India’s Covid toll tops 35,000, fifth highest in world now



NEW DELHI: More than 54,000 fresh Covid-19 cases and 786 fatalities were reported from across the country on Thursday, both highest in a single day so far, even as the overall death count from the pandemic crossed 35,000, with more than 5,000 being reported in the last seven days.


India now has the fifth highest Covid-19 death toll in the world after overtaking Italy’s fatality count of 35,132. The country’s overall toll stood at 35,748 on Thursday night. Of these, 18,356 have come in July alone, more than all Covid-19 deaths in the previous months put together.


India’s coronavirus caseload crossed 16 lakh, with a record 54,211 new cases on Thursday, as per data collated from state go nments. Maharashtra reported 11,147 fresh infections, the highest in a single day in any state, and Andhra Pradesh 10,167, becoming the only state to report 10,000-plus daily cases two days in a row.


The death toll crossed 35,000 on a day when a record 786 fatalities were added to the count. The previous single-day highest toll was 781 recorded on Tuesday. Only the US with over 1.5 lakh deaths, Brazil (90,000-plus), the UK (45,999) and Mexico (45,361) have reported higher Covid-19 fatalities than India.


Maharashtra reported 11,147 new cases, its single highest addition in a day so far since the beginning of the pandemic. The highest addition until now was 10,576 on July 22. The total cases in the state has now jumped to 4,11,798.


The day’s new cases in Andhra Pradesh, at 10,167, were second only to Maharashtra’s. The state also recorded 68 deaths. Both numbers were the highest single-day surge in the infections. Andhra Pradesh with a caseload of 1,30,557 is in the fourth spot in terms of overall cases, but is set to overtake Delhi, which has 1,34,403 cases so far.


Besides Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka (6,128 new cases), Uttar Pradesh (3,765), Gujarat (1,159), Rajasthan (1,156) and Goa (215) recorded their highest jump in cases in a day. Meanwhile, new cases in Telangana crossed 1,800 (1811) for the first time since July 8.




Dean Mb

modi govt.did a tremendous job in containing the pandemic! given the size, population India would have topped the list.where highly developed countries with state of art modern hospitals and facilities are struggling India when compared stands out!!



real Indian

Relax. India has over 1.3 billions people. Lose 55,000 is nothing to be worried. If discounting natural deaths, the toll due to corona virus is very low. Besides, Modi has done the greatest job ever.



Piyush Kant

People themselves are responsible for this high rise of number. Govt. did its best by imposing lockdown in March-April-May-June.



Bharat Chhabra

let us not forget , we are the second most populated country in the list of 155 countries. and TB alone claims 5 lakhs lives every year in india. aren't we living with TB since decades. ?

by which strech of imagination are we projecting corona as a deadly virus. ?

how many lockdowns have we observed fearing TB. ? none !!



我们因为害怕结核病而实施了封锁吗?一次都没有! !



The nation cannot be put on a halt.




no pblms. if we reach no 1 pos. then icmr and govt will say in mars there are more cases




The gr8 efforts of Modiji are bearing the fruits. Soon we will be No. 1




if the figures given are correct we could already be no 1 never know with this Govt what is true and lies more interested in celebration the arrival of the new Jets like they have won the war or something



yojo john

Don't worry. India is fast overtaking one by one in race to get the most infection and casualties. Thanks to modijis first lockdown. Still he says India is better off than any there countries in the world.

He himself breaks the lsocial distancing law by visiting ayodhya.



Justice Freedom Equality

India is shining at 3rd spot. However Pakistan could not even maintain her meagre 12th spot and droped to 13th spot. India is now having about 50 times more cases than Pakistan. This is VIKAS, Modi way.




But we get to hear in Godi media that the entire world is looking upto feku how he is leading this nation out of this pandemic...




3 months back bhakts were making fun of Italians. Sambit Patra was passing sarcastic comments about them on TV channels. What do they have to comment today about their own Feku who has proved to be Yamraj the messenger of death?



Aam Aadmi

India's new Corona cases have now reached 55000 per day.

That is more than 15 lakh cases every month and perhaps even more as the lockdown is further relaxed.

New daily deaths are rising too.

Who's responsible for all these deaths?

Economy is important. But life is more important. If everybody has to tighten their belts for a few months that should be done.




Bhakts will be happy because soon modi will make India no. 1 atleast in covid



Mohan Lal

Dont lose hope! Modi and shaw working hard to make it number 1



Priya Patel

BJP - No community transmisson ! Our doubling rate and recovery rate better than NZ !! We have flatten curve!



Abhijit Sharma

Modi won't stop till he gets top spot



Eye Star

Thanks to charismatic Leadership Feku Modi India is Heading towards Number 1 position. Effect of Tali Bajao, Thali Bajao, Mombati Jalao and Go CORONA Go. We salute you for the same.



Tapan Kumar Das

It quite stupid to compare the death toll without reference to total population. We should not take China into account here because news are controlled by the State.



Amitava Basu

Pretty serious condition, hope the politicians, Government, medical professional will work together to find a solution for the people of India. Simultaneously, Indians should be more responsible for their health.



Pankaj Talwar

PM should take responsibility and resign, let someone educated handle this crisis.



Rafi Uddin

ar this rate we will be world championship



Felix Issac

Wait for 15 more days. Feku promised on 15th Auguest he is going to announce medicine for Covid.


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