SC called upon to rename India as Bharat/Hindustan; seeks Centre's response



NEW DELHI: A PIL on Wednesday urged the Supreme Court to rename the country from 'India/Bharat' to 'Bharat/Hindustan' while another one sought rechristening of Bombay High Court to Maharashtra HC.


A bench of CJI S A Bobde and Justices A S Bopanna and Hrishikesh Roy asked how the court could change the name from India to Bharat/Hindustan and pointed out that Article 1 of the Constitution provides that India would also be known as Bharat. But petitioner Nh's counsel Raj Kishor Choudhary said 'India' was of Greek origin, and hence must be discarded.

首席大法官 S A Bobde、S Bopanna和Hrishikesh Roy法官询问最高法院如何能将印度更名为“巴拉特/印度斯坦”,并指出宪法第1条规定印度也可被称为“巴拉特”。但请愿者纳玛的律师乔杜里说,“印度”一词源于希腊,因此必须废弃。

Choudhary said the country's fre m struggle was fought with the slogan "Bharat Mata ki Jai" and hence it would be appropriate to name the country as Bharat or Hindustan, the latter being a popular reference to the country by its citizens. The court dismiss the plea and asked the petitioners to send it as a representation to the Centre.

乔杜里称,印度自由斗争的口号是“Bharat Mata ki Jai”,因此将这个国家命名为“巴拉特或印度斯坦”更合适,后者是公民对印度的普遍称呼。法院驳回了这项请求,并要求请愿者将其请求呈递中央。

In it order disposing of the writ petition, the bench said, "The present petition is directed to be treated as a representation and may be considered by the appropriate ministries." This means, the issue stays alive and if the Centre does not act or rejects the representation, the petitioner could move the SC again.


Though the sensitive constitutional tangle of renaming India as 'Bharat/Hindustan' was tossed into the domain of the Union go nment, the CJI-led bench agreed to entertain a PIL by V P Patil seeking renaming the historical Bombay High Court, which was one of the three HCs set up nearly 160 years ago in the Presidency towns of Calcutta, Madras and Bombay. Appearing for the petitioner, advocate Shivaji Jadav said under Article 214 of the Constitution, every state was to have an HC. The SC issued notices to the Centre and Maharashtra go nment seeking their response.

尽管将印度重新命名为“巴拉特/印度斯坦”一事被推到了联邦政府的管辖范围内,但首席大法官同意受理V P Patil的公益诉讼,要求重新命名具有历史意义的孟买高等法院。孟买高等法院是近160年前在加尔各答、马德拉斯和孟买设立的三个高等法院之一。代表请愿人的律师贾达夫说,根据宪法第214条,每个邦都应该有一个最高法院。最高法院已向中央和马哈拉施特拉邦政府发出通知,寻求他们的回应。

Jadav said several HCs were named after the states but Maharashtra was denied this. The petitioner said Maharashtra Adaptation of Laws (State and Concurrent Subjects) Order, 1960, provided for substitution of the words 'HC of Bombay’ to "HC of Maharashtra’. "The cultural assertion of Maharashtrians remains in jeopardy by not renaming a public institution like the High Court of Bombay," he said.




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Jagannath Sahu

Call it bharat or India, it will not help anyone, rather one should focus on develo the public facilities and life in country.



Ponraj Abraham

By changing the name will not give guarantee for the change of person's character. Change the condition of the people living in slum areas. Change the status of the migrant labourers. Let them have a decent life with job security and health care. T



Delicous Pig

it's foolish to change name of India now as whole World know the country as India. Also India is the only country in the world for which a ocean is named Indian Ocean. India is named on Indus river. So it's not a foreign name in actual sense.




it looks good to replace the name



Manish Patel

India is a great name. no need to change it



A Singh

Hindustan should be OK.



Shivam Gupta

it must be left on go nment, it is not supreme court job to rename places.



Neither govt can change the name, they are not owners of country



Sandeep Singh

andh bhakhts are busy on these pretty issues while more than 40,000 ppl have died due to hunger in last 2 months.



Afaque Khan

Why do we need to focus on non-productive issues when we are already in grim situation ?




Will changing the name dr take care of all the problems of Covid19 pandemic, negative growth, job losses, massive unemployment, poverty,starvation.



Suddhasatya Snta

empty vessels making noise



Sandeep Garg

Name India is well established worldwide. What name change will do if do not change our Heart and understanding belongingness for country.




With economy sinking and vir s not under control ,let's discuss about changing country nahe ,rest of it doesnt matter



Lany Braganca

Is it going to help in removing Poverty, Murders, unemployment, co ption, wars, population control and rapes title from India.people are out to divide the county, thats what we are going through. Karma is taking its own course.

给国家改名字能消除贫困、消除谋杀案 强奸案,解决失业、腐败、战争、人口问题吗?人们正在分裂这个国家,这就是我们正在经历的。报应啊。



Will we become super power by changing name?




Bharat name represent true identity of nation which dates back to ancient Bharat Kingdom. India is Greek word and should not be used.



Natarajan D

Courts should not entertain such PILs which are waste of time.




I will not rush to change this name yet. Everyone around the world knows Bharat as India. At present India is in the forefront of all major countries in the world with this name So we should wait few more years and then change it(may be) after the economy picks up the steam again



Pradeep Mukherjee

Name HINDUSTAN will be very cotroversial. As it will not be in the principle of a SECULAR nation, as per fundamentals of our respected CONSTITUTION. So only BHARAT name is appropriate.



mushtaq Qadri

Actual name of the country Hindustan should be retained as it's accepted by all communities in India



I Love English

Hindustan will be a nice name


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