What are the biggest mistakes that Indians make?



Aaditya Bhardwaj, Keen Observer of Indian Foreign Policy

I am Going to discuss India's Recent Blunder which we are going to commit and it must be stopped otherwise forget the 5 Trillion dollars Economy.

A High-speed Bullet Train Project Between Maharashtra and Gujarat is expected to be completed by December 2023 . Total Cost of the Project is 1.1 lakh crore Rupees Out of which 81 % i.e 88087 crore was given by Japan as an Easy loan on interest of 0.1% for 50 Years (just to Strengthen the ties between two nations). Rest was to be Assured by Respective state Go nments and The centre Go nment has to pay around 10,000 Crore.



马哈拉施特拉邦和古吉拉特邦之间的高铁项目预计将于2023年12月完工。该项目总成本为1.1万亿卢比,其中81%,大概8808.7亿是日本提供的低息贷款,利率为0.1%,期限为50年(只为加强两国关系)。其余部分将由各自的邦政府担保,而中央政府必须支付大约1000亿。中国也给了我们一个选择,价格便宜 18%

Since 150 Km of line goes through Maharashtra 1,380 hectares of land was to be acquired out which 5,48 hectares has been acquired, But Now the scenario of Maharashtra has changed. The New State Go nment is giving negative indication regarding this project. They are Going to Review this Project. This may lead to Delay in project. It hurts and dents the interest of investors. How Will an investor invest in country who's policy change with change in Go nment. Some People Generally ask this question why we are not develo like China, one reason is our internal fights, we are Not thinking of National Interests.


We are destroying our long term vision and without Big investments we can't compete with China. We can't be a 5 Trillion dollar Economy if we are destroying our National Interests due to our Regional Po itics.

我们自己正一手摧毁我们的长期愿景,如果没有重大投资,我们就无法与中国竞争了。如果我们的地缘政 治破坏了我们的国家利益,我们就不可能实现5万亿美元的经济规模。


Ravi Shankar, | Law Undergrad | Quizzer | ChessWiz |

I’m answering this question from the perspective of an Indian teenager and the answer is on the basis of my observations/experiences.


The biggest failure of India is the nation’s failure to foster an environment of passion and excellence when it comes to education and life goals.


Indian teenagers lack the passion and the desire to master the subjects of their choice. They are instead driven by the passion to ace standardised competitive exams and compete in a perpetual rat race which becomes a recurring theme for the rest of their lives. Indian teenagers need to understand that life is way larger and grander than competitive exams which seem to be the life goals for teenagers these days.


Another aspect of the above mentioned failure of India is the people who are idolised by youngsters. Year in and year out, the toppers of competitive exams (JEE, MBA,UPSC, CLAT etc) are the people who attain fame and glory which is rather obnoous since they haven't really achieved anything substantial other than getting an opportunity to study in an institute. I haven't come across this form of glorification in any other part of the world. The real contributors - scientists, inventors, social workers etc, people who actually contribute something positive to the society are rarely acknowledged for their contributions. This creates a culture that doesn't prome passion and drive for excellence and will thus hinder our nation from achieving true greatness in the future.



Divya Kushwaha, I want to die reading. Anything and everything!




We Indians judge a lot. Without even having slightest of idea about the other part of the story we already come out with our own judgements and ooins and then try to impose them. We not even try to know the other part of the story.



I personally feel that we Indians never take a firm stand for anything and that is why people who come ahead for the progress of our country eventually fail and that is precisely because they don't receive the support needed.


3.Trying to please others


We Indians spend our whole lives trying to please others and in doing what is liked by all. We fail to understand that we're not on this planet that we're not on this planet to please others or to live behind anyone's shadow. Allowing your interests to revolve around the majority only hinders individuality. Attempting to blend with the crowd should not be a reason of action. It's those who stand out from the others that change the world.



Sathya Varma Percherla, Living it.

I have found 2 mistakes(may be) and I'm not a feminist please understand that.


#1.Naming a girl slut so easily:

Seriously you know nothing about that girl.i have seen people doing it.

Guy1 : you know she's a slut.

Guy2: omg. I thought she's a good

girl. How do you know that man.

G1: some x told me that she was a big slut.

G2 to g3: she is a slut man you know that.

G3: omg how do you know that.

G2 : g1 told me this..

G3 to g4 and so on this never stops.

And finally one fine morning there comes a news that mr. X was caught in a brothel house arrested by police for forcing women to indulge in these activities and previously he tried to pursuade the girl we are talking about but failed.

If you don't know please don't comment next time the same may happen to your family members also.

# 1. 这么轻易就说一个女孩是荡妇:



男2:天啊 ,我觉得她很不错啊。









#2.support women workforce

Not allowing thier wives to work after marriage.although there are problems like maintaining kids and family,but now a days it has changed a lot-lifestyle of people has experienced a sea change.Understand, she has that fre m to work. You are equally responsible as is your wife as far your family is concerned.

