Eye on China: India to invite Australia for Malabar naval exercise



NEW DELHI: India plans to invite Australia to join the annual Malabar naval exercise that has so far included just Japan and the US, in a move that could risk China's ire.


The decision to include Australia in the drills — the first time all members of the regional grouping known as the Quad will be engaged at a military level — comes as Beijing and New Delhi are caught up in their worst border tensions in four decades. The exercise will bring together the navies of India, Japan, Australia and the US in the Bay of Bengal at the end of the year, according to senior Indian officials who asked not to be identified, citing rules.


New Delhi is expected to clear the way next week for a formal invitation to Australia following final go nment clearance and consultations with the US and Japan, the officials said.


"The timing of India potentially letting Australia into Malabar would be especially significant at this juncture," said Derek Grossman, researcher at the Washington-based RAND Corporation who worked in the US intelligence community for more than a decade. "It would send a significant message to China that the Quad — US, Australia, Japan, and India — are de facto conducting joint naval exercises, even if not technically conducted under the auspices of a Quad event."


Indian Navy spokesperson commander Vivek Madhawal declined to comment.

印度海军发言人海军中校Vivek Madhawal拒绝置评。

A spokesperson for Australia's defense department said in an emailed statement on Friday that while the nation was yet to receive an invitation to Exercise Malabar, "Australia sees value in participating in quadrilateral defense activities in order to increase interoperability and advance our collective interests in a free, open and prosperous Indo-Pacific region."




 the Malabar Naval Exercise is India's right with Australia, a strategic partner with whom a pact has already been signed



Anand Kumar

Its important that India rapidly build there defence against China. The Pappu's party never cared for India. As long as Modi is PM of India, we have no fear of anyone.




Please also invite Vietnam, Philipines and Taiwan to rub more salt on the bloodied nose..



Also thailand , indonesia, malaysia



Citizen welfare desk

Do not care what Chineese has to think



Gully boy

Good initiative from Modi; we need to look into eyes of chinese ! not wet our pants like congress !!




Pawan Jain

Quad should invite Taiwan, vietnam, and other neighbours of China for Malawar Naval exercise.




Who the hell is China to tell India what to do or not do?



Rahul Bhardwaj

Great initiative. We should be doing such activities throughout the year with all our alliances.



Hariprakash Munikkal

Invite countries like Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei etc to show the ro-ue country that we are all united to defeat the warmonger!!



Col Noam A IndoIsrael Studies

Quad needs a new base in South China Sea.



Manohar Sharma

Excellent move by India.



Mudi Ji

This is a routine regular exercise carried out since long. What does addition of Australia have to do anything with China?



Ch Navakanta Mishra

Why do you repeat this 'eye on China' thing often, as if without China to pose as a threat we would have no need of military preparedness and alliances? Joint military exercises between friendly countries is a necessity of the present times.




Dipak Sengupta

India requires good mechanism with south and east Asian countries instead of western countries.



HappyTimes User

China must be attacked from every front so that they come to know what India is today. There mischief will not be tolerated more.


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