China rockets to Mars: Tianwen-1 launches on seven-month journey to the Red Planet in space race with US - three days after the UAE's first mission



China has successfully launched its Tianwen-1 spacecraft to Mars, which is due to arrive on the Red Planet next February after a seven-month, 34-million-mile voyage.


The unmanned space probe took off aboard a Long March 5 Y-4 carrier rocket at 12:41pm (04:41 GMT) from Wenchang Space Launch Centre on the southern island province of Hainan, China.

下午12点41分(格林尼治时间04:41),该无人驾驶的太空探测器搭载长征5 Y-4运载火箭从中国海南省文昌航天发射中心升空。

The craft, which consists of an orbiter, lander and rover, measures just over six feet in height (1.85m) and weighs 530 pounds (240kg).


It will survey the composition, types of substance, geological structure and meteorological environment of the Martian surface, and look for signs of alien life.


The launch comes three days after the UAE launched its own Mars orbiter and a week before NASA's scheduled launch of the Perseverance rover.




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Dailymale, London, United Kingdom

Soon they will produce antimatter reactors and then power wont be a problem. Then they can travel the solar system and establish themselves on other planets. Its best to work with each other than against each other.



dude, Caersws, United Kingdom

Nice to see just where the 71 million of British taxpayers money is being spent.



MPD181818, London, United Kingdom

And we still give money to their go nment. Unbelievable



Sylviane47, Stevenage

Stop foreign aid to this country. Also we need to stop buying anything made in China and should check carefully everything we purchase to see the origin of the goods.

不要再援助中国了。此外 ,我们要抵制中国货,买东西之前要看清楚原产地。


savetheEUbuyBritish, mongrelnation, United Kingdom

And we STILL send them aid, madness or what ?



Speakout, Exeter, United Kingdom

Not satisfied with having infected the whole World with their virus, they now want to infect the rest of the universe.



OniRaw, Earth, United Kingdom

Perhaps if they had spent as much on personal hygiene and eating habits we wouldn't have a pandemic.



SoFarSoHood, City, United Kingdom

Nice to see how they're spending our money... This is absolutely ludicrous! The same goes with India...




TheGhost, London

In the same year that we gave India over 50 million quid, they constructed the tallest statue in the world.



Mr Realistic, The real England, United Kingdom

Stop foreign aid now - make Britain great again...



Southwest121, Exeter, United Kingdom

We give China foreign aid each year and they have a space programme that actively launches rockets into space...what a mess. We need to stop the aid immediately



bob_001, Leeds, United Kingdom

A lot of people commenting on here saying that Chinese things don't work still seem to be living in the 1990s. China is now a major industrial power and many of the things that you use that do work are made there, even if they have American name badges on them. We need to wake up to this or we will under-estimate the threat.




pong6, Melton Mowbray, United Kingdom

Seems as though we have 71m invested in it.



aberipon, Austin, United States

It's Chinese, therefore all plastic. It will break up before it's even halfway to Mars. Also, it's probably 80% stolen tech from SpaceX.



PageOne, UK, United Kingdom

That's the end of Life on Mars



MemeGogo, Hastings, United Kingdom

That poor planet is gonna be Corona ed !!!



MattieBull, London, United Kingdom

It won't make it.



Darth n Vader, Massachusetts, United States

They are going to search for life on Mars ... and then eat it.



Azorean, NH, United States

Space Race? That race ended in 1969 and the US won.



Patrick, Kansas

It would be nice if China's Mars mission ended in failure.


Super Marrioooo, Mushroom Tip Kingdom, United Kingdom

It would be wonderful if the NASA Mars mission ended in an explosion too.



Darth n Vader, Massachusetts, United States

So the WHO's favorite country ... a "develo nation", puts a probe on Mars. They've really "developed" haven't they.



TaffyGirl, Cardiff, United Kingdom

It's time our Government stopped sending foreign aid to China? They're better off than us!




Duke Surfer, Waikiki Beach, United States

With technology stolen from the US.



The_Great_Gordini, Louisville, United States

They are searching for tasty bats!


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