" raising women’s workforce participation to the same level as men’s could raise per capita GDP in the US by five per cent, and Egypt by 34 per cent. "

India is lagging seriously in this. So go ahead encourage your women.

Its good for your family and its good for india also.

# 2. 支持妇女劳动力






De Ja

Biggest Mistakes India made are as follows

1.Making Nehru India’s PM instead of Sardar Patel

2.Giving reservation in the name of caste

4.Kee congress in power and remained tolerant to its co ption

5.Had Many wars with Pakistan in those wars should have whole of J&K under Indian control

6.Not to utilize the mistake of Pakistan of 26/11 to take back part of Jammu and Kashmir and get Baluchistan independent.

7.Not taking UN security council seat even when its was offered.




4.让国大党继续掌 权,并对其腐 败一味容忍


6.不要利用11 / 26巴基斯坦的错误,收回部分查谟和克什米尔,让俾路支独立。



Digvijay Singh, Network Consultant at Cisco

The biggest mistakes made by few Indians are that they care a lot about what the society thinks about them.


Before they do something, they will assume what the society, their relatives say about them and then they make any decision.


For example, a friend of my mine lives alone and wants to get some extra money. So he decides to work at McDonalds. I don't see how that can be degrading. His dad told him and I que "What will I tell your relatives that you're working at McDonalds? What face will I show them?"


I was so disappointed by this. I mean, why can't one just do what they like without caring what others will talk about them? Do those people wake up every morning to please the society? Why can't people just mind their own business and live in peace and live others in peace?



Tushar Chawla, Marketing Manager at Fracktal Works (2016-present)

Bringing good marks in school


This is the biggest mistake an Indian student can do. Once you bring good grades everybody expects a lot from you. The society loves watching people fall. If you are an Indian student and you bring good marks, people will start telling you what you should further in life.


For example if you bring good grades in 10th Board exam people will start forcing you to listen to them about which stream you should take. Nobody will ask you what you really want to do. When you become a graduate, the society will tell you to do a MBA, even if your passion lies in some other field. They will come to your doorstep and discourage you to take risks and settle for a small thing in life.


Expectation is the biggest problem. Your parents now expect that you should also be like your neighbors son/ daughter and go to US to do MS ( just one example) because you brought better marks than that person but today he/she is going to the US and you are not.


It becomes very difficult to follow your passion, to do what you really want to do. Taking risks in life and failing just becomes impossible. You are forced to be a person that you are not. Life becomes miserable and you become lonely. There will be times when you will feel that no one understands who you are and what is going on in your mind. This may also lead to depression.


In India, bringing full marks may sound good in the begng, but later on in life you may regret it and the consequences may be bad as it raises people’s expectations.


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  1. We prefer to keep our house clean but throw the waste on roads.
  2. We buy cases to our phones and also a screen guard to our scratch proof screens but does not wear helmet when on road.
  3. Honking : People on roads honk their vehicles even at a red signal.
  4. Smoking in public places even when the nearby people are visibly uncomfortable.
  5. Parents would spend any amount on their girl child's marriage but not on her studies or dreams.
  6. Will offer any amount in temple but not to the one in needy.
  7. Follow anything that is trending on social media – many people did the icebucket challenge without even knowing the cause, many people changed their FB profile pictures to rainbow colors again without knowing the reason.
  8. We all publicly condemn women objectification but enjoy the same in our movies.
  9. We call our sy em corrupt but we keep fake HRA/medical bills for tax exemption
  10. Cutting the queue :

Yes we come across many people in our daily life who does this.

  1. 我们会把自己的房子打扫得干干净净,但把垃圾扔在路上。
  2. 我们为自己的手机购买外壳,也为屏幕购买防刮屏,但骑车路上却不戴头盔。
  3. 按喇叭:人们在路上乱按喇叭,即使是红灯也一样。
  4. 在公共场所吸烟,即使星期围的人明显有意见。
  5. 父母会为女儿的婚姻花很多钱,但不会为她的学业或梦想投资。
  6. 为庙宇供奉许多财物,却不给穷人一分钱。
  7. 关注社交媒体上流行的一切东西——很多人不明就里地完成冰桶挑战,很多人不明就里地把脸书头像再次变成了彩虹色。
  8. 我们都公开谴责物化女性的行为,但在电影中我们依然乐此不疲。
  9. 我们说我们的系统,但我们保留造假的医疗账单来免税




Log Kya Kahenge:

This is the biggest mistake made by most of the Indians. They care a lot about what people think.



Ryan Smith

The biggest mistake India has ever made is not banning po itical groups motivated and provoked by re gious dogma. Groups like RSS , Mus m league , Bajrang dal , AIMIM , Bhim Army etc. These groups fight over issues, spread hatred and distract our focus from the main prblems like poverty, malnutrition, unemployment. Overall , they are a huge burden in our nation and are responsible for the mess that our country is in .


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