Dhiman

Why should an american have attachment with India ?



Stranger Nobody

I support Donald Trump. I support law and order. I support capi ism. I support America First in America, just like I support India first in India.



Prakasha Kempaiah

Agree, Trump will have my Ve!!! my decision does not change!!!



Manohar Sharma

Mine too.




Trump is the man... Not the racist democrats, who are anti India and racist towards India and Indians all over the world.

特朗普是我们的选择,种族主义的民 主党人不是,他们是反印度的,对印度和全世界的印度人都有种族主义歧视。


Dilip J

If you fail to get re-ed, then you are welcome to contest Indian Election, You will win with Indian support



Ramesh Sargam

Just because Kla Harris is an Indian origin candidate, she may not get much Indian support, as it is alleged that she is anti-Indian. She doesn't like Indians, especially Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India.



Normal Man

Trump is RIGHT choice for Indians to stay with. He is creating more jobs in USA by controlling import and also with India to tackle in international arena - po itically and militarily.



Panduranga Reddy

Agree, Indians should ve for Trump




Trump has done far better than many of his predecessors.


Hari Sud

I agree. Trump has done and promised more than any other past presi nts of USA had ever done.




India should be wary of a wolf in sheep's clothing. Cm Indianess for ves only.



Hari Krishan Agarwal

Yes all Indians must support Trump, Biden pappu bana raha hai. Wo anti India mus m hai. Defeat Biden



Manohar Sharma

Indian Americans by and large will ve for Donald Trump.




This Kla Harris and Democrats hate India and Modi Go nment. No ve for this Harris




Trump is absolutely . I hope Harris does not get ed and whoever Indians are supporting her should think twice about this Chameleon. She never considered herself Indian , always black. She dislikes India and Indians. Trump is the best choice for India!!



gxy jay

Kla harris calls herself as black not indian.biden was not a friend of indian before now says all this to get ve.democrats are like congress in india

卡玛拉·哈里斯称自己是非洲裔而不是印度裔。拜登之前也不是印度人的朋友,现在说这些是为了拉选票,民 主党就像印度的国大党一样

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