India to boost Rafale capabilities with HAMMER missiles under emergency order: Sources



NEW DELHI: With the Rafales arriving in the country in the middle of a dispute with China, the Indian Air Force is further boosting the capabilities of the combat aircraft by equip it with the HAMMER missiles from France.


The order for the HAMMER standoff missiles with the capability to take out any types of targets at the range of around 60-70 kms is being processed under the emergency powers for acquisition given to the armed forces by the Narendra Modi go nment.


"The order for the HAMMER missiles is being processed and the French authorities have agreed to supply them to us at a short notice for our Rafale combat aircraft," go nment sources told ANI.


In view of the urgent requirement for these missiles by the Air Force, the French authorities would be delivering the systems to India from the esting stock meant for some other customer, they said.


HAMMER (Highly Agile Modular Munition Extended Range) is a medium-range air-to-ground weapon designed and manufactured for the French Air Force and Navy initially.


The HAMMERs would give India the capability to take out any bunkers or hardened shelters in any type of terrain including the mountainous locations such as Eastern Ladakh, the sources said.


When asked to comment, an IAF spokesperson refused to confirm or deny the developments related to the new acquisition.


Five Rafale would be arriving in India from France on July 29 and their advanced weaponry including the long-range SCALP and Meteor missiles would have reached India before their touchdown.




Rakesh Mahendru

Emergency orders ?? Why ??

We were always in a state of war with the Pakistanis... hence the procurements should have been done long time ago... this callousness could cost us BIG and can bring back the memories of 1962... I think WAR is INEVITABLE NOW... better equip our forces big time so that they teach the Chinese and the Pakistanis a lesson they'll remember for a LIFETIME

紧急订单? ?为什么现在才下单? ?我们和巴基斯坦一直处于战争状态…早就该买了了……这么拖会让我们付出巨大代价的,这让我们回想起1962年……战争是不可避免的…大力装备我们的军队,让他们给中国人和巴基斯坦人一个终生难忘的教训


Vande Matram

I bet France is enjoying all this Indo-China tension - good for their economy, good for their jobs.



Rockky Hill

China milatary budget is 3 times that of India...Also their is no doubt that there army is powerful...But if they mess with India we will give them such a tough blow that they never ever forget it...



Pradip Kumar Mishra

It is due to Congress that India was so weak till now and they had questioned on Rafale because there was Kick backs during Bofors scam in Congress. Congress is the Best Corrupted Party.


Ujwala Ghol

India was weak and we won wars against Pakistan. Wow.



Chaudry Ji

Now enemies will get HAMMERED




Congress has brought India to this weak spot by not modernising for one full decade.




When does Anil Ambani made Rafele will be delivered to Airforce?




UPA did not had money to buy even 1 Rafale...All money swindled to Swiss banks. Now they keep doing tamasha for petrol price rise and this and that....



Hemant P

Wow. wha a news. Truly makes me feel like a proud Indian.

Thank you Modi .




Anil Kumar

As per IAF 5 Rafaeles will be delivered by july, just 5. IAF pilots will train on them for few months, then they will be inducted. So we are 5-6 months away before 5 Rafael will defeat China.




Are you trying to frighten the Chinese or diverting attention from the Covid 19 crisis in India.



Subhadip Barman

Every year India is facing standoffs - Do-m, balakot and now Ladakh. It beats logic why long term planning, quick decision making in defence procurement is still not practised in Indian defence ministry. Why procurement happens only in emergency else the procurement process is painfully slow. Successive govt.s have not been able to change this tardy procurement process.



Pradip Kumar Shome

Pappu, Sonia, MMs, Anthony are totally responsible for this mess otherwise this aircraft would have been in Indian sky 15 years back.



attaulla khan

Better to be early than to be late




Rafale will give total air domination for india first time in its history



Ashok Kamath

Modiji is making Chinese Dictator sleepless..




French are happy,like other arms suppliers,as long as money flows into their land.



Vande Matram

US is also supporting India against China because they know that preparedness will require arms purchase. Joint exercises with India help USA showcase their weapons and its capabilities so Indian soldiers will tell their commanders what they want them to buy.



Muhad Asghar

The country is getting suck in a more and more muddy regional geopolitical marsh in confrontation with China.




Why do we need to announce this in Public? All such important deals should not be disclosed in interests of National security.




Why is all this super sensitive information being leaked to the press? Who is leaking?



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