India ramps up rail cooperation with Dhaka



NEW DELHI: India will on Monday hand over 10 broad gauge (BG) locomotives to Bangladesh as a part of its grant assistance to the eastern neighbour. India sees rail cooperation with Bangladesh, a country where is looking to rapidly expand its economic presence including through rail connectivity, as vital for promoting trade and connectivity and shoring up the economic partnership.


Official sources here said that with the handing over India will fulfil its commitment made during Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina's visit in October 2019.


Foreign minister S Jaishankar and railway minister Piyush Goyal will be present at the virtual ceremony to mark the occasion on Monday. The Bangladeshi side will also be represented by their foreign minister Abul Kalam Abdul Momen and railway minister Nurul Islam Sujan.


India and Bangladesh are jointly working to enhance rail connectivity by develo some crucial railway projects as well as by restoring some old rail links with Bangladesh, according to Indian authorities.


"A total of 17 railway sector projects have been included in LoC (line of credit) assistance extended by India to Bangladesh, with a commitment of US $2.44 billion," said an official source, adding India had offered all LoCs to Bangladesh at a rate of interest of 1% per annum and repayment over 20 years with a moratorium for 5 years.


Of the 17 railway projects, according to India, 9 have been completed including supply of locomotives, flat wagons, railway bridges and signaling equipment.


The railway projects which are being implemented with LoC assistance include the Kulaura-Shahbazpur railway line at a cost of US $78 million, likely to be completed by end of this year, and the Khulna-Mongla railway line project worth US $389 million (that includes a railway bridge) which is likely to be completed by June 2021.


Under its BRI initiative, has been working to expand Bangladesh's railway network including by building a line from Dhaka to Jessore in southwest Bangladesh.




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Ram Mishra

No need to rush for Bangladeshi train connection, As they are World densely populated country , also having highest Rohingya migrants , they would just transfer illegal immigrants in India and create another problem in CAA implementation.




No matter how much you give them, they will still not be grateful or trustworthy.



Biggboss Leader

Hindus are not united, thats the problem. Hindus keep criticizing the govt and support other parties.



Da Da

Let us good relation with Bangladesh and all our neighbour Countries strong so that they will not look at rather would not take benefit of their weak Economy.



Devashish Nath

One suggestion that would earn immense goodwill by using the railway leverage. Presently lot of Bangladeshi patients go for treatment to Chennai and Vellore. A weekly passenger train should be run between Dhaka to Chennai.



Kaisar Imam

will offer billions to Bangladesh and sooner or later Bangladesh will go to , India can not give this much assistance




good step



What is in Name

Bd is already in camp. Don't waste the money for the pigisthan in making.



Ravi Joshi

Why our PM Modi went to so many time?

He should look within and focus on economy, health, law and order.

Today we are one of the poorest countries with 80 crores population under poverty line.




rishikesh tiwari

Cooperation with bangladesh is very important strategically as might try to exploit chicken neck to cutoff north east incase of a conflict



Monish Raut

U give any amount of freebies , eventually will fill their begging bowl



S Mishra

These small countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Srilanka, Maldives, Myanmar, don't have any perception of national integrity, because they were part of erstwhile British India, and got themselves a sovereign territory without working too hard, since they have no history pre 1947, they have no belonging to protect their motherland from aggressors.



BigDIK cramer

Also give 25 wagons with each locomotive and fill them up with Rohingyas.




Also build rail link to Thailand please.



Srinivas Siddarth

That same amount of money,if the Indian government could spend on poor people and the suicide committing farmers in India ,it would be fantastic. Learn from Nepal at least. Most ungreatful beggar country.



Shankara Rao T S

It is the right diplomatic push to have all neighbours supporting India, at a time when have surrounded India by wooing neighbours to India with heavy infrastructure projects over long period of payments. As it is have funded heavily Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Maldives kee in focus Co unist expansionist policy so that those countries become permanently indebted to .



Uday Gohil

Modi is the most stupid PM of India.

We are hel an enemy .



Jay Ghosalkar

A prominent newspaper of Bangladesh has said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina did not meet India’s high commissioner despite repeated requests for a meeting in the last four months, one of several signs of strained relations with New Delhi and a shift for closer ties with Pakistan and .



John Gotti

Don't we have enough illegal Bangladeshi already. WTF




Bangladesh will bite back when will give better offer.Let them be like nepal pak and srilanka eat free money and sell them self to .



ab cd

waste of time and money, These BD m..z L10wl1v3s are not worth our time and money. They will eventually betray us.



Mohd Nasir

Is it not an appeasement Mr. Mo D?


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